Earth Snake

Earth Snake Years: 1929, 1989, 2049

Active Element: Earth & Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Taurus ♉

Snake Elements: Wood Snake, Fire Snake, Earth Snake, Metal Snake, Water Snake.

The Earth Snake is always confident, focused and collected. He never hurries to avoid being mistaken — he does not like to spoil his impression of himself. Exactly and in time will perform any task, and will try even more if her work is evaluated. This Snake can be trusted in banking, business, i.e. where accuracy and honesty are required. Earth Snake love for kindness, the ability to empathize and understand others. She has many friends. Relations in the family are not bad. Sometimes this snake is addicted and loses vigilance, which brings her a lot of trouble.

A warm and direct Snake, which slowly but surely makes up an opinion about people and situations. The Earth Snake is more principled, stubborn and reliable than other Snakes, able to influence the public and successfully work in a team.

Due to its breadth of vision and innate Snake ambitions, it can take matters under control and build bridges when there is confusion and panic around. The Earth Snake is difficult to stop, it may not submit even to public opinion. This Snake is constant in its beliefs and reserves the right to make its own decisions. She has a flair for new trends and opportunities, and she knows how to use them earlier than others at least will notice.

In general, it is the most graceful and bewitching of all Snakes. Calm, collected and endlessly charming. True to friends. She always has a lot of supporters. The Earth Snake is conservative, with money drawn economically, hardworking and systematic, and therefore will succeed in banking, insurance, investments in real estate and will be able to learn how to correlate their needs with available resources. It is the Snake, who knows the limits of own abilities and tries not to overexert herself.

Earth Snake Chinese Zodiac

Since the element of the earth is the optimal condition for the serene and comfortable life of snakes in the natural conditions of the data, the indicator imposes a special imprint on people born under this zodiac sign according to the information given in such an astrological type work as the Eastern horoscope. In which the influence of certain elements on the behavior of the signs of the zodiac in one or another period is correctly spelled out. According to this it turns out that the Earth Snake possesses certain qualities that dispose of the people surrounding it to reveal all its secrets to it, as it is very friendly to all people and is also very charming, which also has to communicate.

But in addition to external signs, it is noted that this person is very sensible and very detailed in the performance of certain actions that are directly related to business activities. Because, as a rule, the Snake manages to achieve the set goals and avoid situations associated with making mistakes. Also, the Earth Snake accumulates and multiplies the benefits of a different plan, which in the overwhelming number of cases gives it a certain status and allows you to live with a sufficiently high comfort.

Representatives of the Earth Snake love their own house very much, and therefore experience a certain gravitation connected with being in their native rooms. In order to avoid situations in which the Snake can go into deep depression, it is necessary not to allow such stagnant states and entertain yourself by visiting public places.

The optimal time of year for this sign of the zodiac is the end of summer, when the humid weather prevails in an excellent way influencing the well-being of the Snake. It is also very useful to spend a certain amount of time in nature and use olive oil in everyday life.

Earth Snake Man

This balanced, reserved man differs from other representatives of the Serpent sign. Perfectly gives a report to his actions, does not hurry anywhere and does not build ambitious plans. Is satisfied with what he has, is ready to work much and hard. Restrained, friendly, maintains good relations with long-time friends, and unfamiliar people. It represents the ideal of the leader, kindly refers to the subordinates. Earth Snake is a clever man, can achieve huge heights in his career. The truth does not particularly seek to occupy a prestigious position, he likes the quiet work that brings pleasure. This life-loving person is in complete harmony with himself.

For the Earth Snake is not so important appearance, the main thing — the inner beauty. The man of this sign has no illusions about the relationship with women. Looking for a modest, loyal partner, able to pass with him all the trials and adversities. Perfectly understands people, so he will not be carried away by a spectacular beauty with a hard heart. He cares quite adequately, loves to make compliments and give inexpensive, but exquisite gifts. Earth Snake is a faithful man, will not change his chosen one neither before the wedding, nor after. He is a fine family man, he is a skillful farmer. The second half can without fear entrust to him the duty to follow the family budget.

Earth Snake Woman

Nature has awarded women of this sign with wisdom and patience. They are completely devoid of vanity, prefer to engage in ordinary affairs. Do not dream of great wealth and high office. They prefer to work honestly, without being distracted by the dreams of great achievements. Although they could if they wish to realize any of their dreams, they have all the data for this. Earth Snake is a clever, hardworking woman, therefore she enjoys great respect from her colleagues. It is she who is entrusted with the most difficult tasks with which she copes brilliantly. And she does not expect praise, she works for the common good. Earth Snake is an excellent professional, to her opinion the most important bosses listen.

For any man, Earth Snake is just a treasure, this is a real woman: soft, kind, sympathetic. In relations with the opposite sex shows natural wisdom, tries to adapt to the interests of a partner, but also does not forget about himself. She prefers intelligent, educated men, and too frivolous admirer does not suit her. This is a great lover of romance, you should not consider her boring, down-to-earth person. Getting married, becomes just an ideal wife. A lot of time is devoted to the family, and does not bother with the role of an exemplary housewife. She adores her husband, adores children, is ready for any sacrifice for their sake, but she will not tolerate lies and treason.

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