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Rooster Astrology Love Match exhibits an appetite for pageantry, especially in the bedroom. Both male and female Roosters love to socialize and adorn themselves in finery. Their lively and outgoing sexual manner is as candid as their speech. Confident, industrious, and slightly sadistic, Roosters are best suited to relationships over which they have complete control.

The assertive Rooster needs a strong and self-assured partner whom they can both respect and dominate. The Rooster’s core traits of attention, observance, and scrutiny translate sexually into forbidden worlds, always potentially perverse and sometimes bordering on the sordid. The Rooster’s sexual tastes, preferences, and imaginative scenarios can be shocking to some partners, yet relished by others. A good “fit” in a partner is important to Roosters, as they tend to push the limits of their sexuality and will always refuse to be confined to the mores of society.

Rooster Man Love Match

Whether a cocky military man, a CEO, or a mechanical engineer, the Rooster male makes love with great determination, keeping his eyes fixed ever forward on the goal of ultimate pleasure. This is a conservative yet flirtatious man who presents an open and confident disposition. The Rooster man’s love partner will need some proficiency and sexual credentials to capture his heart.

These are men who thrive on compliments and have an emotional and possessive nature in matters of the heart. Because of their restless anxiety and impatience, Rooster men tend to be attracted to powerful and slightly dangerous women. Passion, perversion, and excess are what this rough-and-ready lover secretly craves.

According to Chinese legend, the Rooster male is extremely sexual, very fertile, and may have an above average number of children. He is essentially a conservative soul with a “yin” nature, so public displays of affection are generally not his cup of tea. Despite his reserved tendencies, however, this is one powder keg of a passionate lover. Any females who plan to hook up with this laser beam of a personality should know what they’re getting themselves into.

Sexually, the Rooster man has a taste for role play. Master and slave is his game: taking his woman to the brink of orgasm, and then withholding her pleasure — only to bring her back to the edge to beg for more. This man likes drama in the bedroom, so a prudish or hung-up partner will surely send him packing. He prefers powerful and forceful love, and his woman submissive and sick with love for him.

This is a man whose ideal lover is a myriad of different personalities independent businesswoman, angelic mother, and a supremely naughty lover all rolled into one. Once the Rooster’s lover agrees to play the sexual games he proposes, she will find him a loyal, steadfast, and attentive lover. On the more sordid side, tenderness isn’t the Rooster man’s strong point, and secretly he can enjoy being a little punishing with his woman.

All in all, the Rooster man is not an easy lover to live with. He needs a woman who is resilient enough and has a healthy enough ego to accept his intensity and emotional drama. Love him or hate him, but please do not ignore him.

Rooster Woman Love Match

It is during the early evening cocktail hours of seduction between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. that the Rooster woman struts her stuff. Endowed with a mysterious side, the Rooster woman is the original femme fatal. “Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly” could be her sexual mantra. Secrecy, seduction, and even sadism are the weapons in her fascinating sexual arsenal. The balance of power is an important aspect in the Rooster female’s sexual psyche — she likes her men to be at her mercy.

Outside of the bedroom, this lady is conservative and family-oriented, and runs her home and business with the efficiency of a military general. But make no mistake about it: When you enter her boudoir, she is the one who is in control. The main Elements of her sexuality are dominance, control, and possessiveness. Behind closed doors, she relishes the role of a sexual dominatrix. She has a sexual will of iron and needs a strong lover to harness her intense passion and energy. She must have complete respect for her partner, as a weak lover or “yes-man” will bring out her most unbecoming characteristics.

Similar to her Rabbit sisters, she does not give her heart away easily. She is a perfectionist at heart, and unfortunately this carries over to her love life. She maintains some very high standards, and it is only to a partner who has won her respect that she will show her sentimental and more vulnerable side. On a darker note, her lover would be well-advised to know that jealousy and possessiveness constitute a significant part of her personality. The Rooster female has a suspicious nature is not above hiring a private detective to uncover any misrepresentations or undisclosed history. If betrayed, her vengeance will be quick and severe.

The hidden Elemental stem in the Rooster-year branch is Metal, and this rigidity shows up in the Rooster woman’s lovemaking style. The more sordid side of the female Rooster’s sexual repertoire may contain such sadomasochistic props as whips, leather bondage accoutrements, and erotic costumes of various descriptions. The Rooster woman likes to probe and discover her lover’s most intimate secrets. Pillow talk is a candid affair of confessions prompted by her own type of erotic “truth serum”. If you desire a strong and direct partner, or enjoy power-exchanging, role-playing, the Rooster woman is for you.

Rooster Best Love Match

Romantically, the best match for the Rooster is with those born during Ox and Snake years; however, their true soul mate is found with the self-confident Dragon. Be cautious in love relationships with the Dog and Rabbit.

Rooster/Rat Love Match - Both Rats and Roosters like to talk, and this includes the bedroom where there will be lively discussions. The serious obstacle facing this couple is that both signs tend to be critical and outspoken when pointing out the other’s shortcomings. The result can be a combative blood-fest of dissertation and argument, usually resulting in the Rat having hurt feelings. To make matters worse, these two are drawn together by a “resolving karma” relationship vibration. Good short-term sex, but a long-term relationship is not likely.

Rooster/Ox Love Match - These two signs are “in trine” and one of the best relationship matches. The conservative Ox delights in the company of the efficient Rooster, who brings passion and pepper to their sexual union. Whether it’s a female Ox keeping the home fires burning for her scrappy Rooster husband, or a male Ox enjoying his “little firecracker” of a Rooster wife efficiently running their home, this is a match destined to last.

Rooster/Tiger Love Match - These two souls have problems communicating. The Tiger and the Rooster are both “skyrocket” personalities, and the union of these two can spark some memorable clashes. They are both domineering personalities, and the Rooster’s sarcasm and know-it-all attitude quickly causes the Tiger to mutiny before jumping ship for new waters. More than likely this is an infatuate affair rather than a long-term relationship.

Rooster/Rabbit Love Match - These two souls are in direct opposition to each other. Despite any well-meaning efforts either of them may expend, this is not an auspicious relationship. If these two do get together the Rabbit is usually only along for the sexual ride. This is especially true if the Rabbit thinks the industrious Rooster can benefit them outside of the bedroom. The Rooster considers the Rabbit a weak partner and too easily hurt. This brings out the sadist in the Rooster, who will almost always play the “top” dominant sexual partner of the two.

Rooster/Dragon Love Match - Most Rooster/Dragon pairings have ties from other times and places, and thus form a true soul mate connection. The Dragon is yang to the Rooster’s yin, and together they make a handsome and lively couple. The Rooster has the backbone and bravado to hold the interest of the unpredictable Dragon, while the Dragon is one of the few signs who can dominate and command the Rooster’s respect. Together, these two rock each other’s world.

Rooster/Snake Love Match - Similar to the Rooster and the Ox, the Rooster and Snake are “in trine” with each other and share a deep connection. The philosophical Snake and the industrious Rooster speak a common language of gradual accumulation, calculation, and attractive appearance. Both share a love of the arts and finer things in life. The Rooster is busier, more efficient, and more aggressive than the pensive, deep-thinking Snake, who remains the real power behind the throne.

Rooster/Horse Love Match - The Rooster and Horse are in a “peach blossom” relationship with each other, the kind responsible for torrid love affairs and emotional roller coaster rides. This is a love/hate relationship, so if love drama is what you seek, look no further. This intense romance connection can be the source of celebration or self-destruction. Despite the friction in the relationship, these two may have trouble disconnecting from each other.

Rooster/Goat Love Match - This is a challenging relationship of industry clashing with sloth. When the Rooster prods and pushes the Goat to be more productive, the Goat feels tyrannized and is likely to rebel.

Rooster/Monkey Love Match - This is an auspicious coupling that brings rewards to both sides. The lively debates between these two sometimes resemble a love/hate relationship, but it works well in the long run.

Rooster/Rooster Love Match - Whether showy Peacocks or gentle hens, these two souls will rarely cohabitate peacefully. The cliché of the cock fight is used to describe the interaction between two plucky Roosters.

Rooster/Dog Love Match - This is a difficult combination of energies. Should a verbal brawl break out between these two, take cover! Each sign antagonizes the other, and a relationship is likely to bring out the worst in both personalities.

Rooster/Pig Love Match - This is a blissful relationship with sincere admiration between the two. The Rooster benefits from the Pig’s wisdom and presence of mind, while the Pig offers the Rooster respect and admiration.

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