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People born in the Year of the Dog usually have similar attitudes and preference towards love and relationships. Most of them show distinctive features when involved in a stable relationship. They are gentle, responsible, kind-hearted and loyal, and these characteristics leave a reliable impression in lovers’ eyes. According to Chinese zodiac compatibility, they are good at communicating with partners even when there are any difficulties. Showing an abundance of patience makes them good listeners in a marriage.

Your sense of loyalty, plus your sincerity and kindness, makes you a most desirable friend. In fact you are almost as concerned and protective of your friends as you are of your family. You are not a materialist but rather one who derives the most pleasure from love and family. Your concern extends to all humanity, and you are altruistic by nature. You prefer to use your material gains to help others.

Your other gentler qualities include the fact that you most often are slow to anger yet quick to recover. You are not one to nag and nitpick. Rather, you tend to be in control of your emotions. You also have excellent powers of discernment. In other words, you choose your battles carefully. This makes you easy to get along with on a day to day basis and a valued team member at work.

When it comes to individual people, you are usually slow to form judgments; however, there often is a narrow mindedness to your way of thinking. You tend to see things in black and white. And, when you make a judgment, you tenaciously cling to your ideas and rarely change your mind. You are also rather thick skinned; however, you can be extremely suspicious or defensive when a family member or friend is potentially threatened or actually attacked either verbally or physically.

Sometimes your anger flares up almost instantaneously and violently as your protective urge moves you to action. On the other hand, your reserved nature can actually be a negative in family matters. You tend to be subdued, not one given to continuous displays of affection. There may however be times when family members require more warmth than you provide. There is one other way you can inadvertently hurt the people around you.

Your sense of justice often causes you to make judgments about others and to criticize their actions or motivations. Furthermore, you sometimes rashly categorize people and put them into little boxes. Having done that, you’re not beyond giving severe tongue lashings to those that fall in the wrong box or those in the right box when they step out of line by your reckoning. By nature you’re not exactly a diplomatic critic - even when dealing with the ones you most love.

Dog Love

“and they call it… puppy love…” so the song went. Well, the Dog in love is a lovesick puppy. As with all things, you expect the moon and much more… as you are so idealistic. So, if you don’t get it, you will whine in desolation. Unfortunately, the problem is, you often believe you’ve found your soul-mate and are frustrated when you realize you made a bad call.

If you are lucky and met your soul-mate early, you can marry swiftly, have lots of kids, and live in paradise. You won’t find a better partner than if you fall for a Dog; but ask yourself, is that all you want – just a companion?

They are nice, loyal, loving, and devoted and thus really make for excellent companions, just don’t expect a lot of romance, intrigue or affairs! If you like the sound of this, then the Dog is the top choice. In essence, Dogs like marriage. It brings security, puts them straight into a team and if you do find your perfect partner, you will share all with them. However, you need continuous reassurance when in love, and shouldn’t ever be left alone uncared for, feeling unloved and brooding and idle in the Dog house, or you can end up whining – but not dining!

As they are naive in love and always believe the best of their future partners, they are easy to get into marriage; if they get a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, they do make super partners who will return to you faithful service and warmth in abundance when you return home – whether you are away one day, or one week, one month…

As for sex and passion, it is a wonderful way for you to express love – honestly, intensely and openly, without anything weird or risque; for you it’s all about holding hands, kissing, cuddling and touching. Any close contact will do, as you are a physical person who – like Dogs in reality – like to be patted, rubbed and stroked!

As really pleasant people they won’t try to clean you up or make judgments, however, when they are too obliging, others can easily take advantage of this, but often don’t, because the Dog is so very, very nice. So nice that, just look a bit sad… and the Dog is yours – in and out of bed!

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