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Anxiety, loyalty, and protectiveness characterize a Dog Astrology Love Match. These watchful warriers of the Chinese Zodiac need much more reassurance than they would ever admit from their love partners. Trust and emotional attachment is always serious business to the Dog, who is rarely off-duty, even in the bedroom. A fast-starter the Dog is not, as they are hesitant to throw caution to the wind and abandon themselves to ecstasy.

Being under the influence of overpowering emotions is a scary place for most Dogs to be, and their ingrained suspicions are a huge obstacle for them to overcome. Cautious and serious regarding love, the Dog needs a trustworthy lover who is capable of strong attachments and commitment. A soul mate will understand the necessity of handling the pups tenderheart with kid gloves. Known for complete loyalty toward their friends and loved ones (and vengefulness toward the enemies of their loved ones), in the realm of love and sex its all or nothing, black or white. In the Dogs heart, you’re either in or you’re out.

The Dog is a sincere, giving, and faithful lover, but their ever-present wariness means that they can have a sharp tongue and a tendency to jump to conclusions. They are experts in putting two and two together to come up with five. Hell hath no fury like a jealous Dog. The heart-wrenching howl of a betrayed or rejected Dog can make the bite from anyone else seem innocuous. Both male and female Dogs have difficulty letting go of relationships, and they lead the love parade when it comes to romantic obsessions and compulsions. The most auspicious time for Dogs to make love is during the early evening hours of 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Dog Man Love Match

Whether a servant or the president, Dog men are rescuers. They specialize in searching for the princess who can wear the glass slipper. Sometimes to the Dog man’s downfall, the woman of his dreams is either a princess or a pauper, dignified or dejected. She will generally come from a high place in society - an achiever, powerful and brilliant or she will be a downtrodden victim of fate relegated to the lowest ranks of society. Inaccessible women fascinate him, so the key to fanning his love fire is to return his love somewhat but not entirely. If he feels that his woman’s love is still to be won, he’ll stand on his head and stack BBs for her.

Masochism has a distinct fascination for Dog males. They will often attempt to champion and rescue troubled partners, but some of their queens can be very cruel taskmasters. Taken for granted and many times made a certified whipping boy, the Dog male may decide to stick with a relationship until his mental health is at stake. This is a man who is in the game of love for keeps.

His deeply ingrained sense of fairness produces a tit for tat sexuality and a desire for equality on a love level. This is a lover who can easily forget his own sexual needs and focus exclusively on those of his partner. He enjoys the courting period when making initial connections with lovers,and he is a generous and lavishly seductive lover.

However, Dog men are some of the most suspicious creatures on the planet. You name it and he mistrusts it. Terrified of abandonment, the Dog man treads cautiously and covers himself with an emotional suit of armor. In love, the Dog man likes stability and the familiar. He tends to cling to habits that reassure him, and this includes his choice in women.

This is a soul who needs to be friends with his lover first. And not just friends with her, but also with her brother, mother, father - the whole clan. It is within this circle of familiarity, approval, and safety that the Dog man can emerge and declare his love. Love relationships later in life will be more fulfilling for both partners, as his emotional maturity develops later than his spiritual and intellectual facilities.

Dog Woman Love Match

Because the Dog woman has difficulty showing her feelings, it is up to her partner to coax her to open up and to relax. There are two faces to the Dog women sexual appetite. One is a cool, rather detached yang side that seeks to satisfy her physical and carnal lusts, and a more feminine yin side that gives and demands tenderness once her defenses have been lowered. The truth be told, she likes partners who are a little offbeat or odd.

A Dog woman remembers everything, and her memories of less than pleasant events can come back to haunt her at inopportune times. Looking beyond herself and putting past injuries to rest before approaching romance will put her on the road to sensual serenity. Faithful and reliable, the Dog woman has very rigid moral principles and a subconscious need to justify sex with love. This is why Dog women get very attached to partners once they have consummated the physical relationship.

Serious and invested, a Dog woman needs a loyal partner by her side and in her bed. Remember that, despite her gender, she is essentially yang, and needs a strong man resilient enough to face lifes crises with her. For sizzling sex to happen, a Dog woman needs to trust her lover and believe that he will still be there in the morning. She knows how to keep a secret and will expect her partner to use the same discretion, keeping private what goes on between them in the bedroom. In her search for her soul mate, the Dog woman seems to kiss a lot of frogs before her handsome prince arrives. She needs a partner who understands the deep anxiety and feeling of responsibility that fills her soul.

This is a lady who will wither and shrivel up emotionally without tenderness. Ironically, she herself can have trouble expressing affections. Similar to her Dog-year brothers, her emotional maturity develops later than her intellectual and spiritual abilities. This makes her a perfect candidate for later unions. Similar to her Dog brothers, many Dog women express an attraction to experienced or older partners. Streetwise or powerful men who display some sort of authority or know-how turn her on.

The hidden Elemental stem in the Dog-year branch is Earth, and this earthiness shows up in the Dog woman’s lovemaking style. She has a take it or leave it approach that can be either arousing or irritating, depending on her lover. Despite her protests that she is sexually open-minded, she doesn’t have a reputation for variety and imagination in the bedroom. She generally prefers love that is straightforward and simple. No-frills lovemaking is just fine with her and she will be quite happy with consistency. Basically, variety is less important to her than own security. However, this lusty lady is far from a cold fish, and her sexuality is deep and powerful.

She has an air of artistry in bed, and once she begins practicing this her lover is rarely disappointed. She is hyper-sensitive to sounds of all kinds, however, so it is critical that she remove external noise and distractions from her bedroom. Trying to make love while the news blares in the background is a recipe for disaster. The only auditory stimulus a Dog lady wants is the sound of her partner moaning and begging for more. In addition to her sense of hearing, the Dog women senses of smell and taste are also quite keen.

Dog Best Love Match

Both the Horse and the Tiger are excellent choices for enduring relationships, but the Dogs true soul mate is the Rabbit. Partnerships with the Dragon or the Rooster may be challenging.

Dog/Rat Love Match - The Rat cant help correcting the Dogs all-too-human errors, which makes the Dog feel belittled and sub-par - a disaster from the insecure Dog’s point of view. This pairing resembles a parent/child relationship too closely for it to work smoothly.

Dog/Ox Love Match - This could be a maudlin pity party waiting to happen, and the double dose of pessimism does neither of these two souls any good. However, the Dog has much compassion for the sweet-natured yet awkward Ox, and this can be a nurturing and loyal relationship.

Dog/Tiger Love Match - If ever there were a karmic love affair, it would be between these two souls. The Tiger and the Dog are naturally drawn toward one another and interact with encouragement and generosity. The Tiger is the emperor and the Dog, the prime minister.

Dog/Rabbit Love Match - This is a match made in heaven and these two souls recognize each other immediately. This match is so potent that if something were to go wrong between them and they had to part, neither would be likely to recover fully.

Dog/Dragon Love Match - Although the Dragon and the Dog are polarized opposites as different as night and day, each possesses traits that the other would do well to learn. Good business associates, but a difficult and complicated love union.

Dog/Snake Love Match - Both of these multi-sensorial souls seek to understand the metaphysics of life. They will enjoy many hours together delving into otherworldly knowledge. These two souls are first-rate friends and never run out of interesting topics to discuss.

Dog/Horse Love Match - The Dog and the Horse make up a delightful team in friendship and in love. These two souls adore one another and speak the same language of humanity, freedom, and fairness. These two Robin Hoods could very easily find themselves in the middle of a revolution.

Dog/Goat Love Match - Both souls tend to be pessimists, and this double dose of cynicism does neither the anxious Dog nor the depressive Goat any good. The Dog herds the Goat into places he has no desire to go, thus bringing out the billy goats horns.

Dog/Monkey Love Match - The Monkeys superb sense of humor and absurdity lifts the Dog out of her frequent bouts of doom and gloom. However, the Monkey can be wickedly naughty sexually, and the Dog rarely forgives such indiscretions.

Dog/Rooster Love Match - Each sign antagonizes the other, and a relationship is likely to bring out the worst in both personalities. This is a difficult combination of energies, as the thin-skinned Dog is not equipped to be the recipient of the Rooster’s caustic barbs.

Dog/Dog Love Match - These two serious souls are very compatible together. Each examines the other through the glasses of proven loyalty. These two natural confidants are well equipped to support each other through times of anxiety and worry.

Dog/Pig Love Match - While they are not found in the traditional triangles of compatibility, these two souls can share a long and happy life together. This pairing makes a loyal and romantic allegiance that can stand the test of time.

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