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A Rat Astrology Love Match features the socially adept, charismatic and intelligent boy/girl of the Chinese zodiac. With the ability to charm the pants off of just about anybody (which they regularly do), their love repertoire is as varied as their eclectic interests. Once aroused, Rats want to get down to business, and tend to be quick starters sprinting out of the love gate.

They need a partner who is mentally bright, willing to listen to and converse with them, and who is just a tad kinky. Talkative Rats live in a romantic world of their own and enjoy a rich fantasy life. High-strung, curious, and ever alert to opportunity, Rats need to make an emotional connection with their potential lover. They rule the concealed and stealthy midnight hours of secrets and delicious debauchery. Whether your Rat is a professor or a playboy, an energetic, happy aura in a female is irresistible to him. This is a man who is attracted to a clean, robust, athletic look, generally slim but not necessarily skinny. A tousled, casual appearance is just fine with him.

Rat Man Love Match

His preferences are deeply rooted in his psychology. This is a man who seeks his twin soul - a sisterly type who is an accomplice, a best friend, and someone intimately familiar with his background and desires. Head games, playing hard to get, and other coquettish tricks on the part of his lover will frustrate this high-strung man. He has little patience with women who take this approach. The woman of his fantasies is young, slim, and even somewhat androgynous. She has a playful demeanor, yet is intelligent enough to engage him in interesting conversation. She is young and rather inexperienced, and shy about the ways of the world.

Your Rat lover thinks of pleasures much like an amusement park where he is free to run from one ride to the next. Many times, this taste for variety can cause friction in the fidelity department. Similar to his Dragon brother, the Rat male also needs to feel admired. Much of his sexuality is based on the thrill of the chase and attracting various audiences. There can be a tendency toward addictions of every description and a troublesome addiction to the chase phase in romance. With a Rat, exploration and need for freedom are to be expected even in marriage, so the match partner of this man must stay on her toes. It is important that she demand absolute honesty from her Rat and let him know upfront that she will not tolerate any flirting or indiscretions.

Despite his youthful, boyish good looks, the Rat man can be self-centered sexually. Since he likes to get down to business as quickly as possible, foreplay isn’t his strong suit. In addition, he tends to be fixed and set on the goal. The holy grail for this lover is to s-l-o-w down, listen to his partners body language, and enjoy the journey more. This is a man who must consciously choose more leisurely and spontaneous lovemaking. Once this technique is successfully mastered, he will draw more energy into his own body.

The good news is that these lovers are direct and outspoken in their desires and preferences, so you won’t ever be playing a guessing game. The Rat man has an innocent frankness about him. He intends to have fun in bed, and a good laugh with his partner is a huge turn-on. Passion and sensitivity are not his strong points, but laughter and fun are aphrodisiacs for this cerebral lover. It is after sunset, during the midnight hours, that the Rat woman comes alive with numerous acquaintances, lively discussion, and intensely romantic interludes.

Rat Woman Love Match

She values companionship and love more than anything else. This is an ardent lover who easily expresses the physical side of her love. This deeply emotional soul yearns for affection and sincere attention. To love and to be understood are as vital to her as breathing. She needs a partner to cherish as well as one who cherishes her in return. Her passion for knowledge, love of travel, and hunger for new experiences make the Rat female extremely enticing.

Usually of small or slight frame and stature, the Rat woman is the tiny mouse of the Eastern Zodiac. Frail, sensitive to a myriad of environmental insults, and prone to delicate health, the Rat female is the type of woman men love to rescue. She will routinely be found atop a white horse beside her current knight in shining armor, who is always ready to slay a beast for her. Her biggest hurdle is her own body image, which her critical nature just can’t help judging ruthlessly. The saying, a woman can neither be too rich nor too thin was most assuredly authored by a female Rat.

Rat girls fall in love easily and are prone to infatuations. Freedom-loving, likable, and a natural philanderer, the Rat woman enjoys being in love. One of her difficulties is that she always wants more. She has this nagging feeling there could be something more exciting just around the corner. It takes a strong love to hold her. Exchanging and communicating are the priorities of a Rat woman, and conversing in the bedroom is an absolute necessity. She ignores social taboos and doesn’t hesitate to tackle the most intimate or controversial subjects.

By encouraging her freedom of expression, youll strengthen your bonds with her. Those who love a Rat female should be warned that she’s a natural flirt. She treasures her personal freedom above everything (and everyone) else, so she will not tolerate your jealousy or possessiveness regarding her flirtations. So, be ready to be patient and understanding when you see her playing the flirt before your eyes. Be indulgent, and remember that home and family are actually the things that count the most to her. The hidden elemental stem in the Rat year branch is Water, and this fluidity shows up in the Rat women emotional and changeable lovemaking style.

Rat Best Love Match

Romantically, the best match for the Rat is with Ox, Dragon, or Monkey souls. Pass on love relationships with the Goat and Horse.

Rat/Rat Love Match - These two like-minded souls will seek to achieve complete merging of body and soul. Both are imaginative lovers who refuse to settle down in routine. However, both being yang souls, it is important for each to take the lead in romance. Each partners high-strung disposition may exacerbate worries, affecting productivity.

Rat/Ox Love Match - The sentimental Rat is so vulnerable to her soul mate the Ox that this tender soul may sacrifice her finances on loves altar. There is nothing too good or too costly for her beloved Ox. With this potent combination, the Rats usual perceptive discernment and shrewd financial sense can go right out the window.

Rat/Tiger Love Match - This unlikely match is a common one that looks good on paper but may fail to provide emotional satisfaction to both parties. The Tiger can overshadow his Rat partner just by being himself, and the fact that he is always on the go can leave his Rat partner feeling abandoned and inadequate.

Rat/Rabbit Love Match - A Rat soul cannot live without passion, so the detached Rabbit can leave the Rat feeling empty and abandoned. The Rabbit is not as invested in the relationship as his Rat partner, so he often ends up becoming the artful dodger.

Rat/Dragon Love Match - When these two are married, emotional security reins supreme - even in the face of a dalliance. If a choice must be made between a spouse and a lover, there is no contest. Both of these souls recognize and respect the others taste for variety.

Rat/Snake Love Match - When it comes to lovemaking, the Rat is a master and virtuoso. Sex is something she is capable of surrendering herself to, body and soul. This proclivity interests the Snake, but the Snakes taste for forbidden fruit could devastate the hypersensitive Rats sense of home and hearth. The Rat will rarely forgive an infidelity in this case.

Rat/Horse Love Match - Interestingly, despite their opposition, these two souls hook up with each other frequently. In Rats there exists a dichotomy - namely, their need for security versus their need for independence. They need an understanding ear to listen to their ideas, but Horses are too preoccupied with their own dreams and ambitions. This is a relationship that can end in bitterness.

Rat/Goat Love Match - This relationship is a comedy of errors. By the time the leisurely Goat wakes up to face the world, the energetic Rat has almost completed her day. In this pairing, hyper-activity meets sloth, and the results can be inharmonious to say the least.

Rat/Monkey Love Match - Sexuality is a fine art as well as a science between Rats and Monkeys. These two love each other and are not bashful about showing it. They may have many exhausting nights of love, intertwined with intellectual conversations and confidences.

Rat/Rooster Love Match - The Rat and the Rooster are in a peach blossom relationship, the kind responsible for torrid love affairs and emotional roller coaster rides. This is a love/hate relationship in which the Rat usually ends up with the short end of the stick. This is a difficult pairing of energies, as the peach blossom connection can easily become forbidden fruit.

Rat/Dog Love Match - The Rat cant help correcting the Dogs all-too-human errors, which makes the Dog feel belittled and subpar - a disaster from the insecure Dogs point of view. The dynamic between these two resembles that of a parent/child relationship, one that leads to power struggles and difficult interactions. Any infidelity on the Rats part will be considered absolute treason by the faithful Dog.

Rat/Pig Love Match - Rats have a tendency to feel as if nobody understands them. Feeling understood in a love relationship is important for the Rats peace of mind, and the compassionate Pig fits the emotional bill nicely. But then, who doesnt get along with the Pig?

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