Tiger and Tiger Compatibility

Two Tigers are united in a union in which each of them will not let a partner get bored. Their compatibility can be called average, because conflicts in such a pair will always be present. However, constant struggle is a way of life of people of a given sign. And this nuance should not be classified in this case as negative. Relations will largely depend on what element of the Chinese horoscope signs belong to. The Water or Wood Tigers will be able to achieve the greatest mutual understanding, since they are the easiest to compromise, quickly adapt to the character of the partner, and possess innate diplomatic skills.

Compatibility Horoscope for Tiger and Tiger

The horoscope of compatibility of the Tiger with the Tiger is hardly predictable. The peculiarity of this sign is a tendency to adventures and passion, the desire for leadership and control over the situation. Therefore, relations in such an alliance will be replete with cases in which everyone will try to take a position from above. It’s possible to call a success a tandem in which partners will come to understand that it is impossible to encroach on someone else’s freedom, and to recognize equality is the best way to avoid skirmishes. In all other respects, they will not have special problems, since both infect each other with their activity and positiveness, love of life.

Tiger compatibility with Tiger may suffer from excessive selfishness. People of this sign know their worth and try not to deny themselves anything. Such a tendency can lead to pulling the blanket over itself and emotional quarrels between partners, although usually everyone is such a self-sufficient person that he often puts his shoulder to a loved one than he finds himself in a helpless situation. Another significant problem is the love of the representatives of the sign for directness, harshness in statements and temper. In such a union there are no minor problems and disagreements: the struggle to justify their point of view will be fought not for life but for death. Often the best way out of a conflict situation is a mutual agreement that everyone will remain in their own opinion.

Tiger Man and Tiger Woman

In the union of the Tiger man and the Tiger woman, everyone will see in their partner a complete likeness of themselves, so they will be easy to understand the motives of each other’s actions. Despite the explosive and unauthorized nature, both will subtly feel the necessary distance in one case or another, not allowing them to violate personal boundaries, followed by discontent and quarrel. A man will not only try to support the undertakings of an ambitious woman, like himself, but also protect her from all sorts of life hardships, for which she will surely receive thanks in response. He enjoys her striking appearance and defiant appearance, and the ability to stay in society and the desire to be in sight will make them regulars of friendly and corporate meetings, where the couple will receive additional bonuses for spending time together.

The compatibility of the Tiger woman and the Tiger man seems satisfactory for the beautiful half of this tandem. She does not like to rest on her laurels, does not recognize routine work and can achieve heights when climbing the career ladder. However, a man will sympathize with this desire, since he himself shares her opinion. Failures in matters in which both tend to drive anger at a partner can become a sore point of contact. In this case, any sloppy phrase can become a spark, from which a big scandal will break out, because everyone will be forced to defend their self-esteem.

Tiger and Tiger Business Compatibility

Tiger compatibility with Tiger in work is very high. Such a tandem will be dangerous for competitors, since it is a conspiracy of real predators who are ready for a lot to achieve the goal. Each of the partners is hardworking and cunning, knows how to act quickly and decisively, understands his colleague perfectly and will not miss luck if he catches her by the tail. However, there are also weaknesses in such an alliance — routine work will be ignored by both. For this purpose, they are more likely to find a third person, rather than agree among themselves about who exactly should perform boring duties. Also, in this pair there may be disagreements regarding the contributions of earned funds, since planning is not their pronounced character trait.

The compatibility of the Tiger with the Tiger in friendship could be called high, if not for their quick-tempered nature. Both instantly find a common language, can talk on any topic and understand a friend like no other. Often their friendships continue for years, until someone allows himself too much in his statements or actions. The betrayal or arrogance of one of the comrades can instantly destroy the union without the right to restore it. Both are proud and independent, and the chance that someone admits their mistake or takes a step towards reconciliation is practically zero. However, in equal friendly relations, people of this sign feel great.

Tiger and Tiger Love Compatibility

Tiger compatibility with Tiger in love is high, both will enjoy the relationship. Interest in each other will flare up instantly, the tumultuous flow of the novel will also please the couple. Both are very emotional and passionate, romance in their relationship will be in full swing. However, such activity will also cause strife. There will be more than enough reasons for jealousy, and given the sharp nature of the sign, this can adversely affect relations. It is important for everyone to feel the possession of a loved one, and to achieve such a feeling in this pair is quite difficult. Therefore, grinding in time will be a serious test for their feelings.

Otherwise, the compatibility of the Tiger with the Tiger in relations does not suffer: both do not sit still, are easy to climb and will be happy to keep company to the partner in any business. Such a movement hand in hand through life strengthens the union, becomes the key to trust in each other. Tigers in love are interested in being together, day after day they open new sides in their partner, they argue fervently — each of their actions is supported by sincere emotions. Therefore, feelings in such an alliance will not fade away for a long time, the ordinary in relationships will creep in very soon. The compatibility of the two Tigers in a love union only increases over time.

Tiger and Tiger Sexual Compatibility

In bed, Tigers are relaxed, emotional, like experiments, do not mind being carried away by role-playing games. Their intimate life is constantly undergoing changes, monotony in such a union is not welcome. At the same time, both remain attentive to their partner, love to give pleasure. Sex is an important part of their life: it is a way to express your passion, love and desire to possess your soulmate. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Tiger in bed does not deteriorate over time, intimacy with a partner will not bore them.

A stumbling block in intimacy can be domestic insults. Tigers are able to carry quarrels from everyday life to their bed, so their compatibility in sex is dependent on the atmosphere that prevails at the moment in a relationship. The longer the couple exists, the more freely the partners feel with each other, opening new horizons for pleasures. Sometimes the Tigers are so addicted to sex that they seek to dominate their soul mate and in it. Such behavior can even cause some resentment among the partner, however, a frank conversation and the distribution of roles easily relieve such tension in the relationship. The compatibility of people of this sign in intimacy usually does not cause them any complaints about each other.

Tiger and Tiger Family Compatibility

Tigers are very caring towards their family members. They have an inborn need to protect their loved ones, so everyone will always take the side of their other half in any conflict. In such a union, both will strive for material wealth, try to earn more money and achieve leadership positions for this. Both spouses know perfectly well what they want from life, do not take off from work for the sake of general comfort. However, everyone will be reluctant to carry out everyday duties, considering his vocation to solve more important issues, so the compatibility of the Tiger with the Tiger in marriage will be higher if they can correctly distribute such matters among themselves.

Spouses perfectly sense the boundaries of their partner’s personal space. They do not need to be prompted; they should leave their other half alone or make her company. This greatly improves the compatibility of the Tiger with the Tiger in family life. They can equally enjoy both spending time together and relaxing from each other. However, inattention to a life partner can end in failure: in this case, a person deprived of care can make up for her lack on the side.

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