Fire Snake

Fire Snake Years: 1917, 1977, 2037

Active Element: Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Taurus ♉

Snake Elements: Wood Snake, Fire Snake, Earth Snake, Metal Snake, Water Snake.

Fire Snake — everything has its own opinion and is not afraid to express it. The tone of a statement depends on its relation to the subject of the utterance. If she was annoyed by something, wait for poisonous and ruthless epithets. It does not really fit in with her appearance and behavior. She is sociable, accessible, or when, as they say, she does not "stick out", although she has the clear qualities of a leader and leader. This Snake has a lot of friends who appreciate it for its wonderful sense of humor, the ability to insert a sharp word, instantly discard any joke. The Fire Snake should be more forgiving to other people’s shortcomings.

Strong and powerful Snake, mentally and physically very active. Additional Fire (since the Snake is itself a Fire Sign) can make it too passionate and ambitious. Attractive for all and endowed with charisma that can melt the ice of the most desperate resistance, it embodies self-confidence and is able to be a leader. For a man born this year, people will willingly vote, if he wants to go to politics.

Although the Fiery Snake can openly discuss some questions to find out the majority’s opinion, it is by nature incredibly suspicious and completely trusts only to itself. She is also too quick to condemn and accuse. Sometimes she closes in a narrow circle of friends and advisers, isolating herself from the world and even not realizing it. She is strong, endowed with a maniacal thirst for fame, money and power and therefore insists on concrete results. Persevering and uncompromising, she sets herself far-reaching goals and, once reaching the top, will hold on to power with all her might.

The Fire Snake is the most sensual, passionate and jealous of the Snakes. She can either love with her whole soul, or hate with all her heart and is often consumed by herself and her own desires. She is always in the thick of things, and people feel her presence, wherever she is.

Fire Snake Chinese Zodiac

The Snake belonging to the fire element and born under its protection, according to the Eastern horoscope, all its life gravitates to distant countries and is very fond of traveling, since such a trait is laid in it at the moment of birth and can intelligently determine the entire course of the life cycle.

They very clearly divide people into pleasant and unpleasant people so with the first type of people they can feel a bit shy at the moment of communication, experiencing a certain awkwardness when expressing certain thoughts, but if you have to communicate with the second category, then in this case, perhaps, you can hear from the representative of this sign the zodiac of the born under the protection of the elements of fire very sharp and truthful statements that can upset the opponent by his direct and impartiality.

Fire Snakes are not averse to adventurism, they adore participating in various active activities, such as traveling to long distances or studying little-known places on the planet. Since they are not alien to a great sense of humor and artistry, when choosing an alternative development of nature they can take a worthy place in the theatrical field, while having great success with people who value this kind of art.

Fire Snakes are suitable for summer, and hot weather, as in such conditions they feel great, which is an important factor for the comfort of the person of the sign of the zodiac. But still the emotions need to be controlled and kept in the hands for the purpose of providing a long lifetime and saving the heart muscle, as it is very susceptible in this case to various diseases that arise against the background of the dissolving of the emotion. To balance the state, the use of things of the gray-green spectrum is excellent.

Fire Snake Man

This man will not sit aside and wait for the difficult situation to resolve itself. On the contrary, he is the first to enter the battle, taking little care of the consequences. Fire Snake man is wise, but too emotional. Unable to cope with their ambitions, too hungry for power and money to be content with the small. Ready for the success of many sacrifices, it is quite capable of spoiling relations even with close friends. It is sharp and unyielding, often takes too hasty decisions. In the working collective, he tries to establish his own orders at once, he is considered a strict but fair leader. He never quibbles over trifles, deserves honored workers by merit.

Women show great interest in this charismatic man. A wonderful storyteller with a great sense of humor knows how to cheer. Fire Snake man generous, will not save on his chosen one, though he will try to abstain from spending too much money. Looking for a worthy partner, this is a big fan of beauty. Those around should immediately understand that he is a special person deserving all the best. Next to the spectacular beauty feels really happy. However, he will never allow himself to dictate to himself the conditions, in the family all decisions are made solely by the man of this sign. It is quick-tempered and irritable, but always attentive to the wife and children.

Fire Snake Woman

A woman born in the year of the Fire Snake is distinguished by its uneasy character. A capricious, powerful person tries to immediately impose her opinion. Does not differ modesty, likes compliments and often begs for them. In communication, even with an unfamiliar person can be sharp and unyielding. It seems that she does not care about public opinion, which is in fact the truth. Fire Snake woman is ambitious, she is very much a leader. At work, she behaves boldly and confidently, even if she is working in an ordinary position. However, she will do everything possible to take the place of the head. Colleagues respect her for honesty, responsiveness, appreciate the wisdom of the woman of this sign.

Fire Snake is a clever woman, she understands perfectly what kind of man she needs. She prefers to communicate with serious, respectable fans. She likes to feel like a queen, waiting for a partner from unquestioning obedience and worship. She loves luxurious gifts, travel, of course, all the whims should be paid by a man. The woman of this sign — a person quite economical, prefers to spend money only for her needs. In family life she manifests herself as a good housewife, her house is spotlessly clean. She devotes much time to raising children, it is important for her to achieve an ideal result in everything, so offspring should be happy with their successes.

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