Fire Horse

Fire Horse Years: 1906, 1966, 2026

Active Element: Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Gemini ♊

Horse Elements: Wood Horse, Fire Horse, Earth Horse, Metal Horse, Water Horse.

Fire Horse — it’s just a hurricane, it’s unique. A violent, irrepressible character does not give her a moment’s rest. Her life is full of labor and social activities. Around her life always boils, everything has enough time and energy for everything. This Horse is an orator, a tribune. It will not leave indifferent people around, it can raise and lead the masses to any cause. The Fiery Horse is an obvious leader, a leader and is not ready to yield to anyone. Councils or wishes she perceives with hostility and as an attempt to lead her away from business. Many people like Fire Horse for positive energy, a sense of humor, but such qualities as quick temper and rudeness, quite often, spoil this impression.

Scathing, adventurous Horse, endowed with excellent intelligence and great personal magnetism. She is trying to change what she wants, by will and coercion. Being the most daring of all the lunar signs, in her race to the goal she can forget about caution.

This is a double fire sign (Fire is also the main element of the Horse), and such a person will be easily excitable and quick-tempered. The Fire Horse is easily confusing; it is too fickle to perform repetitive tasks. She is unique, witty and charming, but an endless stream of brilliant ideas makes her incredibly changeable. The Fire Horse is multifaceted, it requires the sharpness and variety in life. The greatest pleasure to her brings double or triple life or mastering several interesting and profitable professions.

She loves to travel and act, anticipates new trends, works most effectively if he participates in a share. Rarely recognizes someone’s control, even from the upstream people. She is able to insist on her own, constantly trying to outdo herself.

Fire Horse loves to compete and adores thrill. It can from the first glance accurately assess any person and situation, knows how to interact with anyone. Is able to solve delicate and complex problems, but, alas, likes to argue and behaves recklessly. And with her speed and reaction, she will never give up without a fight — and you can bet on the fact that she will win.

Fire Horse Chinese Zodiac

The Fire Horse is impulsive in nature, its initiative and excitability sometimes go over all boundaries. These people are active, multilateral and hot, they need strong emotions to prove to themselves that they are still alive. If they get something into their heads, all their indestructible will gather in one fist to reach the desired goal. Fortunately, they have the talent to get out of difficult situations.

They are inventive, and have the gift to unravel the tangled problems, and the difficulties they encounter only stimulate their development and growth. However, they often lack persistence and perseverance. People born under the sign of a fiery horse are very quickly tired of their own plans. When their goal is achieved, it immediately loses its appeal.

In love and personal life, the search for pleasures often turns them into optional and not prone to fidelity. They are constantly attracted by everything new. The Fire Horse spends its energy without hesitation, and when she is in love, she will stop at nothing, and achieve the desired result.

Fire Horse Man

A strong-willed, energetic man actively takes up the solution of any problems. For him to sit still is almost impossible task. Loves to overcome difficulties and difficulties. Fire Horse man impulsive, so do not delve into the details, but immediately torn into battle. Often he is accused of selfishness, indeed, he rarely thinks about the feelings of others. Always on the first place — own interests and personal benefit. Such is the nature of the man of this sign, it is difficult for him to cope with his emotions, prefers to act, not to think. However, this is a reliable person, never fails to let someone who hopes for his help. He is famous for his diligence, achieves great success in the professional field.

The man of this sign loves the thrill, he is not interested in a fresh, boring relationship. From the novel waits for fireworks of feelings and emotions, and with a calm woman quickly bored. Fiery Horse man is quick-tempered and unpredictable, his chosen one should be ready for any turn. Today — crazy passion and love, tomorrow — complete indifference. This is a very generous person, ready to shower the partner with all the treasures of the world. But with domestic matters, she has to deal with herself. Too energetic and impulsive to get stuck in small things. Full of the most ambitious plans, the wife and children should support him in everything, and not interfere or distract with requests to help with cleaning and preparing for lessons.

Fire Horse Woman

For this impulsive, emotional woman there are no obstacles and obstacles. Acts boldly and resolutely, does not pay attention to the opinion of people around him. For it there, and there can not be really good reasons to abandon the plan. A Fire Horse is a vigorous woman, if she sets a goal, then she will definitely achieve victory. She can not be charged with fulfilling routine duties, from the necessity to perform monotonous actions, she immediately falls into depression. The boss usually gives her creative tasks, because she has a good imagination, a rich imagination. Therefore, she comes up with original ideas that greatly simplify the workflow.

In a loving relationship demonstrates a rabid temperament, without constraint gives vent to feelings. It will not be modest to wait, when the elect will pay attention to it. Fire Horse is a brave woman, so she will try to interest the man. Although the fans do not give it a pass, it’s so effective. It happens capricious and willful, does not consider it necessary to adjust to the interests of men. For all its external beauty, natural sexuality, there is often one. Men get tired of her impulsiveness, unbalanced. And she does not want to change, she is too selfish person, fixated on herself. However, she will try to become a good wife for a truly beloved man.

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