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Luck shines on a Dragon Astrology Love Match. The powerful Dragon is the physically healthy, utopian visionary of the Chinese Zodiac. Outspoken, animated, and ardent for love, Dragons possess boundless love energy and vital ching qi. Imaginative and very yang lovers, these proud souls do not like to be challenged, in life or in the bedroom. Their essential nature of unpredictability keeps love fresh, albeit filled with drama at times.

Egoistic and always high profile, Dragons are assertive, extroverted, and downright boisterous lovers. Successful and socially popular, Dragons were born to be in the public eye, and they enjoy having an attractive partner on their arm. Their love selection process is guided by a deep need to be respected and admired. Demanding, original, and enthusiastic, the hot-blooded Dragon needs an acquiescing or submissive love partner.

Possessing a taste for the unusual, the bizarre, and the sexually diverse, Dragons can become infatuated with and savor many love partners throughout their lives. In love, they are autonomous souls and will never put their life onhold for romance. Seldom in a hurry to surrender their freedom to marriage,Dragons enjoy legions of admirers, but may choose to remain single or marry later in life. When they do marry, their existence is independent from their choice of marriage partner. Dragon souls gather sexual qi during the mid-morning hours between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Dragon Man Love Match

The bedroom and indeed the world in general is the Dragon male’s stage. Drama, excitement, and extravagance are the critical components in his sexual psychology. This is an overwhelming yang lover who stoops to conquer his woman. Similar to his Rabbit brothers, the Dragon man has some very high standards for the woman of his fantasies. Because he looks for perfection in a partner, and because he is sexually wired for short-term affairs rather than long-term relationships, he can have trouble maintaining a monogamous relationship of long duration. This same perfectionism makes it even more difficult for him to fall deeply in love. For this reason, his love life may resemble a roller coaster of ups and downs, that features a romantic resume of love affairs that begin quickly and end abruptly.

Luckily for him, the Dragon man can easily forget his sorrows and quickly resume his romantic quest. This instability in matters of the heart is particularly problematic during early adulthood, but tends to ease up as middle age approaches (the Metal Element period between the ages of 36 and 48). While the Dragon man’s monogamy may be uncertain, his powerful sex drive is not. He is a marathon lover who possesses great passion and stamina. He is also sentimental, ardent, and capable of sweeping a woman off her feet. When he loves, he loves with the style of a grand showman, and engages his partner totally. He likes to amaze the object of his affections and protect her with his theatrical demonstrations of chivalry.

It is important to your Dragon man that he appear strong and romantically in control. This isn’t a male who enjoys being babied or coddled, as he feels this may make him look weak in your eyes. And weak is a four-letter-word to this gentleman. The Dragon male wants to be his lovers caretaker and have her rely on him and need what he has to offer. This confirms to him his power and importance in her life.

The vain and egoistical Dragon male is susceptible to compliments and even flattery, but he will not tolerate competition from other men under any circumstances or in any form. If his pride is wounded, his ego bruised, or if he’s feeling powerless, he can indeed breathe fire and be a very difficult beast to live with. Despite his exceedingly high opinion of himself, the male Dragon truly intends to be an excellent partner, lover,and husband. However, there is a price to be paid for admission to his love-lair. His partner must put her personal ambitions second to his. He will expect her to devote herself body and soul to his success and live as second in command.

He has a weakness for physical beauty, and glamorous women are a thirst equal only to his hunger for admiration. The woman of his dreams must bean exquisite creature, an ideal combination of all women, really. Most importantly, she must be an angel in the living room yet a devil in the bedroom. He looks for aesthetic qualities in a woman, and wants their lovemaking to be picture perfect.

Essentially, this is a man who needs his lover to be submissive and subservient to him. Not in a mean or tyrannical way he simply has to be the one who calls the romantic shots. A crass or careless woman can injure his brittle self-image and be a death-blow to his libido. If she wounds him deeply enough, he will search for comfort and fulfill his ego requirements in the arms of another woman. He may even become temporarily impotent. Although he can be a good spouse and lover, he is a demanding partner who wants his woman to follow his lead, even if that means blindly following him where angels dare not tread.

Dragon Woman Love Match

The Dragon woman seldom allows love to become the highest priority in her life. She wants love and companionship as much as the next woman, but she is not prepared to sacrifice the other aspects of her life for it. Romance is just a small part of her quest for admiration in this life. She sees herself mirrored in her lovers eyes and wants this to be a flattering portrait. Simply put, she likes men who like her.

If he is enamored with her, she reasons, he must have good taste. Personable and beautiful, Dragon women seldom have a shortage of admirers who are ready and willing to follow her wherever she may go. However, selecting just one man to the exclusion of all the rest doesn’t sit well with her. She would prefer to be perpetually and eternally romanced by a variety of men. This goddess of love is forever searching for her next Adonis, and on this she is not willing to compromise.

Her choice in men is influenced by her subconscious need to be praised and admired. Akin to her Dog-year sisters, she can take on difficult partners, convinced of the power of her brand of love to save and rehabilitate them. If there is some publicity or recognition from others involved in this salvation, so much the better. She is more than capable of true and profound romantic love if she is aware of the cosmic influences, and recognizes her true love when he crosses her path. When she is with a lover whom she respects unconditionally (and vice-versa), the female Dragon proves to be an extraordinary and exciting partner.

When a relationship is severed, the Dragon woman is resilient generally it is her partner who will be the most devastated. If she becomesa victim of bad romantic luck, the Dragon female (as with her Tiger sisters) may balk at social customs and chose lesbianism as an alternative lifestyle. She will usually prefer a more dominant role in such relationships. No matter what lifestyle she chooses, this powerful and outspoken woman must never be taken for granted; otherwise she may retaliate in her own way. She may either just turn off sexually or seek intimacy with another partner. Her sexual expression needs a dramatic avenue, even if that involves provoking an argument simply for the pleasure of making up later.

The Dragon female has an exceptional capacity for love, both emotionally and physically. There are many erotic delights in store for the lover who is willing to admire and even worship this combination of Aphrodite and Venus wrapped up into one femme fatal.

Dragon Best Love Match

Romantically, the best match for the Dragon is with those born during Rat or Monkey years; however, their true soul mate is found with the candid Rooster. Be cautious in love relationships with the Dog and Rabbit.

Dragon/Rat Love Match - Both of these souls recognize each others taste for variety. When married, the Dragon and Rat work as a team, and emotional security reins supreme. They both share a love of socializing, but the Rat will never upstage their cherished Dragon.

Dragon/Ox Love Match - A clash of wills prevents any long term relationship between these two. Both the Dragon and Ox need admiration, and it is not forth coming from either. Well defined roles and mutual respect are critical for any relationship between them.

Dragon/Tiger Love Match - This pairing creates a sturdy though high-drama relationship. Both are powerful and willful souls who are able to work together, play together, and love together.

Dragon/Rabbit Love Match - The Dragon bowls the Rabbit over with their force of will and over-bearing conduct. The Dragons direct and blunt manner can embarrass the courteous and gracious Rabbit.

Dragon/Dragon Love Match - This priest and priestess couple of the Chinese Zodiac is an amazing pair. This union has the potential for extremes, both good and bad. For this relationship to work, they must hold each other in the highest esteem,and both must have their own stage on which to shine.

Dragon/Snake Love Match - This is a relationship that has the potential for happiness if the possessive Snake will allow the autonomous Dragon to leave the lair from time to time. Infidelity could become an issue with this couple, but if the union is severed they will continue to remain friends.

Dragon/Horse Love Match - There is a profound clash of egos between the self-assured Dragon and the self-absorbed Horse. Both prefer to be center stage and neither is prepared to bow to the other. This is a superficial relationship at best.

Dragon/Goat Love Match - This unlikely pairing can work wonderfully if the Dragon is male and the Goat is female. The Dragon must use delicacy and gentleness to keep from overwhelming the Goat. This is a potentially strong and lasting attraction.

Dragon/Monkey Love Match - These two compatible souls seek each other out and speak a similar language of unpredictability, irrepressibility, and innovation. The Dragon and Monkey have an excellent chance for a stimulating and enduring relationship.

Dragon/Rooster Love Match - These two soul mates are a match made in heaven. The Rooster has the pluck and audacity to hold the interest of the bold Dragon. Together they make a handsome and lively couple.

Dragon/Dog Love Match - This is an interesting relationship to say the least. Being polarized oppo-sites, the Dragon and the Dog are as different as night and day. However, each possesses traits that the other would do well to learn. They make better colleagues than lovers.

Dragon/Pig Love Match - Almost everyone gets along well with the sweet-natured Pig, and the Dragon is no exception. A wide and smooth path to romance awaits these two.

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