Fire Dog

Fire Dog Years: 1946, 2006, 2066

Active Element: Fire & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Libra ♎

Dog Elements: Wood Dog, Fire Dog, Earth Dog, Metal Dog, Water Dog.

Fire Dog — can easily achieve a high position due to its honesty, energy, willingness to participate in all activities. Light temper, a cheerful character make her not only a soul, but also the leader of the collective. He is interested in everything new, unknown, trying to introduce something into life. Inability to stop in time, to analyze their achievements and failures, often significantly distance from it delivered.

Very bright and attractive Dog, which immediately shows: she is seductive and at the same time friendly. If she is forced to do something against her will, she rebels and behaves defiantly. Has great success with the opposite sex. She is the soul of the company, her words do not differ from the case, and her success and glory do not spoil her. Fire gives it impulsiveness, and if attacked, it becomes as dangerous as it can. This is a Dog that not only bark loudly, but also bites painfully.

Cheerful and self-confident Fire Dog has a great attraction and can convince others to follow it. Thanks to an independent spirit and courage, she is not afraid that others can use her. She is constantly drawn to new experiences and adventures. She needs a good example to be equal to him, and she likes older people, from whom she can learn something important or which can bring stability to her life.

Fire makes her a creative person, clear and pure in her manifestations. She is endowed with incredible willpower and natural honesty, and therefore it is difficult to resist. Her cheerful disposition combined with born Dog faith and idealism will help her succeed in ambitious undertakings and overcome serious obstacles.

Fire Dog Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese Zodiac, every fifth year of the Dog is tempered by the element of Fire. Those who are born as Fire Dogs will have certain character traits be emphasized over others. Fire Dogs stand out from the pack far more than other Dogs do. People born under the Zodiac sign of the Dog who are tempered by Fire are natural born leaders. They champion for justice, and draw followers to whatever cause or charity they support. A Fire Dog person will have a charisma that envelops even those who try to resist.

Not only does a person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog and tempered by Fire do an excellent job standing up to injustice, but people are drawn to his or her physical charms as well. A Fire Dog person is attractive, and keeps his or her appearance neat, as well.

Fire changes the Chinese sign of the Dog, and makes it more adventurous. Although most Dogs do not enjoy straying far from home, Fire Dogs have a spirit of adventure. They like to experience new things, and are not as prone to settling down as other Dogs. Despite their protective and guarding natures, they are not usually ready to start a family at a young age. Once people under the Fire Dog horoscope do decide to settle down, they will be fiercely committed to their families.

A person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog who is tempered by Fire has an interesting combination of personality traits, and is usually a strong, popular person. These people have an excellent chance at success in life, love, and business.

Fire Dog Man

This man has very serious plans for life, strives to achieve success at any cost. Has all the qualities inherent in a strong personality: ambition, activity, courage, perseverance. Fire Dog is an emotional man, although at first glance it seems to be a calm, balanced person. Well educated, intelligent, but can not help it if faced with injustice and betrayal. He is distinguished by a responsible approach to work, hardworking, he can be entrusted with business of any complexity. He tries to choose a public profession, he likes to be in the spotlight. This is an excellent organizer, able to lead people behind him.

The man of this sign beautifully looks after, shows unusual fiction and imagination, is ready to perform the most insane acts for the sake of his beloved. Although he only needs one glance and a couple of phrases, so that women follow him to the end of the world. Fire Dog man temperamental, passionate, completely given to the feeling. Will never reconcile with the role of the second plan, the beloved must yield to his desires. Only he has the right to vote and resolves all issues related to family life. Inexperiably jealous, the slightest suspicion of flirting with a stranger can infuriate him. In the rest — a wonderful family man, cares about his wife and children, provides them with everything necessary.

Fire Dog Woman

For the woman of this sign there are no difficulties in communication, easily makes friends. It is confident, but at the same time friendly. People are drawn to it, it is always surrounded by admirers. Fire Dog is not only a beautiful woman, but also a smart woman, she knows how best to present her dignity. Easily moves up the career ladder, does not encounter any obstacles in its path. Differs a responsible campaign to work, seeks to occupy a high post. She enjoys great authority in professional circles, her colleagues consider her to be the best specialist in her field. Although it is stubborn, it is difficult for her to admit her mistakes and agree with someone else’s point of view. Can not always cope with their emotions.

A bright, spectacular woman easily falls in love with herself, literally drives men mad. She adores beautiful clothes, loves to be in the center of attention, craves general admiration. Equally well gets along with men, and with women. To all acquaintances the attention and friendliness shows, in its company time flies imperceptibly. The Fire Dog is a proud woman, will not tolerate liars and traitors beside her. Despite her need to feel admiring glances and hear compliments, she will ban the traitor without regret. She is not afraid of loneliness, she knows the value of his external data very well. Having married, she tries to become a good wife and mistress, although she does it badly. Her vocation is to shine for joy to all.

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