Earth Pig

Earth Pig Years: 1959, 2019, 2079

Active Element: Earth & Water

Associated Sun Sign: Scorpio ♏

Pig Elements: Wood Pig, Fire Pig, Earth Pig, Metal Pig, Water Pig.

Born in the year Pigs in the element of the Earth have sincere kindness, excellent organizational talent, are able to dispose of money and are successful in business. They have an active social life, and there is a tendency to abuse alcohol. A healthy lifestyle and rejection of bad habits is a vital position for such people.

This peaceful, sensitive and cheerful Pig is reasonable enough to be lenient towards yourself and others. Due to the impact of the elements of the Earth, it is productive, readily assumes financial obligations and plans its future itself. Known for his steadfastness and patience, he completely gives up the goal until he reaches it. The willpower allows him to overcome stress and endure such hardships as others can not do at all.

Being devoted to work as well as to the family, Earth Pig is diligent and endowed with unsurpassed energy. But she will not become a dictator; rather, compelling to move itself, it will serve as an example to others. Earth Pig is a kind and considerate friend, a reliable ally and a useful worker.

She is inclined to fullness, because she likes to eat and drink, but does not particularly worry about it. Her ambitions are reasonable and do not exceed the limits of her physical abilities and health. Consequently, it easily achieves the security and material success that it craves.

Earth Pig Chinese Zodiac

Every sign in the Chinese horoscope is also affected by an element. A Pig tempered by the element of Earth is very grounded and practical. Earth Pigs do not allow themselves to become stressed, because they simply make a plan before tackling any obstacle. Earth Pigs are always happiest when they are enjoying time at home with their families. They will make sure their homes are decorated for comfort and relaxation, and they will always have a calm air about them.

Earth Pigs make extremely reliable and dependable employees. These individuals will work away happily at a project until it is complete. Earth Pigs do not usually harbour higher ambitions, and do not strive to climb the corporate ladder. They are content with a routine where they are kept busy every day and earn enough money to take care of their families.

Although Earth Pigs do have that tendency to overspend, they are hardworking and reliable. Since they are so practical, it is rare for an Earth Pig to make an unwise decision. This is why Earth Pigs have so many friends who count on them!

Earth Pig Man

The man of this sign is distinguished by his judiciousness, thinks for a long time before making a decision. He is in no hurry, absolutely confident in himself. Can take place in any profession, but most of all he is interested in material prosperity. Therefore, most often it chooses activities related to finance. He loves and knows how to work with money, he is not indifferent to luxury. His house is a full cup, he accepts guests with pleasure, always helps his friends. The Earth Pig is a man of high esteem. At work, he is considered an excellent specialist, and close people are a sympathetic, kind person. In any business, it achieves success, is well-mastered, has a strong will.

This discreet man tries to remain calm in any situation. Even great disappointment is not capable of disheartening him. Will try to achieve the affection of a beloved woman. He is willing to take care of her for as long as she needs to make a decision. Likes to give expensive gifts, is capable of performing feats. This is a gallant and attentive boyfriend. In family life, he shows himself as a caring partner. Totally indifferent to other women, do not start novels on the side. He is more interested in close people, their mental state, and not sensual pleasures. The Earth Pig is hardworking man, therefore his wife and children always have everything necessary for life.

Earth Pig Woman

For a woman of this sign, life is not an easy adventure. Despite the attractive appearance, the mind, judiciousness, fate often sends her hard tests. However, Earth Pig is a woman who is firm, dignified over obstacles, does not complain and does not ask for help. She is a real fighter, a courageous and brave. Has all the data to achieve success. Hard-working, diligent, besides, she gets on well with people. Often holds a high position, and does not behave like a brutal boss, on the contrary, tries to find a common language with his subordinates. She does not take hasty decisions, she is always benevolent and polite, she enjoys great respect.

The Earth Pig is a sensible woman, but ceases to control herself in a fit of feelings. She tries to look like an independent, proud person, but strong love makes her soft and supple. Completely trusts his man, in everything she obeys him. Able to experience a real shock if you have to face betrayal and deception. This is a faithful woman, though, until she grows cold towards a chosen one. She will not lie and dodge, she immediately confesses her feelings. However, such behavior is rare, usually happy in marriage, lives with one partner for the rest of their days. She loves and spoils children, loves cooking, constantly coming up with new dishes for them.

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