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A Goat Astrology Love Match skips from one romantic cloud to the next. The intelligent, creative, and insecure Goat is the artistic lover of the Zodiac. Sensitive, kind, and generous (sometimes to a fault), those souls born into Goat years are warm-hearted, disorganized, and extremely vulnerable emotionally.

They are also changeable free spirits who love social gatherings, stimulating conversation, and interesting people. From the Goatโ€™s point of view, the ideal relationship entails being able to be creative and enjoy the beautiful and aesthetic sides of life while their partner manages the mundane, day-to-day aspects of life.

Beautiful surroundings, fine dining, the ballet, art, music,and poetry are what romance is made of for Goats. On the other hand,hours spent filling out income tax forms is sure to kill any romantic notions.Goats are creative and complex, and this applies to their psychology as well. Being essentially yin, whether male or female, Goats are romantically fickle. They are prone to infatuations and obsessions, but theyalso tend to be rather dependent and like the feeling of being cared for. Additionally, they prefer to be sure of their lovers affection before approaching physical pleasures.

Gentle in spirit, the Goat desires a peaceful spot to love undisturbed and unhurried. A beautiful environment especially important to their sexual relations. This sensitive and unobtrusive soul has impeccable taste and uses this ability to create the comfortable and inviting love nest they so crave. Goats wrote the book on creating romantic ambiance. From Lava lamps to candles, bubble baths to sensual massage. In love, the easy-going Goat can give a great deal, but will expect much in return. In sexual relations with these hyper-sensitive souls, the key words are appropriateness and delicacy. This soft heart needs a stable partner able to take the reins. Goats are at their sexual peak during the early afternoon hours between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Goat Man Love Match

Similar to his Goat sisters, the Goat man lives in an inner world rich with imagination. Love and emotional attachment are the lifeblood to him,and he looks at all of life through the filter of his heart. Capricious and changeable in love, he tries to be sexually faithful, but it doesnt seem reasonable to him that he should go the rest of his life denying himself the pleasures of so many beautiful women. This rascal can and will juggle multiple relationships, as women are drawn to his boyish good looks and feminine yin side.

His fatal attraction for women means that his partner will have to stay on her toes to keep him on her porch. However, his partner will never be entirely sure of what is going on inside his head, relationship-wise. She may be the last to know of his dissatisfaction, and once he has made the decision to move on he will do so with a rapidity that can leave his partner shocked and dismayed. She will seldom be able to convince him to linger or reconsider.

As a lover, the Goat man is sensitive, charming, and capable of uncommon tenderness and good manners. The early stages of romantic love make him feel vibrantly alive like nothing else. Anxious for ecstasy and an expert in the art of lovemaking, he knows how to keep his lovers interest. In the bedroom he is a giver rather than a taker, and nothing turns him on more than the sound of his lover moaning with pleasure. Spontaneity and fantasy are the most apparent aspects of his sexual appetite, and he is free from sexual hang-ups or inhibitions of any kind.

His love intuition borders on the psychic. Indeed, he seems to know most women better than they know themselves. In addition, he is a master in the sensual arts as well as in the esoteric aspects of love. Eastern spiritual cultivation through sexual practices interests him greatly. Refusing to accept outdated sexual dogma, he likes to experiment. Put bluntly, his sexual maxim is, Its all good. Bedtime is rarely for sleeping with this penetrating, poetic, and perceptive lover.

Goat Woman Love Match

The female Goat is an absolute romantic. In concert with the rest of her life, love for the Goat woman begin with a slow dance. The Goatwoman is emotionally wired for love and can only do without male company for so long. Emotional, vulnerable, and fantasy-prone, the Goat woman is all about the preliminaries. She is a true sensual empath, and her sexuality is more mystical than primal.

This is a woman who doesnโ€™t engage in love merely for carnal knowledge, but also as a means to express her spiritual side and artistic spirit. She is an artistic and poetic lover who intuitively senses what her partner wants and needs. Along with the Horse, this 100 percent yin female rules the life palace of sexuality and can unleash a waterfall of sensual treats.

The Goat woman personifies the sex kitten of days gone by, the woman for whom men have been known to swim oceans and go bankrupt. Men in general tend to find her utterly female. In love, but especially in sex, she exhibits a strong dichotomy. On the one hand, she firmly believes in the concept of soul mates and true love,and her temperament craves the perfect relationship in which she is unconditionally loved and so loves in return.

This is the idealistic, sentimental, and empathetic side of her heart, the side that enables her to devote herself to a man completely. Less committed partners may feel overwhelmed by this total dedication and undivided interest. On the other hand, while her inner temperament seeks harmony, love, and bonding, her character sometimes speaks quite differently.

The Goat female requires financial ease and material comforts, and her warm feelings will quickly turn to stone with a cheap or penny-pinching partner. She can generally tolerate just about anything except financial distress. Her romantic heart needs to be handled like fragile rice paper. A careless comment, an apathetic look, or a brusque gesture can be enough to send her go away.

This is a woman who has the ability to take the art of sulking to new heights. Additionally, she needs overt and concrete demonstrations of her men love. Romantic trappings are the first phase of her sexual psychology. Flowers, elegant dinners, and jewelry are at the top of her wish list. While earnestly fickle, she is all woman.

Goat Best Love Match

Romantically, the best match for the Goat is with those born during Rabbit or Pig years; however their true soul mate is found with the enthusiastic Horse. Be cautious in love relationships with the Ox and Rat.

Goat/Rat Love Match - This relationship is a difficult one. The Rat is an early riser and the Goat is not. These two seem to have many interests in common, but the way in which each views the world is radically different. This pairing makes better friends than lovers.

Goat/Ox Love Match - If one says black, the other says white. These two polarized opposites can make sparks fly with their radically different temperaments and opinions. Oxen are predictable and responsible, but Goats experience this behavior as confining and even tyrannical.

Goat/Tiger Love Match - This combination of souls can have its pleasant moments, but more often than not, friction is the usual result. The fearless Tiger will bulldoze right over the sensitive Goat. These two have fun as social acquaintances, but marriage may prove to be too difficult for them.

Goat/Rabbit Love Match - In their quest to find and create beauty in this life, the Rabbit and the Goat form a melodious union. These two best friends walk hand-in-hand through a world of aesthetics, culture, and refinement.

Goat/Dragon Love Match - This unusual pairing can work nicely if the Dragon doesnt overwhelm the Goat. Although they can enjoy a strong and lasting attraction, the Goat will have trouble keeping her balance through the Dragons changeable moods.

Goat/Snake Love Match - These two very yin souls need to attach themselves to a strong wagon that does much of the pulling for them. This is a chilly relationship with too much emotional distance and no one to take the lead.

Goat/Horse Love Match - These two soul mates compliment each other perfectly. The Horse is the very personification of the positive, yang day-force, and the Goat is the absolute essence of the negative, yin night-force. Together these two make up one perfect whole.

Goat/Goat Love Match - This pair is a picnic amongst the clouds. These two good Samaritans enjoy each others company and share a sensitivity to beauty and balance. No competition exists between these fortunate and romantic souls. Two Goats should be very cautious in handling their own finances, though.

Goat/Monkey Love Match - The Goat and the Monkey are immediately attracted to one another and get along famously for a while. The Monkey enjoys the Goats fortunate financial position until the price becomes too high to pay. While a rare occurrence, the Monkey has the ability to con or swindle the Goat.

Goat/Rooster Love Match - This is a challenging relationship of leisure clashing with hard work. The fact that the Rooster prods and pushes the Goat to be more productive is not conducive to harmony between these two.

Goat/Dog Love Match - Both souls tend to be pessimistic and prone to melancholy, and this double dose of cynicism does neither the anxious Dog nor the depressive Goat any good. The Dog herds the Goat into places he has no desire to go, which can out the billy goats horns.

Goat/Pig Love Match - A loving and symbiotic relationship of courtesy and respect exists between these two gentle souls. The Goat teaches the Pig about romance,and in turn learns temperance from the Pig.

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