Tiger and Rooster Compatibility

Life is such that the union of two people is rarely ideal: any imbalance in the characters, temperaments or acquired habits will impede the idyll. The Tiger and Rooster tandem is a clear example of this statement — their compatibility does not allow to achieve full understanding, however, they can go hand in hand to the chosen goal. Such an alliance cannot be called perfect, but in the case when each person in it will work on himself for the sake of a common cause, both will be able to benefit from their partnership.

Compatibility Horoscope for Tiger and Rooster

The Tiger keeps the middle ground between improvisation and cold calculation during decision-making, seeks to find a wise way out of this situation. This sign is more based on their own desires and needs for motivation for action, therefore, not without reason is considered by others to be somewhat selfish. The cock acts according to socially recognized patterns, often without thinking about how appropriate they are in a particular case. This tactic allows the sign to be more active, but leads to a significant expenditure of energy to achieve the goal. Due to such dramatic differences in motivation and behavior, the compatibility of the Tiger and the Rooster is lower than it might seem at first glance.

Signs will conflict with each other: their male energy Yang will not allow everyone to come to terms with defeat. Quarrels and quarrels in such a union are inevitable. In addition, the Wood — the native element of the Tiger is easily damaged by Metal — an element of the Rooster. Such a fundamental discrepancy suggests that signs are capable of even open hostility towards each other. The compatibility horoscope of the Tiger and the Rooster is quite difficult to predict: you need a very good reason for both to be interested in fruitful cooperation. However, in the event that each of them decides to act together, their tandem will be able to achieve success in many events.

Tiger Man and Rooster Woman

This alliance involves a broad front for a clash of interests. Tiger man and Rooster woman have different rhythms of activity, which will become a source of conflict. They are unlikely to agree on a common opinion on leisure activities or the organization of joint work, misunderstandings on this basis will always spoil relations. The Tiger periodically needs rest, a state of complete rest. A man will rush home from work, he needs to be away from society, to collect his thoughts. For the Rooster, such inaction is unacceptable. A woman is in constant motion, it cannot be tied to one place. In addition, she will try to constantly control the man, which he will not like very much. Their compatibility does not allow making the union fruitful and problem-free.

Tiger Woman and Rooster Man

Such a tandem has a real chance of success. A Tiger woman and a Rooster man vary in character. However, they can benefit from their relationship. The Tiger woman pays more attention to domestic comfort and routine duties, she wants to create a common comfort zone. The Rooster man is far from such cases and is unlikely to be interested in helping to solve them, but he likes the confidence in the securely covered rear. Both signs, if desired, can work on themselves to achieve an atmosphere of mutual understanding. The Tiger woman, using cunning, can influence the decisions of the Rooster man, but for this she will have to make constant efforts. Compatibility of signs in this case is rather positive than problematic.

Tiger and Rooster Business Compatibility

A business union of these signs will develop successfully if both can correctly distribute their responsibilities. The Tiger and the Rooster compatibility in work is higher than in other areas. The secret of successful interaction lies in pacifying their own ambitions and attention to the partner’s advice. The Tiger reacts to the situation with lightning speed, it can confuse the enemy or competitor with an unexpectedly daring act, and at the same time it differs by an enviable endurance. The rooster, although short-tempered, is inferior in courage to its partner, but planning a standard situation can be much better. When each of them understands the benefits that tandem brings, it will not interfere with its ally in achieving goals, the overall success will not take long.

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rooster in friendship cannot be called good. Both characters have a different understanding of the value of their communication. The Tiger is a faithful and devoted friend, not attaching importance to superficial acquaintances and seeking to lead in friendly relations, patronizing them. The cock is a cocky one, he feels absolutely cheeky with others, sometimes maintaining the same line of behavior with his close companion and with a person whom he knows only a few days. In the end, both can not understand the mutual claims to each other. The ambitions inherent in these signs of the Chinese zodiac only reduce their compatibility in friendships.

Tiger and Rooster Love Compatibility

The Tiger loves the attention of the opposite sex, in addition, knows how to get it thanks to innate intuition, the ability to feel the desires of another person. Insolence and a sharp mind, courage and mystical charm complement the arsenal of the conqueror, which determines success in love affairs. The rooster will be tempted in a tempting way, will not be able to resist these qualities, which will cause sincere admiration. At first, both will feel genuine interest in each other, but the pink glasses will be removed pretty quickly. The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rooster in love is high only in the candy-bouquet period. In the future, everyday routine will cause mutual discontent with relationships.

The Tiger is capricious, he does not like influencing his decisions, in every possible way impedes control of himself, since he himself is used to being the master of the situation. The rooster has an even greater inclination towards the leader’s ambitions, and he strives to do this visually, not welcoming the position of the gray cardinal. As a result, in this pair everyone will strive to defend their point of view, to stop the encroachment on their own freedom. The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rooster in relations is complicated by the fact that the first sign seeks to know the true nature of things, and the second has a more superficial character. The apparent inconsistency of these views can create a deep misunderstanding between people. Flattery and duty compliments are rejected by the Tiger, and restraint and wise silence are perceived by the Rooster as indifference. As a result, the mutual desire to establish relations may lead to nothing.

Tiger and Rooster Sexual Compatibility

Intimacy brings this union together. Both signs value the pleasure of sex, they need it for a fulfilling life. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Rooster in bed is quite high: for example, they are ready to part for a while with their grievances and feuds in order to enjoy intimacy. Variety is welcomed by everyone, so they won’t be bored. It is in the intimacy that the Tiger will be pleasantly surprised by the insight of its partner, who foresees the wishes of the partner and tries to give pleasure. The rooster will be delighted with the genuine animal passion emanating from a predator.

Experiments in sex in this couple will touch on a number of nuances: aesthetics, various variations on the topic of intimate atmosphere, affectionate technique, passing initiatives of partners and much more. The Tiger is emotional and completely surrenders to intimacy, and the Rooster is artistic, takes care of the external surroundings. Nevertheless, good compatibility of this pair in intimacy may also suffer. Should one of the partners cool down in feelings or imitate pleasure — and the second will immediately feel the falsity, this will negatively affect mutual trust.

Tiger and Rooster Family Compatibility

The married life of this couple can be replete with surprises — both pleasant and not very. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Rooster in family life varies greatly from the time they spend together, from the feelings they feel for each other and from the desire to work on themselves for the welfare of the union. Both signs can consciously help their soulmate in economic worries if they distribute responsibilities correctly, but they are able and violently resist it, defending their only true point of view.

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rooster in marriage will increase if each of them is ready to give up their principles for the sake of a warm family atmosphere. Signs can create a happy family if they die their selfishness. As a rule, mature people are more prone to this. But the relationship will come to a standstill if the couple cannot agree. Even if one of them will pull the blanket over himself, desiring to get profit, the second will answer in a mirror, after which the family union will rattle at the seams. The compatibility of the Tiger and the Rooster is such that a careless act or a sloppy phrase can be the beginning of contention, which will put an end to their relationship.

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