Fire Rabbit

Fire Rabbit Years: 1927, 1987, 2047

Active Element: Fire & Wood

Associated Sun Sign: Pisces โ™“

Rabbit Elements: Wood Rabbit, Fire Rabbit, Earth Rabbit, Metal Rabbit, Water Rabbit.

Fire Rabbit is a common favorite. A good psychologist and diplomat, he with anyone builds trust, honest and long-term relationships. He does not betray friends, he rarely changes, their circle is rather limited. Self-discipline and incredible intuition allows him to accurately determine his own, and others, perspective. With all this, the innate instinct of self-preservation, bordering on cowardice, does not give him the opportunity to fully demonstrate his talent and ability. In the life of this Rabbit, there can be high achievements if he is patronized and instructed by true friends who simply make him take a chance at the right time.

It is very bright, cheerful and cheerful Rabbit. He has a stronger character than other Rabbits, but no worse than they can hide their emotions with the help of charm and diplomacy. This is an easy and relaxed person in communication. The environment is positively perceived by his ideas, because he knows how to present them. The element of Fire can make Rabbit a lover of emotional speeches, especially when he is dissatisfied with something. He is more inclined to lead than other Rabbits, but his methods of leadership are rather mild. Like other, Fire Rabbits tries to avoid direct confrontation with his enemies and prefers finely woven conspiracies.

The Fire Rabbit has good intuition and psychic abilities. He immediately notices any changes in the environment and easily manifests such reactions as anger and resentment. He needs approval, sincere support and inspiration from the outside.

Fire Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

The Fire element gives the Rabbit special dynamics in behavior and vital activity. Among other things, a Rabbit is considered a representative of the moon and is a wonderful addition to the fiery aggressive elements. The main indicators of the behavior of representatives of the sign of the zodiac is restraint and excessive caution in decisions and actions. Vivid representatives belonging to this sign distinguish a beautiful face and a very bright appearance.

The main distinguishing features of the character is a friendly attitude towards people who are in a close circle of the environment. Representatives of the sign of the zodiac easily converge with people and have in their environment many people of different types and characters.

The only point to which it is recommended to pay attention is to avoid situations associated with the unsuccessful course of certain moments, as stresses can play a bad role in the mental state of a person. In the event that all the cases are at a high level of success, then the career growth of a person provides him a comfortable life, which positively affects the formation of the individual.

If things go with varying success, then this can adversely affect the overall condition and make a representative of this sign of the zodiac on the sidelines of life. In order to avoid such a fact, it is necessary to make the most of using its capabilities.

According to the state of the soul, these representatives of the sign of the zodiac and the elements, which is the fire, can be attributed to creative natures striving to realize themselves in life. They are very fond of practicing acting or singing, as in most cases all the prerequisites for the activity of such a plan exist. These are very original people with a high level of self-organization, which positively affects the professional activities performed by them in the usual working days.

According to the information contained in the Chinese horoscope, there is a preference among other seasons of the summer of the year as the optimal time period for accomplishing heights of different significance. Rabbits of fire love the hot weather very much and feel well at the same time. Although they need to pay special attention to the heart and strengthen it in every way throughout the time. It is also recommended to maximally justify the emotions to any issue and minimize the number of stresses in order to prolong life.

Fire Rabbit Man

This is a real man, a born leader, but his passion for power is not so noticeable. A gentle, affable person makes the impression of a good friend. Indeed, the Fire Rabbit man is friendly, easily finds a common language with people. However, he is ambitious enough and ambitious, so he uses dating for himself. Often this is a successful, respected person, leading a large team. His affairs are going so well that there is no cause for sadness. But if there are serious difficulties, the Fire Rabbit can show itself not on the best side. He immediately becomes quick-tempered, and impatient, loved ones should remember this peculiarity of his character.

Women are crazy about this man, he makes the most pleasant impression. Especially with a close acquaintance Fire Rabbit turns out to be a passionate and temperamental partner. He cares nicely, with knowledge. He prefers to spend time on people, likes to visit recreational activities. He can not be called a homebody, the chosen one should share his passions, otherwise the novel will not last too long. Having married, not immediately settle down, after all the Fire Rabbit man is prominent, is very popular. It may well be tempted to have an affair. However, this caring husband, his relatives will live in comfort and prosperity.

Fire Rabbit Woman

A beautiful, spectacular woman holds fairly confidently in any circumstances. True, the surrounding people do not suspect what strength of mind it has, so itโ€™s a sweet and charming person. Loves to laugh, loves to communicate with a variety of people. And quite accurately notices what can be useful to every new friend. At work, she is simply idolized, the Fire Rabbit woman is a born diplomat, has a rare talent for settling the most difficult conflicts. Acts gently and tactfully, but necessarily achieves the conceived. She knows how to achieve success without spoiling relations with either the authorities or subordinates. True, with a prolonged period of failure, one can lose faith in oneself.

In a romantic relationship, the Fire Rabbit is a patient, faithful woman. She tries to surround the partner with care and attention, but does not forget about her own interests. It is ambitious enough, therefore at once it denotes its position: it can be arranged only as a leader. Prefers to act gently, given the opinion of a partner, it can not be accused of selfishness. In the period of courtship manifests itself as an enthusiastic, enamored girl. She likes to feel unique and unique. Having created a family, becomes a wise wife, able not only to give the right advice, but also to help with real affairs. She loves her house, keeps it in immaculate purity.

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