Earth Horse

Earth Horse Years: 1918, 1978, 2038

Active Element: Earth & Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Gemini ♊

Horse Elements: Wood Horse, Fire Horse, Earth Horse, Metal Horse, Water Horse.

The Earth Horse is a reinsurer. She will think a hundred times before deciding on something. It is this character trait that often leads her to various, rather high, positions in banks or business. It has unique abilities to choose from a variety of problems the main one and find ways to solve it. Rarely out of self, restraint and sympathy, empathy — her trump cards. The Earth Horse would have achieved more in life if it had been more careful and purposeful about its plans and moved more boldly forward.

The Earth Horse is a cheerful, intelligent person who knows how to build intimate relationships, but at the same time somewhat cautious; it is slower, more logical and hesitant than other horses. Prefers to think carefully before acting. Having weighed all the pros and cons, she assesses the situation and, if possible, hedges.

Under the influence of the elements of the Soil, it is not as impetuous as other horses. Can be calm and even able to keep the system, if necessary. Being very receptive to the surrounding world, she feels profitable undertakings. Can revive a shaken business that is on the verge of ruin, and push the backward production, making it very successful.

The Earth Horse is very capricious and difficult to make decisions. It may take a long time to lean towards one, and then choose quite another; can grab more than able to carry. And yet, in general, the earthen horse is able to give a lot to the people around and never neglects its duties.

Earth Horse Chinese Zodiac

As the personality of the Horse is tempered by one of the five elements in the Chinese horoscope, certain personality traits are modified. Horse people that are modified by the Earth element are far more grounded and steady than most Horses. While the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Horse has the tendency to be fickle, when it is modified by Earth is it much changed. Earth Horses consider carefully before making decisions and do not just gallop off into the sunset like other horses.

Earth Horses make use of their intelligence to examine every angle of a thing before making a decision. They are far more practical than others born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Horse. These Horses are still very easygoing as other Horses are, and very adaptable to changes. Horses in general are great at taking things in stride, and Earth Horses can be very calm about last minute changes.

People born as Earth Horses according to the Chinese Zodiac are not quite as commitment shy as other Horses, because they can analyze things and see the benefits of a long term relationship. They still love to travel as much as other Horses, though, so anyone attempting a relationship with an Earth Horse should love travel as well, or be prepared for some separation.

Earth Horses are more responsible with their money than other Horses, because they can see the benefit of saving for a rainy day better than the average Horse. In general, Earth Horses seem a little more mature than other Horses.

Earth Horse Man

This is the most cautious and prudent man from all representatives of the sign of the Horse. Never gets involved in dubious adventures, first carefully thinks through all the possible options, and then makes the only correct decision. His wisdom knows no bounds, and he not only abstractly reflects on different topics, but actively embodies the conceived. Earth Horse is a hardworking man, happily takes on the most difficult work. This is an ideological inspirer, the best assistant, his colleagues adore him, often consult on controversial issues. He shows reasonable caution in matters, although if necessary he is ready to fervently defend not only his own, but also the interests of close people.

For the sake of a beloved man of this sign is ready for any feats. At the same time he forgets about his thrift, without regret spending money on expensive gifts. Becomes a real romantic, ready to sing serenades at night. This quivering, gentle admirer will necessarily achieve the consent of his chosen one, regardless of any obstacles. Having married, completely calms down, acquires his habitual restraint. Earth Horse is practical man, so his wife will have to listen to his opinion about spending. Close people can be confident that he will do everything possible for their well-being, but you will have to forget about the excesses.

Earth Horse Woman

For an active, energetic woman, born in the year of the Earth Horse, every day of life brings joy and new impressions. Discreet, cautious, but at the same time open to communication. She tries to help all her acquaintances, often gives effective advice, her inner instinct can be completely trusted. Earth Horse is a clever woman, so she never takes action that can bring harm. She loves to make informed decisions, from which a sensible leader can turn out. With great responsibility refers to the work, and not only requires an ideal result from his subordinates, but also tries to help. This kind, sympathetic woman is highly respected by her colleagues.

For each of her admirers, this sensitive woman will be able to find the right words. Even if a man does not cause love in her, it does not mean that you can not be friends and communicate with him. Earth Horse is a wise woman, strives with all surrounding people to maintain good relations, especially with admirers. It has a number of advantages: mind patience, foresight. Quite content with what he has, does not expect from the fan of sky-high expensive gifts. In family life she manifests herself as an impeccable mistress, devotes much time to her husband and children, although she always remembers her own interests. In alliance with her, even a frivolous boyfriend can become a solid and promising man.

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