Earth Goat

Earth Goat Years: 1919, 1979, 2039

Active Element: Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Cancer โ™‹

Goat Elements: Wood Goat, Fire Goat, Earth Goat, Metal Goat, Water Goat.

Earth Goat (Sheep) is distinguished by good business qualities. Not possessing the natural abilities of the organizer, she does not strive for unattainable heights, but performs the feasible task entrusted in good faith. Versatile, intelligent, restrained Earth Goat (Sheep) is a good friend, for the sake of others, she is ready to sacrifice her own well-being. In the home does not save. Her desires clearly do not coincide with the possibilities, but this Goat (Sheep) can not restrain herself, and does not want to. Wastefulness is the main, insurmountable shortage of people of this sign.

Optimistic Goat, more self-sufficient than other Goats. For all its strong attachment to home and devotion to family members, it seeks to preserve its independence to a large extent. Under the influence of the elements of the soil, she is talkative and caring. It will not spoil on purpose, but it does not like to count pennies. Because she is a Goat, it is difficult for her to deny herself: what other people can think of as luxury is a must for her.

However, the Earth Goat are serious about their duties and will do their best to help friends; she is unlikely to turn away from a person in trouble. Although she can very skillfully hide her emotions, the Earth Sheep is very nervous if criticized, and immediately begins to fiercely defend.

Earth Goat Chinese Zodiac

Due to the influence of the Earth element, this type of Goat (Sheep) is more calm and conservative than most other similar types. She does not tend to lose money, but, as she has blood in her veins, she can not deny herself the pleasures and comfort. She is very seductive, refined and elegant.

The Earth Goat (Sheep) always tries to earn more money so that it can pay for its whims. She is an indefatigable hard worker and often takes upon herself a lot of duties, so that her accounts are always in perfect order. And for her work, she is successful.

The Earth Goat (Sheep) does not throw anyone in trouble, it always helps, including money, all those who need it. She is very generous to her family. There are of course also disadvantages. If she suddenly feels deceived, her anger will be very terrible. It is scrupulous and often reacts to criticism very sharply than it should.

Earth Goat Man

For a man of this sign, friendship stands in the first place, very devoted to close people. Distinguished by a kind, sympathetic nature, you can contact him at any time of the day or night. Completely devoid of envy, always happy with the success of friends. Earth Goat man is sociable, does not like to spend time alone. I am ready to support any venture, itโ€™s a real and cheerful man. For all its ease, the desire to have fun, is a fairly responsible person. At work is considered one of the best employees, you can always rely on him. Adheres to traditional views: respects the elders, helps the weak. This is a real friend, a good adviser and just a nice guy.

In a romantic relationship, this man reveals himself completely, ready to put the whole world at the feet of his chosen one. Constantly arranges for her original surprises, tries to stand out against the backdrop of the other fans. Earth Goat man persistent, will certainly achieve the consent of the beloved. This is a very generous and attentive admirer, even the most impregnable beauty can not withstand his charms. Having married, remains true to himself, continues to amaze people around with cheerfulness, a positive attitude. From the men of this sign, beautiful fathers are obtained, they are not just wise teachers, but real friends, ready to entertain and have fun with children.

Earth Goat Woman

This woman is full of contradictions, strives for one, but often gets completely different. Her soul tears up, I want to experience bright emotions, to create, but in fact I have to solve everyday problems. Earth Goat woman is practical, although sometimes unable to cope with themselves. Sometimes she leads a cheerful, even frivolous way of life, spends time in noisy companies, does not control her spending at all. However, most often the Earth Goat is a responsible woman, giving all her strength to her work. This talented, creatively gifted nature, it is suitable work with a free schedule. The truth and the size of the salary plays a big role, it can not be called a disinterested person.

Men can be confident, they can not find a more grateful woman. Although it is capricious and wayward, but highly appreciates the attention of fans. Often she doubts himself, so she desperately needs compliments. She wants to be the most beautiful and desired, for her man is ready for anything. The Earth Goat is a faithful woman, she will not start romances on the side, although she can not do without innocent flirting. This is an ideal hostess, contains a house in impeccable cleanliness. However, it can not be considered a limited person, fixated on everyday life. She likes to walk, to visit entertainment, of course, in the company of her husband. Very attentive to children, rather like a girlfriend than a strict parent.

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