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An Ox Astrology Love Match takes life and love slowly and surely. Those born into Ox years are the marathon lovers of the Chinese Zodiac. Both male and female Oxen embody endurance in and out of the bedroom and possess a lone wolf style of romance. Home-spun Oxen are practical, earthy, and sensual, with a notable gift of manual-dexterity. Not surprisingly, they are experts in the art of sensual stroking.

Those born into Ox years need a down-to-earth partner of substance and loyalty. Their most amorous time is during the quiet, post-midnight hours between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Oxen like to express their love in pragmatic ways rather than in trite romantic displays, and this can cause long-term partners to gradually become dispassionate or unromantic. Wild ways aren’t necessary to have a major effect on the Ox’s love life.

Merely revisiting or reinventing some of the traditional romantic favorites can be a recipe for Ox paradise. A little change can have an exciting effect on the Ox’s love life, so stoke up the fire and cuddle with your lover on a chilly winter evening, have a late dinner for two on the terrace, or just rediscover the simplicity of a bubble bath for two by candlelight.

Ox Man Love Match

Oxen are vulnerable. They are patient and trusting of others, so their trust must be given to one who will never break their heart. Generally they are not men who take romantic risks, which means they often have to wait for romance. They are also patient and confident, however, so the wait for the woman of their dreams is no problem for them. Your Ox lover is a traditionalist and not one to wander far from home or chase wild erotic dreams. He is rational and emotionally stable, but never mistake this for shallow sentiments. The Ox man’s sexuality runs deep and is as steady as a mountain.

In bed, he is a slow starter, but will prove to be a sensual and long-lasting performer. He is also quite skilled with his hands. Once he has overcome his initial hesitation, your Ox man will show you just how skilled he really is when he plays you like a fine instrument. Ox men search for a bit of an old-fashioned girl, one who is natural,sincere, and reverent of home, hearth, and family tradition. He is looking for you if you are the clean, scrubbed, girl-next-door type whom he can bring home to mom. In exchange for this honor he is prepared to show your own parents and family the utmost respect and attention.

In marriage, Oxen are loyal, stable lovers, and they work hard at developing strong family bonds. In the Ox man’s eyes, his partner, his family, and his offspring are sacred. The Ox man loves life and all its carnal pleasures (he especially enjoys fine dining with good company and good wine), so love occupy a large portion of his thoughts. He dreams of a Rubenesque, well-rounded goddess who is a tender earth mother and voluptuous lover combined in one earth-bound angel. She should personify authority and compassion, strictness and good humor.

His perfect woman will be found in blue jeans romping with a batch of puppies or kittens before she serves him up some of her homemade soup and biscuits. The woman of his dreams will then tuck their well scrubbed and happy cherubs into bed with a kiss and retire to her boudoir to prepare to love her man. Ah, can life get any better? No tif youre an Ox male. Ox men strive to conceal their powerful sexuality beneath a casual front of ambition and material success. However, the hidden Element in the Ox year branch is Earth, and this shows up in his sex life. Partners can often be surprised and overwhelmed by the intense passion coming from beneath such a placid and cool exterior.

When aroused, Ox men are enthusiastic and confident in the art of love, but can be possessive or jealous if romantically threatened. If he is sure of his amorous ground, however, he will enjoy living up this earthy reputation. In love, the Ox male seeks duration in a relationship and stability in a partner. Not particularly interested in the modern or superficial, this stubborn, determined lover builds his love empire on solid rock. This is also a chivalrous man, one of times gone by who desires to protect his woman and who will rise to the occasion if needed. However, be forewarned that he is also extremely possessive and has a tendency to be jealous. Keep the talk about past boyfriends and partners to yourself, as you will be playing with fire if you ignite his primal territorial instincts.

Ox Woman Love Match

The Ox woman is sensual but generally not romantic by modern standards. Love are important to her, but partnership is of even higher priority. Stable and reliable similar to her Dog-year sisters, the Ox woman never approaches romance with a casual attitude. She seeks a down-to-earth partner of substance and loyalty, and once she finds her lover she is determined to keep him.

Maternal, sentimental, and slow to awake sexually, your Ox woman’s bonds grow deeper with time. Fantasy and imagination should be cultivated in the Ox-year woman, as her focus on the here-and-now and on routine can cause her libido to wane. Erogenous mental stimulation is very important to her. Classic erotic literature will fan her desire and indulge her love of history and days gone by.

The homespun Ox woman is practical and earthy, and like her Oxen brothers she is quite gifted with her hands. This is an area where the Ox woman really excels, and she is often an expert in the sensual art of stroking. Oils, lotions, and lubricants of all types can be found in her love-chest, and are the first step to a memorable manual experience.

The Ox woman is a sexually aware female, with a strong sensual appetite and a straightforward approach. Although she has the endurance to match the strongest male libido, her imagination is not always as active as it could be. She can easily get stuck in a romantic rut of repetitive routine. This is not a woman who will be found having it on the sly in a public place or dressing up in a dominatrix costume. She prefers love in the privacy of her bedroom and under more conventional circumstances.

Having a dynamic life with an Ox woman may take some work. She needs to be vigilant in keeping the physical side of her love exciting. She shouldn’t let self-consciousness keep her from trying new things, and she should never accept a so-so love life. Generally a late starter in sex, the Ox female has a natural self-suffi-ciency and sees many common romantic frills as silly.

She considers love an important but not dominant part of her life, so she doesn’t put romance at the top of her priority list. Also, she is very strong-willed and may clash with her lover if he is equally strong-willed and tries to assert his authority over her. However, any man lucky enough to have her for a partner should consider himself truly blessed. She is sexually faithful and rarely will give her lover reason to be jealous. Ox women are also wonderful cooks, and if the old adage about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach is true, her beloved will seldom stray.

Ox Best Love Match

Both the Rooster and the Snake are excellent choices for enduring relationships, but the soul mate for the Ox is the Rat. Partnerships with the Goat or the Horse may be particularly challenging.

Ox/Rat Love Match - These two signs form a mutual admiration society and compliment each other well. Both souls are family and security oriented, and work well together in life and in love. When beside this soul mate the Ox remains devoted for life.

Ox/Ox Love Match - These two strong personalities can form a happy, quiet couple. It is important that both see eye-to-eye on key life issues such as religion and politics. Otherwise they may not be able to avoid a clash of wills. Both are placid, home-loving, and hard-working - characteristics that are often a recipe for success for this couple.

Ox/Tiger Love Match - Here we find two cooks in the kitchen. These two natural leaders may vie for dominance in their relationship. Each party must have respect for their agreed-upon areas of authority.

Ox/Rabbit Love Match - These two are very yin and solitary loners by nature. No matter what the gender of each partner is, the Rabbit will expect the Ox to take the lead in this relationship. The Ox’s brand of love is stable and practical while the Rabbit needs luxury and pampering.

Ox/Dragon Love Match - A clash of wills could derail the course of any long-term relationship between these two. Well-defined roles and mutual respect are critical in order for them to form a warm and enduring union.

Ox/Snake Love Match - These two karmic best friends enjoy a cozy, fire-side kind of relationship. Each has a deep understanding of the other. There is excellent compatibility in friendship and in marriage for these two like-minded souls.

Ox/Horse Love Match - The Horse would rather be any place except home. This is nothing less than treason to the Ox, who holds the family circle in such reverence. The Horse finds the Ox’s stability boring, and neither sign has the foggiest idea of how the other thinks or feels.

Ox/Goat Love Match - This is a case of the motorcycle cop with the quota to meet versus the low-keyed, small-town sheriff who wants no confrontation. Oxen are regulated, organized, and controlled, while Goats are loose cannons who capriciously act and react to life. This is not an auspicious combination.

Ox/Monkey Love Match - Because of their self-sufficient and practical nature, love are important but not absolutely essential to the Ox. This throws a wet blanket on the Monkeys enthusiasm, thereby creating a difficult relationship.

Ox/Rooster Love Match - The Ox delights in the company of the efficient Rooster. Whether its a female Ox keeping the home fires burning for her Rooster military husband, or a male Ox enjoying watching his little firecracker of a wife efficiently run their home, this is a match made to last.

Ox/Dog Love Match - This pairing could be a maudlin pity party waiting to happen. The double dose of pessimism does neither of these two souls any good. However, the Dog has much compassion for the sweet-natured yet awkward Ox, so this can be a nurturing and loyal relationship.

Ox/Pig Love Match - These two calm souls speak the same language of quiet strength and old-fashioned virtues. However, the Ox and Pig do not normally gravitate to each other as they are both quiet and solitary souls. Unless they are introduced by a third party, their mutual reticence could prevent romantic sparks from igniting.

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