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Pig Astrology Love Match considers the gentle, extremely affectionate, and unpretentious Pig. With its simple and pure heart it makes a loyal friend and a sensual lover. This is a soul who needs a generous amount of affection and an earthy, demonstrative lover. Companionship, physical love, and emotional security are a must. Pig men in particular need an easy-going mate who talks out problems instead of shouting. Strong-willed yet sensitive and tender hearted, they need plentiful physical demonstrations of love.

Holding the last love position in the Chinese Zodiac bridging the new cycle, Pigs are gifted at joining fragmented emotions and comforting broken hearts. Monogamous and long-suffering in love, Pigs are honest and supportive lovers who can be counted on for better or for worse. If they are separated from a soul mate or lover, Pigs of both sexes will withdraw deeply into themselves. This is a deeply-feeling partner who is devoted to their mate and able to overlook their inadequacies.

Both male and female Pigs are emotional lovers and seek a close, bonding love experience. The most sensual time for the Pig is during the still and quiet late evening hours between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Pig Man Love Match

The male Pig has an unquenchable desire for physical pleasures. He especially relishes languishing around with his beloved, unhurried and pressure-free. Despite his masculine appearance, the Pig has a feminine, yin soul and knows how to please a woman. His love appeal is strong to the fairer; he seems to understand a woman’s mind and body and can even foresee her responses. While a slow starter in the realm of love, the Pig man quickly makes up for lost time. Love at first sight is possible, but his woman will need some credible credentials as he is a perfectionist at heart.

Not every woman will appreciate the fact that his secret “quality assurance measuring stick” is his mother. Any woman he has serious intentions toward will be subconsciously evaluated according to this criterion, and she can be a tough act to follow. The good news is that, because he has such respect and reverence for his mother, he loves women - really loves women. A misogynistic Pig male would be a rare oddity indeed. He treats his woman - and indeed all women like the queens he believes them to be.

Pig men innately understand the concept of yin/yang exchange between a man and a woman, and are quick to channel their ching qi energy into an exploration of their lovers. Intuitive and sometimes bordering on the psychic, the Pig male wants to know everything about his lover. It is difficult to keep a secret from this earnest fellow. He has a sexual preference for childlike, dependent females, for it assures him that they will look to him for assistance. The Pig man likes to feel indispensable - when he feels needed, he feels loved.

His bawdy and at times unorthodox sexual tastes can be either a blessing or a curse. A lot depends on how he chooses to channel his erotic energy. The woman earthy enough to engage in a cosmic lovefest with the Pig. He is an obliging Babe our Pig man, and content to wait his turn for fleshly fulfillment. His partner always comes first, and her needs and desires become his own.

The Pig man is a faithful lover - which seems to be a contradiction considering his strong libido, but it’s true. In addition to his almost unlimited capacity for love, he also has moral principals with a capital P. His loyalty to his lover is unsurpassed, and rarely will he consider breaking off a relationship of any depth. Vulnerable, emotional, and extremely sexual, your Pig man wishes to merge with you completely.

Love to him means a complete fusion of spirit, mind, and body, which is why he never suspects that his partner would ever leave their relationship. Of course, in real life breakups do happen, and when this occurs the Pig suffers greatly. If he is romantically wounded or scorned, he is capable of retaliating with childish behavior or even emotional blackmail.

Pig Woman Love Match

Sympathetic, sensual, and brimming with sentimentality, the Pig woman is a passive yin lover of the negative, feminine night-force variety. Deeply romantic and intensely emotional, loving and being loved is her lifeblood. She can be a classic princess aching for her prince charming, or a professional woman power-lunching with a tall, dark, and handsome executive. Whatever her leanings or circumstances, the Pig woman wishes to merge with her beloved completely.

Similar to her Pig brother, when the Pig woman feels needed she feels loved. Generally, her problem is not in finding a compatible partner, but in choosing between the many suitors who are drawn to this angel of femininity. Ultra-sensitive and fully vested in her partner, she can be devastated by rejection. Her tender heart does not bounce back quickly from a break. Because of this, she would fare better with an older, more mature partner who is not as prone to change or fickleness. Female Pigs need a dependable and stable man, someone who subconsciously reminds her of her father, whom she idolizes.

Her sex life, while a little compartmentalized (“Tuesday night is sex night”), is always a warm and passionate experience of exceptional quality. She makes a gentle, accommodating, and deeply affectionate lover. Similar to her Pig brothers, her fidelity is beyond reproach and her lover will never have reason to suspect otherwise. Always ready to bring her lover to sexual bliss, she is not sexually demanding; his pleasure is also her pleasure.

The demands of children and in-laws at home can make the time and privacy for passionate pleasures a scare commodity. For this reason it is extremely important that married Pigs get away at least once a week for a “date night.” So reserve a table for two at her favorite restaurant, or get a hotel room and stock it with candles, bubble bath, and her favorite music. Use your imagination and vary this scenario depending on her tastes.

The Pig female has strong maternal instincts, and she will find deep happiness devoting herself to the welfare of her children and the happiness of her husband. Although she possesses a gentle soul, when it comes to loyalty toward her husband, or if called upon to defend her children, she can and will sprout tusks and become a beastly Babe.

Pig Best Love Match

Romantically, the best match for the Pig is with those born during Goat or Rabbit years; however, their true soul mate is found with the brave Tiger. Be cautious in love relationships with the Snake and Monkey.

Pig/Rat Love Match - Rats have a tendency to feel as if nobody understands them, so feeling understood in a love relationship is important for their peace of mind. The compassionate Pig fits the emotional bill.

Pig/Ox Love Match - These two calm souls speak the same language of quiet strength and old-fashioned virtues. However, both the Ox and Pig are quiet and solitary souls, so they do not normally gravitate toward each other unless they are introduced by a third party. This could prevent romantic sparks from igniting.

Pig/Tiger Love Match - While the Tiger is awesomely compatible with both the Horse and the Dog, it is the honest and affectionate Pig who is the Tiger’s soul mate. The resigned Pig truly appreciates the Tiger’s sublime qualities, and is never threatened by the Tiger’s grand accomplishments. In friendship and in love this relationship is a keeper.

Pig/Rabbit Love Match - This is a sweet relationship between two gentle, well-mannered, and genuinely virtuous souls. The diplomatic and socially adept Rabbit aids and befriends the shy Pig to the benefit of both. These two are unmistakably good partners.

Pig/Dragon Love Match - Almost everyone gets along well with the sweet-natured Pig, and the Dragon is no exception. A wide and smooth path to romance awaits these two.

Pig/Snake Love Match - While both are agreeable and deeply-feeling souls, the Snake and the Pig remain in polarized opposition. The Pig judges the Snake as being less scrupulous than himself, and this drives a wedge between the two. In time, the Snake will tire of the Pig’s eternal optimism.

Pig/Horse Love Match - The normally peace-loving Pig can become antagonistic and quarrelsome when paired with the Horse. The Pig feels it necessary to constantly correct the Horse, and generally throws a wet blanket on the Horse’s parade.

Pig/Goat Love Match - A loving relationship of courtesy and respect exists between these two gentle souls. The Goat teaches the Pig about romance and in turn learns temperance from the Pig. Both are good Samaritans and casually take life as it comes.

Pig/Monkey Love Match - Given the regularity with which these two souls come together, the natural assumption would be that they are compatible. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Monkeys have their own agenda, which may or may not include the Pig. The Pig stands to get hurt in this union.

Pig/Rooster Love Match - Good humor and admiration flourish between the Pig and the Rooster. The Rooster will benefit from the Pig’s even temperament, while the Pig encourages the Rooster to express her hidden feelings in safety. This makes for a great relationship.

Pig/Dog Love Match - While they are not found in the traditional triangles of compatibility, these two tender souls often celebrate golden wedding anniversaries. This is a loyal and romantic couple able to stand the test of time.

Pig/Pig Love Match - Two Pigs together are akin to a committee of ethics and morals. While no couple is perfect, these two come very close. Both are honest and uncomplicated, and desire to fully enjoy the sensual pleasures of life.

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