Tiger and Rabbit Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rabbit is usually considered low, because these signs have completely different expectations from life. Although the native element of both is Earth, this does not contribute to their spiritual proximity. The Tiger-Rabbit alliance will be full of conflict situations. By mutual efforts, the atmosphere of interaction can be changed for the better, but this will not happen by itself. One and the same situation will be considered by people of these signs from different points of view.

Compatibility Horoscope for Tiger and Rabbit

The compatibility horoscope of the Tiger with the Rabbit is very ambiguous. Two signs will have to face a lack of understanding on a number of issues. The Tiger is generous and patient, can meekly endure hardships, but only for the sake of its own victory and control over the situation. Always self-confident and despises doubts, and also does not allow anyone to judge their actions. The Rabbit strives for peace, by any means avoiding conflict situations. This style of behavior from childhood brings up great sensitivity to others, the hostility of the interlocutor will be revealed instantly, even if it is carefully hidden.

The Tiger compatibility with the Rabbit suffers from the fact that each sign in its own way evaluates any everyday situation and draws appropriate conclusions about it. Their actions will be different. The impulsive and decisive Tiger, who is never afraid of an open struggle with the enemy, will be annoyed by the desire of the Rabbit to come to a compromise in the situation where you need to insist on your own. This will lead to mutual insults to each other, which both will remember for a long time, although not prone to revenge. As a result, compatibility will decrease over time, as the signs will not understand the true motives of the partner’s behavior.

Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman

The union of the Tiger man and the Rabbit woman will be the most successful of all the options. In it, compatibility of signs will be higher, because both will be able to find an opportunity to fulfill their needs. The Tiger will lead and rule in a relationship. This will allow him to feel like a real man, earner, ruler and leader. He will not take away from his duties, selflessly performing what will benefit the common cause. Requests from Rabbit in this tandem are much more modest. The woman will find the peace she aspired to. In alliance with such a man, she will feel safe, and therefore she will be able to fully show reciprocal care as gratitude. The areas of responsibility of the representatives of the two signs will not overlap, which will be the key to their good compatibility.

Tiger Woman and Rabbit Man

A Tiger woman and a Rabbit man have much less chance of creating an ideal pair than otherwise. Both signs will often conflict, argue about leadership in relationships. The winner from such situations will often be a woman. She is risky and courageous enough to incite a quarrel until the Rabbit man realizes that he has gone too far. And as soon as he gives the back one, he will immediately be under the heel, since the woman will only strengthen her leadership position in the future. Recovering from a defeat in the fight against the Tiger is almost impossible. This will lead the Rabbit into discouragement, as a result of resentment and dissatisfaction with the relationship, he will withdraw into himself. Compatibility of signs will not allow them to achieve harmony without sacrificing their own beliefs.

Tiger and Rabbit Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Tiger and Rabbit in the work is a big question. The fact is that signs have different concepts about effective activity. The Tiger is an adventurer by nature who prefers risky transactions without a guarantee of success. In this case, this is a motive that prompts action. The Rabbit is much more careful and accurate in its steps, does not allow itself to unreasonably hope for good luck and calculates all possible steps. Such a difference in relationship leads to low compatibility of signs in the common cause. They cannot come to a consensus. For more effective interaction, the Tiger needs to give up its leader ambitions, and the Rabbit – to find the determination to take risks. Only in this case will they be able to treat each other with due respect.

Tiger and Rabbit compatibility in friendship is also low. People of these signs do not have common interests, topics for conversation are selected with difficulty, not without effort. At every opportunity, the Tiger will show its strength and influence, and sometimes impose its opinion. The Rabbit is more malleable and not so often strives for the laurels of the winner, however, he cannot forgive his companion for leadership in friendly relations, as he strives for equality. This will quickly lead to both dissatisfaction with communication. The Tiger will have a hard time surviving the ridicule of a friend, and the Rabbit will have a subordinate position. As a result, both are more likely to decide to reduce friendship to nothing than to continue a relationship that does not bring anyone pleasures.

Tiger and Rabbit Love Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rabbit in love is not very high even taking into account the fact that opposites attract. Although the corresponding energy of the signs Yang and Yin speaks of mutual attraction, for a long time such a union will not be happy. The Tiger is very passionate, will take decisive steps in order to win recognition of the person he liked. The Rabbit is not inclined to the rapid development of relations, but has a reciprocal interest in such an assertive partner. People of these signs are quite attracted to each other, but this will not last long.

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rabbit in a relationship will decrease when everyone feels that he has achieved his partner. From this point on, pairing and discord may begin. The Tiger will seek to consolidate its influence on a loved one, and this can manifest itself in any area of their interaction. The Rabbit is also not averse to controlling a partner, as he believes that he has every right to be jealous and restrict freedom to his soulmate. This will lead to mutual reproaches. If the feelings are not deep enough, the couple will quickly disintegrate by mutual agreement. It is likely that everyone will understand – such a union will never lead to an ideal relationship.

Tiger and Rabbit Sexual Compatibility

The low compatibility of the Tiger with the Rabbit in bed will not allow them to solve all other sensitive issues in the relationship with the help of sex. Both are unlikely to feel the fulfillment of their desires from a partner. The Tiger remains a leader even in bed — it will impose its desires and fantasies, but also require a response activity. The Rabbit is more passive, is constantly waiting for miracles from the partner, but is not in a hurry to take initiative on its part. This often ends in disappointment in an intimate life.

A Tiger can quickly get bored with Rabbit’s selfishness in sexual relationships. The partners do not meet each other’s expectations, and attempts to find out everything in a frank conversation lead to even more misunderstandings. As a result, the Tiger can try to get everything missing on the side that the jealous Rabbit will offend to the core. Such low compatibility of signs in sex will lead to a constant voltage in this pair. The possibilities of a pleasant emotional discharge are practically absent, and this greatly undermines the ability of such a union to exist.

Tiger and Rabbit Family Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rabbit in marriage is high in only one area — in relation to material values. Both love prosperity and will make the necessary efforts to achieve it. The Tiger is capable of courageous actions and decisions, so that the family does not need anything: to do hard work, take overtime hours. However, the rest will also be allocated the necessary time. The Rabbit is more prudent in his own efforts, but he can devote more attention to the house. Tiger performing routine duties plunges into boredom.

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rabbit in family life largely depends on how much everyone in the pair will strive to achieve compromises. If the spouses with all responsibility approach this issue, conflict situations will noticeably decrease. For example, the Tiger must monitor its speech, as it is able to seriously offend its other half with an inaccurately thrown phrase in anger. The Rabbit, for its part, needs to understand such outbursts of aggression with understanding, since this is a manifestation of temperament, which is practically not possible to influence or somehow change it. The wiser and more sensible people are, the more they will show patience for each other in such an alliance, the higher their chances of achieving better compatibility in marriage.

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