Fire Goat

Fire Goat Years: 1907, 1967, 2027

Active Element: Fire & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Cancer ♋

Goat Elements: Wood Goat, Fire Goat, Earth Goat, Metal Goat, Water Goat.

Fire Goat (Sheep) is self-interested, unlike others, goes through life purposefully and stubbornly. She understands that she will not achieve much, and therefore uses natural data in full: beauty, charm, oratory and flattery. Lover of noisy companies, festivities, shopping trips do not think about tomorrow, can spend all at once, then think about how to be further. This Goat (Sheep) should be more economical, diligent, listen to friendly advice and instructions.

The Fire Goat is firmly on its feet. Her creative abilities are associated with artistry and the ability to play someone else’s work, and not to write your own. She is good at giving her strengths and shading the weak. If possible, try to live in a separate house. He indulges himself in everything that relates to personal comfort, and very fond of entertainment. So, most likely, she will not be able to live, and this can damage her business.

Under the influence of the elements of Fire, this Goat is very energetic and energetic. If you hurt her, she immediately expresses everything she thinks about you. She is seductive and elegant, but her emotionality sometimes goes beyond the reasonable. In the worst case, the Fire Goat takes wishful thinking, instead of evaluating the advantages of the situation. She always hunts a crane in the sky and is terribly angry when she does not manage to grab him.

Fire Goat Chinese Zodiac

The Fire endowed this Goat (Sheep) with a bright spark, rewarding with a rich intuition and even boldness that is not peculiar to the rest of her sisters. Creative, impulsive, unstable, people under the sign of the Fire Goat (Sheep) need to express their emotions, but they do it with a bit of theatricality and drama. But most importantly, this person is sincere and direct. Despite the seeming softness of the hand, he can put all the points above the "i" with sufficient rigidity and powerful energy, which leaves both strangers and his own in surprise.

This Goat (Sheep), like the rest of her types, loves comfort and comfort, she likes it when her habitation is cozy. Here she sees herself as a good housewife. Its main drawback is the lack of perseverance, which strongly prevents it from moving the intended path. It is also a contradiction that the Goat (Sheep) strongly needs freedom of action, and her indecisiveness often makes it difficult for her to achieve success. In addition, at times it is somewhat pessimistic, and often sees the shortcomings of others, not dignity, and this greatly prevents her from feeling and being happy.

Fire Goat Man

For this self-confident man, there are no impossible tasks. Acts boldly and decisively, in all cases shows a praiseworthy perseverance. At the same time he manages to maintain good relations even with sworn enemies, he is so charming and charming. Loves communication, will be able to find points of contact with the most unsociable, self-contained person. Fiery Goat man temperamental, quick-tempered, but tries to contain his emotions. If necessary, can play along, pretend, do everything to create comfortable conditions for themselves at work and at home. Rarely hears the advice of others, although it would not hurt to do this as often as possible. Especially valuable for him may be the opinion of colleagues.

A magnificent, irresistible man, born in the year of the Fire Goat, drives women mad. Cares fabulously beautiful: gives expensive things, huge bouquets of flowers. Loves to have fun, constantly arranges surprises for her chosen one. It’s not boring with him, the Fire Goat is a cheerful man, easy to communicate with. Having married, continues to lead a habitual way of life, tries not to load the second half with his problems. However, the spouse must also try to create comfortable living conditions for him. The man of this sign does not tolerate chaos and disorder, the situation in the house should emphasize his status. He often invites his friends to family holidays and parties, he wants to be proud of his cozy nest.

Fire Goat Woman

This beautiful, spectacular woman makes an indelible impression on those around her. Likes to dress up, has a wonderful taste. In addition to the brilliant external data, it has a soft, friendly character. Fire Goat is a creative woman, trying to choose a profession related to publicity. She loves to listen to compliments, she does not hesitate to perform with a huge crowd of people. Often women of this sign get good actresses, fashion designers, designers. Fast pace of life, frequent trips, meetings with new people to her only in joy. Ready to fly at least to the edge of the earth for the sake of vivid impressions. This is a real workaholic and a professional in his field.

For men, the Fire Goat is a precious trophy. This bright beauty knows how to lend herself. Likes to flirt and flirt, can not resist an attractive man. In the fan first of all appreciates unpredictability, ability to surprise. A reliable, correct man, reading tedious notations, will never be able to attract her attention. Rather, he prefers to have a short but passionate romance, than will be burdened by long-term relationships. Fire Goat is an emotional woman, only a strong, strong-willed man can restrain her. Getting married, she becomes a little calmer, loves her house, but still tries to lead an active lifestyle.

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