Tiger and Ox Compatibility

A pair of Tiger and Ox, who get along well, is a good example of how you can build a reliable relationship through the mutual work of partners on themselves. There are chances to create a stable tandem, but the compatibility of these signs is a very controversial issue. The energy of Yang and Yin, corresponding to them, will be the key to attracting people to each other. However, an important role is played by the interaction of the elements, under the influence of which are the signs of the horoscope. For example, it will be easier for the Wooden Tiger and the Water Ox to achieve harmony in union, since there is no conflict between these elements. But the elements incompatible with each other will complicate the already difficult relationship in such a pair.

Compatibility Horoscope for Tiger and Ox

The compatibility horoscope of the Tiger with the Ox indicates clear contradictions in such an alliance. Signs have a different temperament, both strive for leadership, so conflicts between them are inevitable, and only reasonableness and mutual concessions can hold them together. Today is important for the Tiger, but there is no need to plan for the future, since improvisation and determination, adventurism and speed of decision-making, action without hesitation are of great interest. But the Ox is slow, will never take risks without good reason, and ideally it will calculate all the options for the possible development of events in order to exclude the failure of its plans, which it carries very painfully.

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Ox suffers because of different views on the existing rules and framework of behavior. A tandem in which one partner loves novelty and creativity, and the second is a conservative advocate, leaves much to be desired. The tiger strives for diversity, experiencing boredom from routine activities, and also always does not mind sacrificing time and energy in order to gain new experiences and enrich its experience. For the Ox, measured and predictable life is the crown of desire, and various kinds of surprises are perceived with caution and disbelief. The compatibility of these signs in a pair will increase if both take into account these features of the partner and do not try to redraw everything by their standards.

Tiger Man and Ox Woman

A Tiger man and an Ox woman have high chances of peaceful coexistence. Each of them can occupy its own niche in the relationship and help the partner. The tiger will strive for unconditional leadership, while he does not want to change anything in himself. A man will become a defender for his woman, a source of spiritual energy, unconditionally assume all responsibility for making important decisions. But on the shoulders of the Ox lies daily activities, the pursuit of routine problems — and this is precisely what the woman of this sign is strong in. She will provide a reliable rear to her man, take care of those things on which he is not ready to scatter his attention. Compatibility of such a pair is highest.

Tiger Woman and Ox Man

The compatibility of the Tiger woman and the Ox man is lower than in the previous case. In this pair, domestic conflicts and the struggle of partners for their point of view will come first. The Tiger woman is quite domineering, she will try to bend the man for herself, and her native element of the Tree will contribute to this, draining the Earth, under the influence of which the Ox is always located. He will seem to her boring and mediocre, and sometimes simply boring. A woman will spur a man to more decisive actions, try to draw him into his rhythm of life, and he, in turn, will consider her frivolous and windy, not appreciating stability. The couple will be able to increase their compatibility if a more reasonable Ox decides to take care of everyday affairs and forgives the Tiger for its hot temper.

Tiger and Ox Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Ox in the work is average, such a tandem can be quite successful, but not without periodic conflicts. Signs think differently, in many ways their opinions differ, but they can complement each other’s abilities. The tiger plays the role of a generator of ideas – to find creative solutions to problems, to respond quickly in unforeseen situations. The Ox will bring it all to life, because its strongest feature is to bring what has been begun to its logical conclusion. In case of disagreement, both signs will defend their opinion, so the working environment will not be devoid of emotional high-profile quarrels and proof of their innocence by each of the partners. A clear distribution of responsibilities will significantly increase the compatibility of people in such a tandem.

The friendly relations of the Tiger and the Ox are even more harmonious than in a working environment. Both signs value honor and truth, which make their union possible. The tiger is emotional, prompted by short-term outbursts of action, and therefore realizes the need for wise and judicious advice. The Ox copes with such a duty in full, as he is used to trust logic more than feelings, but he also benefits from such a tandem in the form of a charge of energy and vigor from a friend. Both signs enrich their inner world in the process of communication. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Ox in friendship will be higher if they are at the same level of spiritual development.

Tiger and Ox Love Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Ox in a relationship depends on many nuances. Sympathy between the signs arises quickly enough, but to keep it at the same level is a difficult task. The tiger will not be in a hurry to legitimize its relations, as it usually has great ambitions and wants to reach career heights, and also values its freedom. But the Ox immediately wants to ring and control the partner in everything, in which he does not always find understanding. So that the couple does not break up, both need to come to similar views on a joint future, which is often fraught with difficulties.

The compatibility of the Tiger with the Ox in love is negatively affected by the mutual desire to take a leading position in relation to the partner. Frequent conflicts on this basis will not appeal to each of the signs. The tiger wants unquestioning obedience to himself, but if he meets the resistance of a partner, he reacts to this very sharply, defending his point of view. The Ox is less emotional, but the aspiration of its other half for independence perceives almost as a personal insult. The romantic atmosphere in such a pair is often spoiled by scandals and asking who is in charge. Such instability leads to the fact that people begin to look for a more relaxed communication on the side.

Tiger and Ox Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Ox in bed is high if the couple has confidence in each other. Both characters value passion in intimate relationships. It is in them that the Tiger can realize its desire to dominate the partner, since the Ox in bed will allow you to do this above yourself without hesitation. However, this should be preceded by a period of calm and harmonious relations. The tiger is more relaxed in sex, likes to experiment and take the initiative. The Ox is not capable of this immediately, gradually revealing to the partner his intimate fantasies and desires.

Compatibility of signs in sex can be impaired if both partners feel resentment against each other. The Ox is the first to close in himself, which causes Tiger to be perplexed and dissatisfied. Only by eliminating the negative in communication, the couple is able to achieve an idyll in intimate relationships. It does not hurt to discuss in advance the boundaries of permitted actions, because even in bed, the Ox needs some kind of action plan agreed with the partner. Nevertheless, both signs normally apply to frank conversations.

Tiger and Ox Family Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Ox in marriage can be called relatively good, since it is unlikely that spouses can completely get rid of misunderstandings. Signs rarely bring their relationship to their official legalization. This is due to the fact that the Tiger appreciates personal freedom too highly, and does not consider family ties an obstacle for it, will not be a homebody, devoting quite a lot of time to communicating with its friends. A more domestic Ox will make a mistake if he tries to impede such a way of life, as this will cause only counter resistance.

The compatibility of the Tiger with the Ox in family life can be enhanced by mutual concessions of the spouses. A compromise is achievable only on equal terms, since no one wants to take a subordinate position. The tiger needs to moderate its freedom-loving nature and at least sometimes take part in household chores. The Ox, in turn, should allow you to pull yourself out of the house, dilute everyday worries with outdoor activities. Otherwise, the family values of the spouses are similar — both will seek to earn money so as not to be in poverty, they love children and do not seek treason.

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