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Monkey Astrology Love Match spotlights the “eternal child” of the Eastern Zodiac, and brings a sense of fun and innocence into the bedroom. Smart, multifaceted, and blessed with a delicious sense of humor, Monkeys are sexually complicated and wear a romantic veil of many colors. These irrepressible souls are restless, enterprising, and very sexual.

Mischievous and high-spirited, the Monkey’s love liaisons are characterized by imagination, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. Monkeys are versatile and musing lovers, but can have difficulties in relationships due to a secret underlying mistrust of others. For this reason, communication is important for a Monkey, both in and out of the bedroom. Both males and females thrive with a calm, stable, and intuitive lover.

Restless and sexually curious, Monkeys possess an effervescent character that infatuates easily, but quickly becomes bored. Their unequivocal need for sexual variety means that many Monkeys chose to remain unmarried on principal, even if they are involved in a long-term relationship. To a Monkey, a ring around the finger can feel like a rope around the neck. Versatile, curious, and easily bored, these performance-oriented “yang” lovers need mentally sharp partners who stimulate their minds and therefore their bodies. Their sexual qi peaks during the late afternoon hours between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Monkey Man Love Match

The creative and paradoxical Monkey male lives in a fantasy world of sensory and fleshly delights. This playful and amusing lover is a fun and supremely social animal. His love life resembles the ebb and flow of the tides, as it is constantly wavering back and forth. “He loves me, he loves me not” - these are the mixed signals pondered by most of his lovers. On the more positive side, he looks for a strong friendship component in whatever relationship he’s in.

The core of his relationship problems lies in his absolute refusal to surrender his freedom. But he’s torn. He needs companionship and doesn’t enjoy being alone; however, similar to his Horse brothers, he is prone to infatuations, and can fall in (and out) of love effortlessly. Stability and monogamy can be very challenging for him. This is a soul who will always prefer a casual union over a traditional marriage. However, regardless of whether he chooses to content himself with one-night stands or takes the plunge into marriage, his love remains an innocent and youthful one.

His sexual appetite is more than adequate, but it is only one small part of his kaleidoscopic psycho-social make up. He enjoys both the thrill of the chase and the courtship phase in his poker game of sex. “Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t,” is his motto. Love and romance are a numbers game to this mercurial man, and he believes that he must meet a certain number of females for his winning percentage of compatibility to come up. Thus is the Monkey male’s casino of love.

Monkey men can be particularly attracted to inaccessible women (married, older, younger). Often, this is subconscious behavior that helps him guard against the possibility that someone might ask him to surrender his freedom. However, it is possible for an extraordinary woman to bring his love hunt to a halt. The woman who captures his heart will be mysterious, non possessive, and will always keep him guessing. If he can find a partner who will allow him to act out his fantasies on their private stage, he just might get hooked. The temptress who ensnares this versatile animal will be well-rewarded with an enthusiastic and prolific lover.

Monkey Woman Love Match

The Monkey female’s love life resembles the complex maze of an English garden. With each twist and turn through the hedges, the lost lover becomes less and less able to find the exit. Quandary and contradiction are the cornerstones of her love life. The clever and optimistic Monkey woman is eternally on the lookout for romantic opportunities and forever actively searching for her prince charming. However, once she finds him, she realizes that wanting was better than having.

The jungle of romantic fantasy always looks greener on the other side. When disappointment sets in she becomes a very different creature from her normally jocular self, and disenchantment regarding her partner can quickly turn into contempt. However, she hates this negative and critical side of her personality. It drains her energy and makes for one very miserable Monkey maiden. It is yet another reason why she wishes to keep her freedom to end an affair if necessary.

Unpredictability and inconsistency are her greatest obstacles in love, and she has no problem professing one thing and doing another. During the courtship stage, romance is a necessity for her, but she is never in a hurry to marry or commit. She enjoys long engagements as they insure both intellectual compatibility and friendship.

Actually, this is not a woman who is easily overtaken by passion - she likes to keep things “light”. She will insist on sharing her bed with a “friend”, and places more importance on the friendship than on romantic frills. She is slow to warm up sexually, and while she doesn’t particularly care for romantic props (and even finds them silly), to a certain extent she needs them to help her transition from stark reality to a state of relaxation.

So choose your candles, music, and pillows - your Monkey lady awaits. However, you should be warned that if she hasn’t made a mental connection with you, there is no ambiance on earth that will put her in the mood.

Monkey Best Love Match

Romantically, the best match for the Monkey is with those born during Rat or Dragon years; however, their true soul mate is found with the sage Snake. Be cautious in love relationships with the Tiger and Pig.

Monkey/Rat Love Match - Sexuality is a pleasure and a gift between Rats and Monkeys. These two love each other and are not bashful about it. Nights of love intertwined with intellectual stimulation await this pair.

Monkey/Ox Love Match - Because of their self-sufficient and practical nature, love and sex are important, but not absolutely essential to Oxen. This dampens the Monkey’s enthusiasm and often results in resentment.

Monkey/Tiger Love Match - These two opposite souls distrust each other. The fact that the Monkey is capable of playing tricks and gaining confidences sets the Tiger’s nerves on edge.

Monkey/Rabbit Love Match - The Rabbit doesn’t like to assume responsibility for the outcome of any situation, and hence usually passes the buck to the capable Monkey. The Monkey can’t resist tricking the Rabbit, but the Rabbit is prepared to make a quick getaway.

Monkey/Dragon Love Match - These two compatible souls flow together naturally and are kindred spirits. Both bring to this union new and unanticipated methods of looking at and dealing with life. The Dragon and Monkey have an excellent chance for an enduring relationship.

Monkey/Snake Love Match - These unlikely soul mates will seldom tire of their intense physical attraction to each other. If the Snake becomes too stingy, however, this can make the Monkey depressed.

Monkey/Horse Love Match - This is a relationship that challenges every bit of the Monkey’s ingenuity and artfulness. If the clever Monkey can convince the Horse that life with them will be unique and exciting, this pairing can work quite nicely.

Monkey/Goat Love Match - The Goat and the Monkey are immediately attracted to one another and get along famously—for a while. The Monkey enjoys the Goat’s fortunate financial position, until having to follow the Goat’s rules becomes too high a price to pay.

Monkey/Monkey Love Match - This is another harmonious same-sign match. These two souls are a handful together and a carnival of ideas and fun. There should be caution regarding third parties entering the union.

Monkey/Rooster Love Match - This is a pairing that can bring rewards to both sides. The lively debates between these two cause others to label it a love/hate relationship, but the relationship actually works admirably for both.

Monkey/Dog Love Match - The Monkey is one of the few signs who can lift the Dog out of his frequent bouts with doom and gloom. The Monkey offers the Dog friendship and love, as well as the much-needed ability to see life as a comedy.

Monkey/Pig Love Match - Considering the surprising regularity with which these two souls come together, the natural assumption would be that they are compatible. This is rarely the case, as the tricky Monkey can’t resist misleading the naive Pig.

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