Earth Dog

Earth Dog Years: 1958, 2018, 2078

Active Element: Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Libra ♎

Dog Elements: Wood Dog, Fire Dog, Earth Dog, Metal Dog, Water Dog.

The Earth Dog — if it has set as its goal to make a good career, almost always achieves it. A good professional, constantly working on himself, talent, calm character make her an indisputable authority in the team. She is attentive, disinterested in others, easily responds to the call for help from people close to her and dear to her.

This Dog is a well of wise advice and impartial justice. She is a successful, constructive thinker who lives by the principle of "the quieter you go, the further you’ll get". Betrayed to her convictions, but the majority opinion will submit. Alert and cautious, likes to invest successfully and use the power wisely; she has a constant scale of values, from which she seldom deviates.

Quiet, kind-hearted, but secretive; understands how to inspire others and how to give them instructions. And yet, because of high moral principles and inexhaustible idealism, she is too laid out, and therefore she may need very loyal and loyal supporters.

This Dog is a good fighter who knows how to survive, is practical and not as sentimental as other Dogs. A realistic Earth Dog appreciates its individualism, respects itself and, if anything, speaks, then with all heart, without hiding. If it is vested with power, it does not abuse it and distributes tasks to people exactly according to their capabilities. Defeat it will not break, and guaranteed success — will not spoil.

Earth Dog Chinese Zodiac

As per the Chinese horoscope cycle, every fifth year of the Dog is affected by the element Earth. Earth is a steady and grounding element, and reinforces a Dog person’s natural tendencies. This element makes a person born under the Zodiac sign of the Dog even more level-headed than the average Dog person. It may seem as though the Earth Dog takes a long time to make decisions, and that’s because he or she does. When your loyalty means a lot to you, it is important to be absolutely sure you can trust a person before committing yourself. The prudent and cautious Earth Dog will take a long time to size you up, and if you are worthy, you will find yourself with a faithful companion who will never give up on you or stop believing in you.

Earth Dogs have a very refined and keen sense of justice. They are cool-headed, and listen carefully to both sides before making a decision. People born under this Chinese horoscope make excellent arbitrators and negotiators because of this sense of justice and fair way of thinking. Unlike Dogs tempered by other elements, the Earth Dog is likely to be a peace maker rather than a Champion for a particular cause.

These steady, resolute, and reliable people work hard and never seem to tire. Their endurance is phenomenal, so it can be easy to forget that they have needs, too. If there is a person in your life born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog and tempered by Earth, remember to pay attention to their needs as well. They deserve it!

Earth Dog Man

The man of this sign is distinguished by a balanced approach to life. A self-confident, self-sufficient person enjoys the constant respect of people around him. He does not hurry anywhere, he acts in accordance with the circumstances. The Earth Dog is a purposeful man, easily achieves success in all walks of life. He is valued at work as an excellent connoisseur of his work, it is not just a high-level specialist, but also a sympathetic person. You can count on his help at any time of the day or night. I am willing to sacrifice for my work my personal life. He is always friendly, devoid of feelings of envy, he is a reliable friend and faithful companion.

The Earth Dog is a practical man, women often take offense at his manner right away. He does not like long courtship, he tries to prove his attitude with deeds, and not with beautiful words. Let it be too mundane, but it’s safe and secure. He will not deceive his chosen one, he is a very honest man. The Earth Dog is not interested in petty intrigues, does not feel the need to increase self-esteem at the expense of women. Novels on the side deliver only inconvenience to him, do not know how to lie and deceive. He is calm and confident, knows what he wants from life. He devotes much time to relatives, in any circumstances he will find a way to provide his family with everything necessary.

Earth Dog Woman

This woman gives the impression of a self-confident person, which corresponds to reality. Earth Dog has a strong character, always firmly follows the intended goals. This is an excellent organizer, a true professional in his field. Has the ability to find a common language with a variety of people, is considered the soul of the company. You can rely on it in any situation, prefers to deal with specific cases, but empty conversations do not interest her. Defends her opinion, she will not be afraid to join the fight, although she prefers to solve the matter by peace. The Earth Dog is a woman deeply devoted to her family and friends, and even more — to her favorite work.

Fans of this beautiful woman celebrate her coldness and restraint. Do not immediately rush into the arms, she needs proof of a serious attitude of a man. The Earth Dog is a passionate woman, but only one person is ready to give her love. Do not start a parallel relationship, completely focus on your chosen one. Having married, ceases to notice the rest of the fans, although it is very popular. Few can resist this spectacular beauty with a mass of virtues. It is distinguished by a rare calm and boundless patience, this is the real keeper of the family hearth. She tirelessly takes care of the house, brings up children, and works a lot.

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