Tiger and Pig Compatibility

In the Chinese horoscope, the Tiger and the Pig are well suited to each other. Both smart, attractive, do not like scandals, conflicts. However, the relationship of these people can not be called unambiguous. Tigers strive for success, prosperity, comfort. They live fast, beautifully. Pigs share such beliefs, but prefer a more relaxed, measured existence. The compatibility of these signs is favorable, if the interaction is based on mutual respect, views on life coincide. These people value friendship, they can negotiate. They feel great in a love union, crave home comfort, tender relationships. The horoscope sees a good prospect for such an alliance.

Compatibility Horoscope for Tiger and Pig

The native element of the Tiger is a Wood, the Pig is water. According to Chinese philosophy, Water begets a Wood. This property is combined with the inner aspirations of the people of these signs. Confident, strong, artistic Tigers with pleasure take on the role of a caring parent. Talented and compassionate, but somewhat passive Pigs do not mind if they are patronized by a reliable, attentive partner. Only such care should not be total. The compatibility of the Tiger and the Pig is based on the mutual ability to find a reasonable balance between caring and control, determination and the desire to impose one’s opinion, giving the partner personal freedom and indifference.

People of these zodiac signs feel great together. They are erudite, intelligent, inquisitive. This allows you to find common hobbies, interesting topics for discussions, profitable business prospects. Tigers like the thoughtfulness, attentiveness, creativity of the Pig. Which, in turn, admire the influence, diplomacy, extravagance of the partner. The horoscope of compatibility of the Tiger with the Pig is due to the harmonious combination of male and female principles in these signs. The first — Yang "provides" activity, sociability, emotional instability. Second — Yin "gives" calm, a desire for solitude, self-control. Such qualities allow complementing, harmonizing each other. In this case, the success of the union will depend on whom the Tiger is in it.

Tiger Man and Pig Woman

The Tiger man is earner, demanding respect from the head of the family. She admires the partner’s ability to organize life, she sexually attracts him. Woman Pig recognizes the leadership of a loved one, ready to provide a reliable rear. Peace, prosperity, mutual understanding, support reign in the house of this couple. Quarrels, conflicts are rare. These people become caring, understanding parents. A Tiger man and a Pig woman are ideally suited to each other, able to create a strong family. In such a union, complete understanding, harmony, and love rule. The only thing that horoscope advises a woman is that they will not dissolve in family everyday life. Own hobbies will not let you get sad over the years, get lost in the laurels of your beloved. A man — one should not perceive the interests of a lover as an empty pastime. The creative potential of the Pig woman will help not only brighten up their life together, but also bring additional income.

Tiger Woman and Pig Man

In a pair where the Tiger is a woman, the relationship is different. Between them quickly falls in love. She is attracted by her independence, intellect, cheerful disposition. He is reliability, thoroughness, calmness. Meanwhile, the woman Tiger and the man Pig have complex compatibility. With the development of relations, conflicts are possible over leadership, jealousy. A woman wants to always control everything, make decisions. Often "forgets" to consult with a lover, whom it offends. The Pig man wants to be the main thing in the relationship, but he is not easy to cope with the "predatory" companion. Trying to suppress the commanding inclinations of her beloved, she encounters fierce resistance. Quarrels, scandals — the main feature of such a relationship. The horoscope sees one possibility of coexistence: a man recognizes the leadership of his beloved. It develops in the professional or creative field. A woman does not limit the personal space of the chosen one, does not control his every step.

Tiger and Pig Business Compatibility

The business horoscope sees the high compatibility of such a tandem. Both signs strive for professional excellence, love to work, prefer material independence. Tigers are born leaders, organizers, diplomats. Pigs — able to see the details, opportunities, hidden from other colleagues. Creativity allows them to find innovative solutions. The compatibility of the Tiger and the Pig in their work is due to the harmonious combination of business qualities in these people. This allows you to work together fruitfully.

These people can become friends if they are in the same social environment. The leader in the company will be the Tiger, constantly “pulling out” the Pig for joint events, walks, trips. The second, possessing some inertia, gladly accepts cooperation. He himself does not mind having fun, but the fees and trips are tiring. A more active friend will happily take on such responsibilities. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Pig in friendship is based on mutual respect, the absence of disputes over primacy, common interests.

Tiger and Pig Love Compatibility

Representatives of these signs perfectly understand each other, they want to be together. Therefore, common ground is easily found. The compatibility of the Tiger and the Pig in love is composed of mutual attractiveness. The former delights in the partner tenderness, sensuality, elegance. The second — fall in love with the bright, passionate, emotional nature of the chosen one. These people easily get acquainted, converge in their views, interests. Often start a life together, a short time after meeting.

Relations between people of these zodiac signs are built on the basis of friendship, trust, tolerance. The pragmatic Tiger teaches the Pig to adapt to life, showing that any opponent has weaknesses. Sensual representatives of the second sign open to the partner the world of close contacts, openly expressing sexual desires, love. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Pig in a relationship promises to be positive if the second recognizes the leadership of the first partner. Then their interaction will be filled with care, sincerity, frankness.

Tiger and Pig Sexual Compatibility

Passionate by nature predators rarely know how to express their feelings. Striving for vivid sexual impressions, they fear misunderstanding, resentment. The sexual compatibility of the Tiger and the Pig is based on sensuality, openness of partners of the second sign, who, through bold behavior in their intimate life, show that they are ready for experiments, innovations. Believing, formidable predators calm down, begin to "purr" gently. These are passionate, gentle, attentive to each other lovers.

Having come closer spiritually, these people are completely liberated in their intimate life. The romance of both signs is complemented by the similarity of sexual preferences. The love horoscope sees the Tiger being highly compatible with the Pig in bed. When the first ones need tenderness, affection, the second ones feel it, gladly providing the desired partner. Both signs are incredibly sensual, emotional lovers. A sea of pleasure awaits them in an intimate life.

Tiger and Pig Family Compatibility

Feeling mutual understanding, the similarity of life principles, the harmony of intimate relationships — representatives of both signs are convinced that they met a soul mate. They quickly decide to create a marriage. However, living together is difficult to evaluate unambiguously. Both partners are self-confident, adhere to the classical family model, know how to earn money, organize life. The horoscope promises the perfect compatibility of the Tiger and the Pig in marriage, if the right of leadership is given to the man. Otherwise, the spouse will quickly lose interest in her lover, and the husband will not agree to the role of henpecked.

These people recognize the value of the family. Respectfully observe traditions, strive for family cohesion. The horoscope sees the high compatibility of the Tiger with the Pig in family life. Each partner is ready to compromise, knows how to pacify personal ambitions for the welfare of the union. Spouses will never go down to petty squabbles, rude showdowns. They love children. Become caring, gentle, but demanding parents. Often, adult children consider their relationship the standard of family life. To preserve the idyll, the horoscope advises spouses from time to time to “forget” about their affairs, responsibilities, duties and just enjoy each other’s company.

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