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Chinese zodiac compatibility plays an important role in a marriage match, having a direct influence on happiness or discord in marriage life. Here is a love match analysis for reference.

You are a fun member of any team and likely to be found where the action is. Yes, even though you are most independent, you still love to be around lots of people. The catch is it’s you who decide when and where the party will be. No one ever said you were afraid to make a decision. It wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve been accused of being headstrong more than once. Add to this a stubborn streak and a bit of a temper, and you can be difficult to be around at times.

You can also be selfish and self indulgent as you pursue your interests oblivious to ours. You can be hard to live with when you don’t get your way. This independent streak of yours and your emotional aloofness can be a magnet for those of the opposite sex. People always seem to be drawn to what they cannot have. But like the Eagles songs says, "Desperado you better let somebody love you, you better let somebody love you before its too late." In other words, do not let your independence be an obstacle to true love.

Horse Love

Like any Horse, you like touching, however, you don’t necessarily have an active interest in an intense sex life. On the contrary, being very sensual and romantic is your style and the saying “love at first sight” was invented just for you!

You enjoy seduction and courtship, romantic candlelight dining and drinks back at theirs or more likely, yours. So, being close, and generally staying in physical touch with your partner is very important – so holding hands and kissing is more your thing than loads of bed time action. However, Horses are always very sexy beasts and you are very attractive to others and have great sex appeal.

But, if you want a Horse, just remember, when it comes to sex, well, surprisingly, they are not nature’s hottest prospects! If you want love, they will give a lot and expect a lot. If you want romance, that’s just their cup of tea; if you want to feel special, it will woo you and make you feel like there’s only ever been one – you – in their lives.

But the Horse in bed is a domesticated, farm type – they will be tame and generally finish quickly, so even if it’s good lovemaking, don’t expect any marathon like, steamy sessions… it’s just not their style. They are flirtatious, especially the women, but it’s all in good taste and usually leads nowhere, as faithfulness is in their breeding.

Thus, Horses love to be “in love”, and often fall in love very quickly! When you attain the person you want – unlike some animals – you can fan the flames of desire forever! In fact, Horses love love so much, that they will love anyone that loves them. Loves them, adores them, cares for them… they aren’t too picky over looks and are pretty naive over who they might choose. They should avoid ones that make them feel uncomfortable though, as a Horse likes to be peaceful and relaxed – unless it’s out jumping over fields and pastures.

As for marriage, Horses like it! They are too honest (or frightened) to be unfaithful and once married, like to stay in, forever. So, if you want to marry a Horse, be prepared for loyalty, faithfulness, honesty… in short, they are rather conservative and safe. Just make sure you give the Horse plenty of space and freedom to run and roam afar, and they will always come back to you at the end of the day, week, month or year!

If you are faithful, and loving, they will adore, cherish and look after you, and love you… In return, they will feel cared for, loved and they will get an added sense of purpose in life. So it is that they often marry quickly, when they are young – and stay married forever.

Ironically, the Horse is often considered to be fickle, but they are just waiting for the right one. The trouble is, if they have too much expectations from love – and that is easy for them as they expect love to be all poetry and roses – they might not see that the ‘one’ was there all the time, and end up marrying someone who they fall for in an instant, but it turns out to be more to do with their desire to see what they are looking for than the reality of what they end up getting. Still, they will be suckers for love if that’s what they feel they are getting.

They will never forget a birthday, anniversary, and will always make them special occasions.

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