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A Rabbit Astrology Love Match employs refinement and subtlety as secret weapons in the Rabbit’s arsenal of aphrodisiacs. Street-wise, charming, and very, very smooth, Rabbits are creative, albeit aloof lovers. Gentle and somewhat passive, Rabbits enjoy being sexually pampered, coddled, and indulged by their lovers.

The Rabbit is one of the most sexual of the signs, but they are not known to have relationships of long duration; they are spiritually wired for short-term affairs rather than long-term commitments. They find it even more difficult to actually fall in love. This is due to a love of virtue and a desire for perfection in their partner. Very refined and introverted, Rabbits are sexually reserved and often on guard. Both males and females are uncomfortable displaying their romantic feelings, and consider public displays and emotional outbursts rather ridiculous.

It is characteristic of Rabbits to be attracted to both older and younger lovers, and also to unavailable or unattainable partners. Keeping the course of love a bit off-balance allows the Rabbit to keep their options open, thus maintaining their psychological independence. There exists a higher percentage of bachelors and bachelorettes amongst those born into Rabbit years than in any other sign. But it is also true that, once committed, Rabbits are affectionate, devoted, and supportive partners. The favored time of day for Rabbits to make love is during the early morning dawn hours between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m.

The Rabbit’s essence of detachment shows up in his quiet and cool “yin” sexuality. This isn’t a man given to displays of passion or chivalry, so if his lover wants him to, say, slay a dragon for her, she may be waiting for quite a while. He is generally passive when making love, and may appear lost inside his own head somewhere. He tends to have sex next to his partner rather than with her. The Rabbit man also likes sexual variety and may have difficulty maintaining a relationship for an extended period of time. However, if a sensitive, imaginative, and slow-handed lover is on your wish list, the Rabbit man will be a perfect fit.

Rabbit Man Love Match

The Rabbit man’s creative mind is fertile ground for fantasy. This can be good or bad, depending on his focus. On the positive side, he knows how to be a good friend and how to listen to his lover. He is a well-mannered gentleman who is fun to be with, easygoing, and highly creative sexually. He is also a private man who keeps his own council, but can always be counted on for good advice.

However, because of his sharp sense of observation, he tends to be quietly critical of his woman’s physical appearance; for this reason his partner needs to be immaculately groomed and well-put-together at all times. He prefers smaller, thinner, more androgynous women. He won’t tell you so necessarily (as he generally has very good manners), but packing on the pounds will affect his passion toward you.

Many a lusty wench well-qualified to keep her Rabbit man purring has tried to coax, convince, and otherwise sexually entice him into a life as a couple, to no avail. The Rabbit male needs, seeks out, and will not settle for anything less than an independent partner who makes very few demands on his time and privacy. Basically, this feature is at the root of a Rabbit man’s commitment phobia. He fears losing the ability to escape everyone and everything if he needs to. Plus, forever is a long time to his way of thinking. But he’s torn: He needs love and affection as much as the next person, and will expect his lover to be available for him, to pleasure and to comfort him - until he decides it’s time for some “personal space”.

Don Quixote, Rudolph Valentino, and the artful dodger all rolled into one - that’s your Rabbit man. If his partner is not available when he desires her, there is the likelihood that he will wander in search of another, more attentive lover’s nest. The lyricist who wrote the words, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with,” was most assuredly a Rabbit male. Despite all this, the Rabbit male is a master of sensual subtlety. He has a profound liking for secrecy, and sexual secrets are his specialty. He will want you to tell him yours, and in return he will share a few of his own with you as well.

For the woman who wishes to discover the secret treasures of sensuality that her Rabbit man is capable of, she must look beyond his appearance. Smart women turn him on. Intellectuals, professionals, and other high achievers have the advantage with him. The Rabbit man prefers either authoritarian and powerful women or just the opposite - humble, younger girls of unfortunate or poverty-stricken circumstances. He can see the diamond in the rough, and with his help his tattered maid becomes Cinderella.

Be forewarned, however, that the timorous Rabbit male is distrustful, suspicious, and petrified of entrapment. They mistrust emotions of all kinds, particularly their own. No matter how beautiful or charming the woman, the Rabbit man is not easily seduced. Although he enjoys a healthy love appetite, his heart is terminally under the influence of his mind; for this reason your Rabbit man can appear aloof or indifferent sexually. He may also suffer from phobias or inhibitions and may need you to help boost his self-confidence. In addition, he possesses an overdeveloped sense of virtue, decency, and unbalanced perfectionism. Because of this he can be on a romantic quest for the “perfect” woman - an ideal combination of all women, an angel.

The Rabbit male does make an adorable lover, and if he so chooses he knows how to show great understanding and tenderness to his beloved. However, his concern and love can vanish as fast as a vapor if cheated or crossed. Under the right circumstances, he can be vindictive and have a heart as cold as stone.

Rabbit Woman Love Match

The Rabbit woman dreams of the man who knows how to unite strength with tenderness, whether he is a professional, an intellectual, or a construction worker. Reflective of the negative, feminine night force, her sexuality is receptive and deep. From a young age, this angel of femininity has nurtured the ability to charm the opposite sex. Refinement, decorum, and delicacy are her main weapons of love, and when it comes to men she is a woman of good taste.

This delicate and tactful lady keeps a tight reign over her emotions and is not prone to being overly emotional or overly affectionate. She may adore her man, but unbridled passion and overt displays of affection make her uncomfortable. However, she makes a sweet, attentive, and tasteful lover, as well as an intelligent companion and confidant whose advice is invaluable.

Tactful and considerate, she knows how to please and pleasure her man and does so in a sedate and calm manner. Her sexual style is cool, detached, and knowing. She will always keep her distance, but part of her unique charm is her reticence. She fans her lover’s fire by making him feel as if her love is still to be won.

With her aura of sexual purity, delicacy, and reserve, the Rabbit woman needs a wise and skilled lover who will be able to release her passion and sexual abandon. It is a rare man who possesses the key to unlocking her fervor in the bedroom, but he will be well rewarded. Ultimately, she can only give herself sexually to a man who has won her respect.

A beautiful atmosphere alive with delicious scents, candles, and sensual music is a must for the Rabbit female. Her boudoir will be a beautiful and harmonious haven, strewn with silk and velvet pillows and inviting ambiance. She needs to be romanced and enticed into relaxing enough to enjoy the physical side of love. The man who wins her heart and gains the privilege of sharing her pillow can expect a faithful, homespun, and discreet companion. Her lover must always handle her with care and gentility - or, as a wise Taoist once said, “Stimulate the lotus but do not harm the petals”.

Rabbit Best Love Match

Sexually, the best match for the Rabbit is with the Goat or Pig; however their soul mate is found with the devoted Dog. Be cautious in love relationships with the Dragon and Rooster.

Rabbit/Rat Love Match - The Rabbit is not as invested in the relationship as his Rat partner is and thus can become emotionally unavailable. Both share a love of the fine arts and scholarly pursuits, but this pairing makes better friends than lovers.

Rabbit/Ox Love Match - These two are solitary loners by nature. The Rabbit can suffer from a lack of romance with the Ox. The Ox’s brand of love is stable and practical, but the Rabbit needs luxury, romance, and pampering.

Rabbit/Tiger Love Match - The Rabbit can be overwhelmed by the Tiger’s brusque ways. The Rabbit is a good friend and adviser to the Tiger, but there are better matches for each of these two.

Rabbit/Rabbit Love Match - Two Rabbits in tandem would be a veritable whirlwind tour of museums, concerts, and art galleries. This is a gentle combination of kindred spirits, and an auspicious partnership in both friendship and love. Together they create an eternal party and enjoy many a fireside chat.

Rabbit/Dragon Love Match - Unfortunately, the Rabbit and the Dragon are only one sign (and many times only one year) apart, and thus are often thrown together as classmates, colleagues, and spouses. The Rabbit is refined and mannerly while the Dragon is crass and outspoken, which creates many tensions.

Rabbit/Snake Love Match - The Rabbit and the Snake are polished, creative, and philosophical souls who enjoy one another’s company. However, despite sharing a taste for the finer things in life, they will experience a difficult union. The Snake has the potential to consume the Rabbit.

Rabbit/Horse Love Match - These two always have an enjoyable time together, and the Rabbit doesn’t mind staying home and enjoying their privacy while the Horse conquers new pastures. This pairing works as a good friendship and is a workable union.

Rabbit/Goat Love Match - These two are best friends and speak a similar language of propriety and creativity. They walk hand-in-hand on the road toward ultimate enlightenment. In their quest to find and create beauty in this life, the Rabbit and the Goat form a melodious union.

Rabbit/Monkey Love Match - The Rabbit finds the Monkey a little too superficial for her taste. The Monkey can’t resist tricking the Rabbit, but the Rabbit is prepared with some tricks of her own. This is not a beneficial relationship for either sign.

Rabbit/Rooster Love Match - No matter how hard these two try, compatibility seems beyond their reach. The brash Rooster’s caustic criticism sets the delicate Rabbit’s nerves on edge. While relationships between all signs are possible, this combination of souls is almost always a recipe for disaster.

Rabbit/Dog Love Match - These two souls recognize each other immediately, as most have karmic links from other times and places. If the “attached” Dog and the “detached” Rabbit can overcome their fears and their trust issues, this is a match made in heaven.

Rabbit/Pig Love Match - This is a sweet relationship between two gentle souls. Both are well-mannered and genuinely virtuous. The diplomatic and socially adept Rabbit aids and befriends the shy Pig, to the benefit of both. These two are unmistakably good partners.

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