Fire Rooster

Fire Rooster Years: 1957, 2017, 2077

Active Element: Fire & Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Virgo โ™

Rooster Elements: Wood Rooster, Fire Rooster, Earth Rooster, Metal Rooster, Water Rooster.

The Fire Rooster is an exceptionally strong personality. A born leader and organizer, he skillfully, and with great success, leads everyone along, not even asking whether he likes it or not. An active fighter for justice by any means, even by the self-esteem of others. People born in the Year of the Fire Rooster, sympathy and more correct behavior with others, would serve a good service.

This combination can give birth to a meteor. Under the influence of the elements of Fire, this Rooster is colorful, very purposeful and authoritarian. He is able to act independently, accurately and skillfully. In the worst case, it can be quick-tempered, too theatrical and nervous.

Being very principled and firmly believing in his own success, he can show excellent abilities for management and leadership. Strong and stubborn, the Fire Rooster fanatically clings to his views; if something needs to be found out, he himself will go to collect information and conduct field research. The opinion of others is not capable of shaking him, although in matters he is professional and ethical.

At times, it can be too rigid and unbending, and therefore can not reach the compromises that are necessary for the work. As a result, he will examine people and situations under a microscope. If things go wrong, as he expects, he will act as an inquisitor or provoke mass riots.

And yet he has the talent of the organizer, and he can create for himself the image of an active public figure. Despite the shortcomings of the Rooster, he is driven by the noblest intentions.

Fire Rooster Chinese Zodiac

When the Element of Fire affects a person born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Rooster, he or she becomes more extroverted and more socially motivated. While most Roosters prefer to work alone (believing no one can match their level of perfection or diligence) Fire Rooster make great team leaders. They inspire others through their organization and work ethic, and use their sharp eye to discover what will most bring people together.

Of all the Roosters, the Fire Rooster is the most concerned about his appearance. Fire Roosters will spend as much time as necessary to look their absolute best at all times. Friends and coworkers often feel that the Fire Rooster is too vain. He or she is preoccupied with clothing, accessories, and the perfect hair style.

The Chinese sign of the Fire Rooster is also a bit bossy. Since Fire Roosters are very smart and talented, they assume that their way is always the best way, and that everyone else should follow their way exactly. Of course, Fire Roosters have the usual Rooster honesty, which means they have no problem telling people exactly what they are doing wrong and why they should be doing it the Fire Rooster way. If they are not careful, this can lose them friends.

Fire Rooster Man

A charismatic man has a stunning energy, is always in the spotlight. Leader, unquestioned authority, charming handsome - all this Fire Rooster. To argue with him is useless, and there is no need. This is an intelligent man, able to give the right advice, help in a difficult situation. He sees himself only in the leaderโ€™s chair, has undoubted talent to manage people. He gives a report to his actions, though sometimes he flirts himself and brings the situation to a critical point. Fire Rooster is a determined man, resourceful, so he always wins. He does not hesitate to show his accomplishments to others, likes to brag, wants universal recognition.

This temperamental man is accustomed to female adoration. There is a raging flame of passion in him, boring relationships do not interest him. Selfish, self-centered, eager for the role of leader. He is not a supporter of partnerships, only he can have the right to vote. A lover of a man easily starts novels, does not feel strong remorse at parting. This is a real heartthrob, a favorite of women. Having entered into marriage, continues to behave like a free man, you can not demand from him impeccable fidelity. A Fire Rooster is a passionate man, a quiet life is not for him. At the same time, a caring family man, in the domestic plan, his wife and children will not need anything.

Fire Rooster Woman

Women of this sign in any circumstances are held with great dignity, even having suffered defeat, retain a smile on their face. A Fire Rooster is a proud, ambitious woman who never questions her own exclusivity. The surrounding people condemn her for indifference, spiritual callousness. Many consider selfish and careerist, although this is a hardworking, purposeful woman. She is devoted to her work, works tirelessly, tries to achieve success in everything. Even detractors recognize her dignity: a strong character, beauty, intelligence, perseverance. Nature generously endowed her with talents, in everything she achieves everything in her life solely by her work.

A beautiful woman who knows how to submit herself is of great interest to men. It is very difficult to win her attention, she will not waste time on an unworthy candidate. She needs a serious man, ready to fulfill all the whims and whims. The Fire Rooster is a clever woman, so she will not demand too much. Just happens capricious, quick-tempered, even in the most timid spokesman of this sign is a volcano of passions. Tame the will of the Fire Rooster can a strong man with a big heart, ready to indulge her weaknesses. Getting married acquires peace and tranquility, becomes less noisy and emotional, but retains an amazing ability to break out into small things.

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