Fire Monkey

Fire Monkey Years: 1956, 2016, 2076

Active Element: Fire & Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Leo ♌

Monkey Elements: Wood Monkey, Fire Monkey, Earth Monkey, Metal Monkey, Water Monkey.

Fire Monkey — very respected in society. Clever, energetic, gifted, she is keenly interested in absolutely everything that happens around her. It is often tempted to get involved in a business that she absolutely does not need either for the soul or for the benefit. This Monkey does not like a number of strong, authoritarian, persistent people, because they can mix all her plans. Fire Monkeys are prominent, interesting, sociable, have many admirers, lead novels on the side, but their chosen people and life associates remain very faithful. Real assessment of their own and others’ virtues, loyal attitude to other people’s shortcomings, would protect this monkey from many troubles.

Active and energetic Monkey, born leader and inventor. She is self-confident and resolute, expressive and truthful, very fond of the opposite sex. Fire gives it a great vitality; she tends to prevail over those who are not as assertive as herself, and teach them. The Fire Monkey has a rich imagination, and it needs to be watched so that her ideas do not outstrip her. She is ingenious, but very carefully calculates the consequences.

A Fire Monkey is always irresistibly drawn to the heights of her profession. She is a very strong opponent and very greedy. Her creative power is fueled by will, an urgent need and initiative. The Fire Monkey is the most powerful and domineering of all the Monkeys. She enjoys control of the situation. It can be difficult and stubborn if she is in a bad mood. Likes to argue. She is lucky in risky enterprises, because she knows how to accurately calculate the risk. But, demonstrating to others the assertiveness and concentration, this Monkey secretly gloomily suspects everyone of possible treachery.

Fire Monkey Chinese Zodiac

Monkeys are romantic and passionate, but don’t always know their own minds when it comes to love. A Monkey may be completely convinced that he has found "the one," only to become spellbound by another a few weeks later! When one of the five elements of the Chinese Zodiac tempers a person’s sign, unexpected things can happen. A Monkey who is tempered by Fire is quite the person, indeed! The determination leant to the Monkey by the Fire element results in an ambitious person who is able to stay more focussed than the average Monkey. A Fire Monkey person still dreams big dreams, but has a far better chance of sticking with those dreams until they succeed.

It is hard not to be impressed by a Fire Monkey. A person born under this Chinese sign will be intelligent and quick, and he or she is often the first person to see a solution to a problem. Not only does a Fire Monkey get the right answer, but he or she has the energy to see a plan through until the end.

Fire Monkeys are even more intense and passionate than the average Monkey is. Monkey people love romance, and someone born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Fire Monkey will likely shower you with gifts and attention. Once a Fire Monkey has decided to have you, it is almost a surety that you will fall under his or her spell. Fire Monkeys are still tempted by a good prank, but are far less likely to let tricks get in the way of their goals.

Fire Monkey Man

This man lives as he sees fit. Has all the data to act boldly and decisively. Among its merits can be attributed sharp mind and high performance. Natural sexuality, magnetism slightly softens the stiffness of his nature, for others the Fire Monkey is a mysterious person. Women do not mind knowing his secrets, if, of course, he will. Fire Monkey man, self-confident, so immediately declares his ambitions. He sees himself exclusively in the leader’s chair, and he works hard to achieve this goal. Intelligent, resourceful, can cheat if necessary. After all, for him the main thing is not to miss a happy chance, but struggle requires sacrifice.

This is a real heartthrob, a great lover of women. Fire Monkey man is prominent, handsome, also energetic. It will not be difficult for him to break through the night for hundreds of kilometers for the sake of the caprice of his beloved. She is courteous with knowledge, has a wide imagination, so she arranges amazing dates. No woman can resist this charming man, under his spell absolutely all women fall. However, the stormy temperament does not prevent the Fire Monkey from making the right choice. Perfectly understands that for a quiet family life he needs a woman who is quiet, capable of tolerating his antics. In marriage, he seeks not only bright sensations, but also pacification.

Fire Monkey Woman

This woman is not shy, knows how to attract attention. Behaves quite liberated, not lost even in the most difficult situation. Fire Monkey is a beautiful woman, also clever, therefore correctly disposes of her spectacular external data. It differs by judiciousness, always correctly calculates the possible consequences of its actions. Moderately ambitious and vain, trying to choose a profession that allows the most profitable to disclose natural data. From the women of this sign can turn out as demanded actresses, and successful managers. They are born leaders who can lead people.

For every man a romance with this passionate woman is a real gift of fate. Energetic Fire Monkey likes noisy entertainment. It can easily agree to break into an unplanned trip, though at first it will be convinced that there are no urgent matters at work. This is not an enthusiastic, romantic girl, but a clever and calculating woman. Even a strong feeling does not deprive her of reason, acts solely in her own interests. Rather, she will marry a wealthy businessman than a poor student. Men go crazy over it, and the status of a married woman can not cool the passion of fans. However, in a marriage behaves flawlessly, does not turn novels on the side.

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