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A Horse Astrology Love Match needs social relationships and absolute freedom to maneuver through love’s pastures. This independent seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac needs a lover who stimulates the mind and appreciates their wit. These physically active and quick-witted lovers are charming, independent, and decisive.

Both male and female Horses prefer to be on the move, with places to go and people to see. Horses rule the life palace of sexuality and possess a potent libido. Elegant, witty, and lusty, those born into Horse years like sex and a lot of it. Horse souls value their freedom absolutely. They are physically attractive, intense, and enchanting lovers who are difficult to tame. They are also natural leaders, and idealistic and humanitarian in character. Those who love a Horse must also be lovers of challenge and adventure.

Sentimental, impatient, and ardent for love, Horses seek to overwhelm their partners and be thunderstruck themselves in the process. These souls can be infatuate and fall prey to sudden attractions. Passionate, and vulnerable to just the right smile, the Horse lives according to the rhythms of their heart. They love with their entire being and are never short on conversation. Eager to hear and discuss their lover’s opinions, active and energetic Horses are affectionate and entertaining companions.

It is difficult for Horses to maintain interest in a day-to-day, mundane existence. A Horse’s dream honeymoon is akin to a week of episodes on the Travel Channel. Nothing could be more romantic for the Horse than expeditions, adventure, and the exotic. Their sensual proclivities come from afar as well, and draw them to distant times, foreign cultures, and other worlds. Whether a solo traveler, a philosopher, or a research scientist, the Horse crosses borders - literally and metaphorically.

The concept of thinking “outside the box” is decisively Horse-like. In the spiritual, mental, and physical realms, Horse-year souls reject the commonplace. The Chinese word for Horse—“wu”—also means high noon, and it is during the midday hours between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. that love rule for the Horse. The lunchtime quickie was tailor-made for the hot-blooded Horse.

Horse Man Love Match

Whether he is a stallion in full gallop or a wobbly young colt, the Horse man has a “certain something” that entices females. Maybe it’s the way he moves so gracefully, whether he’s on a stage or in a martial arts competition. Whatever the specifics, this man is pure, unadulterated yang energy. Along with the Goat, he rules the heavenly palace of sexuality (the Horse is the representation of the masculine yang force and the Goat is the representation of the feminine yin force), and together they form the karmic palace of unions.

The hidden Elemental stem in the Horse-year branch is Fire, which creates an urge for rapid resolution in the male Horse’s sexuality. He is susceptible to love at first sight and can be capricious in love. Impulsive, ardent, and frank, Horse men tend to be involved with many projects at the same time, and this can also include women. Powerful romantic emotions can temporarily outweigh logic and put blinders on the Horse.

Although he is straightforward and open about his fickleness, he nevertheless seems to have more than his share of short-lived relationships. Horse men abhor restrictions, and sexually speaking they march to the beat of their own drummer. Their formidable intelligence rejects outmoded beliefs, and they balk at convention. This makes for an adventuresome lover, impassioned and invested - body, mind, and soul—in his beloved. This is a man who knows how to treat a woman, and her subsequent relations with other men may seem dull.

He’s a hard act to follow. Similar to his Dog-year brothers, the Horse male seeks his soul mate in this life. He is sometimes accused of looking for love in all the wrong places, but at least he’s looking. Communication and variety are the sexual spice of his life. This is a man who looks for a high quality in his physical relations. His approach to sex is sensual and affectionate, and he is capable of tuning out the world and everything around him once he begins to make love.

Similar to his Tiger brothers, he is attracted to glamorous, unavailable, and even slightly dangerous women. This man is a competitor at heart, so romantic conquest has a special appeal to him. Emotional stability in a lover turns him on, and an intelligent woman who also possesses physical beauty is a recipe for romantic nirvana. Mutual trust between him and his lover, combined with complete personal freedom, is the glue that will hold his love relationship strong.

Whether a renowned archaeologist on an excavation, a paranormal investigator substantiating a haunting, or a war correspondent reporting from the front lines, the Horse man craves exotic, unusual, and exciting professions, and women. He has a pronounced weakness for intelligent, beautiful, and aggressive partners. He also needs to feel admired by his lover, and will thrive with a partner who reinforces his self-confidence, who believes in his projects, and who takes responsibility for her own happiness.

The Horse man’s honesty is forthright and occasionally shocking. He has no problem running down the complete list of his past relationships, replete with sexual tidbits that his current partner may or may not appreciate hearing. It’s his way of “bonding” with his current love and saying that he considers their relationship potentially serious. In his mind, his candid confessions clear the romantic slate and enable him to start anew.

Even when he has found the woman of his dreams, the Horse man will need to retain the feeling of remaining free and unattached. Despite his sincere commitment to his lover and family, the truth is that he easily becomes bored and needs new experiences as much as he needs oxygen. In addition, he is always ready, willing, and able go on trips, cruises, expeditions, stake-outs, whatever - as long as he’s in forward motion and there is something for his fertile mind to discover.

Horse Woman Love Match

Whether a majestic mare or a feisty filly, the female Horse tends to throw herself impetuously into tumultuous love affairs. These reckless choices can leave her love life strewn with broken affairs and less than fulfilling relationships. She is such a strong yang female that weaker men may be threatened by her uncompromising independence and dynamic personality.

Akin to her equally strong Tiger sisters, the Horse woman must hold her lover in very high esteem. She can be caustically critical and sarcastic with a man who falls short of her expectations. Also, she is not a “touchy-feely” woman, and her lack of stereotypical feminine sympathies can make her a little insecure regarding her femininity at times.

Thus, the Horse woman’s love life is rarely a smooth or easy one. In her dreams she secretly longs for a chivalrous, handsome prince to whisk her away on his steed; but alas, romantic love may continue to elude her. In addition, the idea of giving up her personal freedom for love seems ridiculous.

A marriage license is seen as a necessary evil and even an obstacle to true love in the eyes of many female Horses. Even when she knuckles under to societal pressure and opts for the conventional couple’s life, this is a lady who will insist that her partner give her a very long rope. Her lover should never forget how stubbornly she defends her personal freedom and know that she cannot sacrifice liberation for love.

She needs a communicative, energetic, and self-assured lover. The noble Tiger man (in trine with the Horse) is one of the few males virile and assertive enough to handle this thoroughbred. When she finally finds that strong man who can appreciate her finer qualities and not view her as a rival, she will kick up her heels and give him the ride of his life.

Horse Best Love Match

Romantically, the best match for the Horse is with those born during Tiger or Horse years; however, their soul mate is found with the artistic Goat. Be cautious in love relationships with the Rat and Ox.

Horse/Rat Love Match - Interestingly, despite their direct opposition, these souls tend to attract one another frequently. However, Rats need an understanding ear to listen to their ideas while Horses are too preoccupied with their own dreams and ambitions. This relationship can end in bitterness.

Horse/Ox Love Match - The Horse would rather be anyplace except home. This is nothing less than treason to the Ox, who holds the family circle in such reverence. The Horse mistakenly interprets the Ox’s stability as authoritarianism, and neither sign has the foggiest idea of how the other thinks and feels.

Horse/Tiger Love Match - These two are natural friends and lovers. Each supports the other in their mutual pursuit of making this world a better place. Both are physically active, athletic, and in forward “yang” motion.

Horse/Rabbit Love Match - The Rabbit doesn’t mind staying home and enjoying his privacy while the Horse is out conquering new pastures. This pairing makes an enjoyable friendship and amiable union.

Horse/Dragon Love Match - This union could end in an ego clash of epic proportions, as both the Horse and the Dragon vie for attention and audience approval. These two will seldom acquiesce to share the limelight, and neither will compromise with the other. This is a difficult relationship.

Horse/Snake Love Match - Mutual respect and intense physical attraction make this a workable union. However, the hurdles that the Horse yearns to jump are external, while the Snake is mainly preoccupied with internal concerns. This difference in temperament can erect a fence between the two.

Horse/Horse Love Match - Similar to their Tiger brothers and sisters, two Horse souls are just too much of a good thing. The double yang and Fire Element can contribute to a virtual stampede through life. If these two independent souls team up, they will probably spend a lot of time apart.

Horse/Goat Love Match - These two soul mates compliment each other perfectly. The Horse is the very personification of the positive, yang day-force, and the Goat is the absolute essence of the negative, yin night-force. Together these two make up a perfect whole.

Horse/Monkey Love Match - This is a relationship that challenges every bit of the Monkey’s ingenuity and artfulness. If the clever Monkey can convince the Horse that life with her will be unique, this can work quite nicely.

Horse/Rooster Love Match - This is a difficult pairing of energies in that neither feels a strong enough bond to make any sacrifices for the other. The Rooster’s fussiness leaves the Horse feeling tense and nervous. This is an apathetic relationship in friendship and in love.

Horse/Dog Love Match - The Dog and the Horse comprise a remarkable couple. These two souls adore each other and speak the same language of feelings, family, and fairness. These exceptional humanitarians may very well find themselves in the limelight.

Horse/Pig Love Match - Surprisingly, the normally peace-loving Pig can become antagonistic and quarrelsome when paired with the Horse. The Pig feels compelled to correct the Horse and generally rains on the Horse’s parade.

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