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People of the Dragon Chinese zodiac sign are usually in a passive situation, for they will not pursue others actively. They are generous, self-disciplined and honest which helps them win the hearts of others. They are seldom bothered by love affairs, for they would like to develop relationships naturally. They get used to giving but are not demanding, they are also idealists in love. If they fail in love, they will live in the past for a long time. Therefore, most of them get married late and often have a smooth and harmonious married life.

What you see is what you get. You tend to be very direct and to let people know how you feel and what you expect of them. In your search for the ideal partner, you might find yourself often hesitating to move forward in a relationship and, or, unwilling to make a permanent commitment. When you do, however, it is your intention for it to last.

There are times when it is hard to live with you. It is not unusual for you to have an excessively high opinion of yourself. This can grate on the rest of us in those moments when it is obvious to us you are superficial and your behavior tactless. And, occasionally, you can be insensitive and offensive in your speech and mannerisms.

This is normally not intended but probably a consequence of your being wrapped up in your own thoughts rather than paying attention to our needs. In spite of these tendencies, you are likely to also have a warm, giving personality overall. You can be very generous to your loved ones. Also, that wonderful Dragon dynamism and infectious optimism is likely to keep you in good stead even when your behavior is not the best.

Dragon Love

Having a relationship with a Dragon is not a light affair. They expect the very best, and then even more! They expect total commitment and adoration – and nothing less will do. In return, Dragons can give much more than any other sign, just because, you are the Dragon; more lively, extraordinary, glorious, greater, more and more… and even more.

Thus you are encircled by wannabes – who want you – and only you. They like the fact you are hard to get! So, you can have many close liaisons, but will stay fully in control. So, the Dragons mate should feel lucky – and enjoy!

The rewards for commitment to a Dragon are endless gifts, plenty of thrills and trips to fun places; but beware, when the Dragon has had enough of you, which it generally does after a while – because everyone else can hardly keep up with them – you will be deleted from their social list, without a murmur nor a moment’s hesitancy.

You are very enthusiastic towards sex, as long as you are surrounded by luxurious settings and props. Love for you is way of expressing yourself and is very important. You are an imaginative and energetic lover – extremely passionate – but you do tend see your partners as there for your pleasure – and you aren’t reserved or prudish when it comes to sex, and you like a lot of experimentation and variation.

The Dragon naturally selects its mate – and that mate should just accept and enjoy, and feel how lucky they are. So, be warned, you can’t seduce a Dragon – but you can be seduced, no two ways about it; they enjoy the mating game and the thrill of the seduction process.

As for marriage, Dragons don’t. The only way a Dragon marries is if there is absolutely no choice! You cannot train nor even tame a Dragon. If they do say “yes”, then expect a show, in only the way a Dragon can do it… Once you Dragons agree to tie the knot, you expect the marriage to last, including the next time and the next time and…; frankly, Dragons are not to be kept in a gilded cage and so, ‘until death do us part’ is not in their repertoire. However, if Dragons do fall in love, you are very faithful and you and your partner will enjoy a long and fulfilling sexual and emotional relationship.

One word of warning; if anyone wants to be unfaithful to Dragons just understand one thing… Dragons don’t ever forget nor forgive very easily. You have been warned!

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