Tiger and Rat Compatibility

The union of the Tiger and the Rat is a rather risky undertaking, but it also has the right to exist. People of these signs have a fundamentally different worldview: although their native elements of Tree and Water are the key to compatibility, but the Yang energy inherent in both of them can cause frequent conflicts. The well-being of the tandem will largely depend on the awareness of its meaning by each of the partners and the ability to sacrifice their opinions in order to reach a compromise. Otherwise, it will be difficult for representatives of the signs to interact with each other.

Compatibility Horoscope for Tiger and Rat

The compatibility horoscope of the Tiger and the Rat is difficult to predict, because the first sign is distinguished by the impulsiveness of their actions: they will not plan their actions ahead, solving problems as they arrive. However, such a habit in this case does not mean any inability to live situations. The Tiger is characterized by excellent reaction speed and sharpness of mind, which makes it possible to act quickly and decisively. Therefore, it often turns out to be one step ahead of those who are a layman in improvisation and accustomed to strict rules. The Rat is also not against expanding the scope of interaction, but does not particularly like it when the future remains unknown. It is because of the difference in relation to future planning that the compatibility of these signs is very lame.

The Tiger can afford rash spending without worrying about what it will live on next week, preferring vivid momentary pleasure to boring costs when accumulating money. The Rat considers such extravagance wildness, saving every coin and knowing for sure what it will be spent on. Both characters also love to lead in relationships, and the Tiger learns to ratify the desire to manipulate itself immediately, after which it will give a decisive rebuff, not wanting to obey. Quarrels and squabbles against this background will constantly spoil their relationship. But with age, the compatibility of the Tiger with the Rat will increase, because both will learn to control their ambitions and emotions.

Tiger Man and Rat Woman

The union of the Tiger man and the Rat woman can be strong if both learn to accept each other’s flaws. Each of them should stop pulling the blanket in a relationship to his side and not prove his innocence. A man is powerful, he will want to lead in such a tandem. A woman will be able to satisfy the ambitions of the ruler if she carefully guides the energy of her partner in the direction she needs. The most important thing for her is to act as discreetly as possible, even if, in order to achieve what is desired, it is necessary to resort to flattery. In the event of a quarrel, both will win if they can take a step back and give up their position. Otherwise, the compatibility of these two characters in a pair is not so high.

Tiger Woman and Rat Man

The compatibility of the Tiger woman and the Rat man is worse than in the opposite case. At first, he will be flattered by her attention and even begin to show generosity unusual for him, give gifts, spend money on joint leisure, but later nature will take its toll. The Tiger woman will be unhappy with the stinginess and selfishness of the Rat man. She will be unpleasant that he thinks more about himself and his interests, sometimes not paying attention to what she needs from a partner. The result may be a situation where a woman gets what she wants, but on the side. The relationship will gradually fade, as each of the partners will understand that their communication does not bring the expected pleasure.

Tiger and Rat Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger with the Rat is quite high in work, each of them puts enough effort into the common cause, which will be appreciated by the partner. Together they are able to make mutually beneficial decisions, to the fullest use their innate cunning and succeed in the fight against competitors. In a tandem, the leader’s role will easily be resolved — the Rat, unlike the Tiger, will not strive for official high posts, preferring to play the role of a gray cardinal. It will be difficult for them to share the profit for which they are ready for joint activities. The Tiger does not particularly value the fruits of its labor, it is capable of squandering and unjustified risk, since it considers it a noble cause. But the Rat will not do anything at random, the fate of its contributions will be predetermined in advance.

At first glance, the compatibility of the Tiger and the Rat in friendship should be high, since both are bright personalities, they have a similar temperament. This is what happens at the beginning of the acquaintance. But subsequently, the Tiger will be extremely unpleasant to be a victim of Rat manipulation, which will largely try to use the services of a friend for its own benefit, often offering nothing in return. This will lead to quarrels, and both signs are quick-tempered enough to turn any squabble into a grand scandal. Their friendly tandem is unlikely to last.

Tiger and Rat Love Compatibility

The love compatibility of the Tiger with the Rat changes at different stages of a romantic relationship. Their acquaintance may be extraordinary, both will be delighted and pleasant anticipation of the development of the novel. The Tiger is quite assertive, knows how to beautifully care and receive signs of attention, the Rat also knows how to present itself, is distinguished by wit and behaves perfectly in company. Relations are developing rapidly, but after some time their dynamics are changing. The Tiger will begin to demand from its second half no less vivid impressions than at the beginning of the meeting. But the Rat will consider that it is too expensive for a pocket.

The second stumbling block in the compatibility of the Tiger and the Rat in relations will be jealousy. This feeling can destroy the tandem in the shortest possible time. The Tiger will not tolerate rivals, considering the soul mate to be its property. But the Rat, by virtue of its sociability, can pretty much spoil the beloved person’s nerves, having a lot of acquaintances and an obvious tendency to cunning, if you want to get your share of pleasure. Lapping in their relationship can go very long and does not always end in success. Lovers are in no hurry to tie themselves up in marriage, because they quickly begin to feel all the difficulties associated with a common routine.

Tiger and Rat Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rat in bed also varies, depending on the state of the relationship in the union at a given time. With both signs sex is considered as something quite natural along with other areas of life, therefore their behavior in intimacy is not particularly different from routine habits. The Tiger loves to experiment and get things done, the dominant behavior manifests itself in sex in the form of requirements for a partner. The Rat, on the other hand, will not make much effort to satisfy his desires; on occasion, he will not miss the moment to get it on the side.

At the beginning of an intimate relationship, the compatibility of the signs is higher, because each of them cares about the pleasure of the partner. But over time, such an initiative disappears, selfish inclinations begin to prevail in sex. If partners cannot simultaneously reach an understanding in spiritual relationships, this quickly affects the intimate side of their life. As a result, the likelihood of betrayal will increase significantly. Given the ardent nature of both the Tiger and the Rat, such a development of events can lead to a complete collapse of relations.

Tiger and Rat Family Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rat in marriage is more like checking the depth of their feelings. Representatives of both signs should bring a lot of sacrifices in order to strengthen the family union. The Tiger will never sit still, drawn by travel, noisy companies and chatting with friends. On occasion, I’ll be ready to show my cool temperament regardless of who the opponent is — the first comer or his second half. Such behavior can significantly destabilize relationships in marriage. Although the Rat has the talent to establish contact with people, it will still be extremely difficult to calm Tiger outbursts.

The compatibility of the Tiger with the Rat in family life can be increased only if both spouses are consciously willing to sacrifice their interests in order to maintain a calm relationship. Most often, only mature people who are able to control their desires and emotions are capable of this. Many problems will arise due to different views on material values. The Tiger will have to moderate its appetite in finances, since the Rat will certainly begin to stuff stockings with banknotes for a rainy day, even if the financial situation is satisfactory enough. However, compatibility in such a marriage will never be zero if both spouses die their selfishness — because together they will never get bored.

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