Earth Rooster

Earth Rooster Years: 1909, 1969, 2029

Active Element: Earth & Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Virgo ♍

Rooster Elements: Wood Rooster, Fire Rooster, Earth Rooster, Metal Rooster, Water Rooster.

People born in the year of the Earth-Rooster are distinguished by their insight and deep intellect. Usually, they are smart masters of their business, doing well both in business and in finance. Earthy Rooster is persistent in nature, purposeful and, if decided, will embody the intended task, showing enviable persistence. He is industrious, that is why he is valued in the work collective, listens to his opinion. This Rooster likes to work, but does not know how to rest. In love the Earth Rooster is constant, sincere and quite ready for some sacrifices. The character of this Rooster is full of paradoxes! This Rooster knows how to work! But sometimes you need to rest ...

A diligent Rooster prone to analysis, who always digs to the truth, early grows up and makes up his own data banks. Thanks to the influence of the elements of the Earth, he is neat, successful and carefully fulfills instructions. He knows how to brush aside the little things that are distracting, and see the genuine, cold facts. He comes to the finish line first.

He is not afraid of serious obligations and justifies the reputation of Rooster as a man who does not throw words to the wind. Simple and dogmatic, it is very attracted to missionary work. He loves preaching meetings, exhorts everyone to follow his brilliant example and work hard. He will be happy to lead a simple and strict life, if the work is worth it. A fanatical devotee of systematization, keeps all the paperwork, puts the documents into folders and writes down all the information for the future.

The Earth Rooster is a demanding leader, a strict teacher and a terrible critic, he sows and reaps from dawn to dusk. If his beginnings are practical, he will reach the heights of success and thereby pay for his efforts.

Earth Rooster Chinese Zodiac

The element of Earth affects the Rooster by making this Chinese horoscope sign more reserved than usual. The Earth Rooster is not quite as concerned with attention and recognition as he is with results. These Roosters take on work for nothing more than the good feelings they experience when they know that they have completed difficult projects quickly and well.

Earth Roosters may be a little choosier in the work they decide to take on, because they carefully and quietly consider all consequences before committing to a task. If they feel they cannot devote enough time or attention, they will not commit. The Earth Rooster is a steady friend to have, and is all around more pleasant to talk to than other Roosters, because he or she can find other things to talk about then himself or herself!

Earth Roosters must be careful to keep in mind that not everyone is as good at multi tasking as they are, and so they need to take it easy on coworkers. Earth Roosters have a tendency to be quite blunt when work is not up to their standards and this can strain working relationships.

Earth Rooster Man

This energetic man invariably achieves success, because for the sake of the goal he is ready to work tirelessly. He strives for an ideal result, does not like empty, lazy people. He has a cheerful character, is sociable, but few with whom he is sincerely friendly. Earth Rooster is a serious man, hardworking, believes only in deeds, not in words. Easily gets the right connections, has many acquaintances, although this is more a manifestation of courtesy, and not a sign of trust. It differs in a balanced, practical approach to life, tries not to waste energy and money on trifles. Strives to occupy a high position, all his thoughts are related to work, which has a bad effect on relationships with loved ones.

Earth Rooster man is charming, able to support the conversation. He has an attractive appearance, is also observant, so he knows how to interest a woman. This is balanced man, in all circumstances, retains the ability to reason with reason. Looking for a quiet, reliable partner, and effective women, in his opinion, are not suitable for family life. He does not like to spend money in vain, therefore, he prefers to solve issues related to farm management himself. Faithful and devoted to his family, not looking for adventure on the side. This is a real conservative, does not need bright emotions, constant changes. It is with great pleasure engaged in the upbringing of children.

Earth Rooster Woman

For this shrewd woman there are no secrets and mysteries. She is well versed in people, she maintains friendly relations with all. In any circumstances, she does not lose control over her feelings and emotions. Earth Rooster is an honest woman, responsible, so wait for meanness and betrayal from her not worth it. But the help and support will be glad, even if it does not ask for a favor directly. She is quite able to cope with the problems herself, differs diligence and determination. However, like all representatives of the Rooster sign, she likes attention, compliments. She tries to choose a profession connected with public activities, frequent trips.

In love relationships Earth Rooster reveals himself completely, gives himself entirely to the feeling. She is ready for many sacrifices for the sake of my chosen one. This honest woman is boundlessly devoted to her beloved man. Do not go beyond the bounds of decency, do not start a parallel relationship, a partner can trust her. After marrying, she happily takes care of the housekeeping, furnishes her house with great taste. Earth Rooster is a wise woman, responsibly approaches to the upbringing of children. She has the gift of persuasion, tries to help his relatives, skillfully guides their actions. She behaves tactfully, has unlimited patience, family quarrels - a great rarity in the family of Earth Rooster.

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