Earth Monkey

Earth Monkey Years: 1908, 1968, 2028

Active Element: Earth & Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Leo ♌

Monkey Elements: Wood Monkey, Fire Monkey, Earth Monkey, Metal Monkey, Water Monkey.

The Earth Monkey is an educated and principled. It strictly follows the established rules and canons, perceives everything new, progressive. In his career he prefers difficult things, but promises good benefits, he does not hurry to fly to its tops at once, but calmly and confidently goes to the set goal. These monkeys are not wasteful and often become rich people. They are not stingy, on the contrary, they like to engage in charity, what causes respect for society. Everyone loves them, admires them, but nobody knows the essence of their character, because they are reserved and secretive. The family is taken seriously, but they do not exclude light flirting on the side, which few people can guess. Easy ease and relaxation, a more mundane attitude to life would make these Monkeys unique.

From nature, the Earth Monkey is serene, reliable, calm and collected. Open to the world and loves selflessly to help and engage in charity. She quietly craves admiration and recognition of her talents and gratitude for the services and is very offended, if this does not happen. Sometimes it seems eccentric. Her thoughts are deep, but she finds it difficult to explain their original move to other people. As a rule, the Earth Monkey is an intellectual person. He gets a good education, or at least very well-read. In general, the Earth Monkey is honest and straightforward and thanks to diligence and a sense of duty it accomplishes much.

The Earth Monkey does not particularly like to entertain others, but is genuinely kind to those whom it cares about, and loves them. She is not so worn with her self-esteem as other Monkeys, and can devote herself to selfless service to the common good. Appreciates its integrity and may even be too law-abiding.

Earth Monkey Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese horoscope, each person is influenced by one of five elements, which affects the characteristics of his or her sign. Monkeys who are affected by the element Earth have a stable and grounding influence upon them. Just as we are all connected to the Earth, so too do Earth Monkeys feel their bonds with others more strongly than the average Monkey does.

A person who is an Earth Monkey according to the Chinese Zodiac is less flighty and more mellow than his or her other Monkey counterparts, and has a greater ability to stay focussed. It is easier to trust a Monkey tempered by the Earth element, because he or she has a greater ability to lengthen his or her attention span and see a project through until the end. Earth Monkeys are capable of committing themselves to a task.

Earth Monkeys are also better at committing themselves to their romantic partners. They make wonderful lovers, because they share the intense romantic passion of other Monkeys, but are far less fickle. Just like the Earth itself, Earth Monkeys are dependable and trustworthy, and you can usually trust that these Monkeys will be around for a long time. Earth Monkeys do not treat love like a game, but are very devoted to friends and family. An Earth Monkey has excellent chances of success.

Earth Monkey Man

The man of this sign is open to communication, friendly and emphatically courteous to all. However, few people can boast that they know him well. This is a great clever, intelligent, interesting interlocutor. However, too reserved, perhaps, even secretive. Earth Monkey is a man focused on his own interests. From it is difficult to wait for a sincere manifestation of feelings, or rather, he is frank only with close people. Do not rely on luck, think and think a lot, try not to take risks. Therefore, in business he is lucky, often a wealthy and rich man. It is distinguished by high working capacity, responsibly refers to its duties, this is a real workaholic.

Earth Monkey is a loving man, his big heart is enough for all the fans. With each woman he behaves decently, spoils gifts. He tries to win the love of the chosen one by deeds, and not just beautiful words. Waiting for admiration, the indifferent attitude of the beloved is capable of plunging him into despair. Earth Monkey is a man passionate, although trying to keep himself in the hands, rarely goes beyond decency. Having married, completely calms down, becomes a good family man. Strongly refuses from ties on the side. He is a caring father, proud of his children, tries to raise good people from them. Close people can count on his support in the most difficult situation.

Earth Monkey Woman

In the Earth Monkey harmoniously combine all the best female qualities: intelligence, gentleness, patience, practicality. In addition, these are real beauties, driving men mad. Try to take place in the profession, and not blindly rely on the help of fans. Earth Monkey is a hardworking woman, gives all her strength to her work. Others pay tribute to her diligence, dedication. This is not a windy coquette and an unreasonable beauty, differs in its responsible approach to life. At the same time, it maintains a positive attitude, loves and knows how to rest, but only in the company of close people. She enjoys great respect both among friends and at work.

Men can not pass by this spectacular woman, but it is very difficult to win her trust. With all the fans keeps exactly and friendly, everyone tries to pay attention. However, only a worthy man can attract her, it is very serious to choose a partner. Earth Monkey is a pragmatic woman, she knows how to behave in her hands. Passion and temperament leaves for a serious relationship, and the rest of the fans can only be content with innocent flirting. Having married, completely engaged in the affairs of the family, forgets about noisy companies. Her plans include building a strong family union and raising children, and fun can wait.

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