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They are very sensitive, inclined to deep thinking and capable of great sympathy. However, they can be extremely short tempered. Most people espect them, but sometimes they come into conflict with those in authority. They usually can not make up their minds, which can result in a poor decision making. They are also suspicious of others, but they can be very courageous and powerful when needed.

Charismatic and self-assured, Tigers were born to lead. This gives them an air of authority most find hard to resist. They are charming and fun, yet never lose sight or stop pursuing their goals or relinquish control. The Tigers courage is without limit and they rarely lose a fight regardless of the arena. The Tiger is the king of seduction. They are dignified and affectionate. The primal nature of their being makes them very attractive to almost all.

Tiger Man Love Match

Few people are likely to have as much willpower, courage and optimism as the Tiger male. Once he has set up an objective, nobody can deter him from his chosen course of action and no force can diminish his dogged determination to go forward. In no way does he retreat; in no way does he indulge in negative thinking. Aided by his power of quick decision, he only trusts his own judgment, refusing to be advised or directed in any way. He must reach his target, come what may, or he will die ? for it is impossible for him to accept failure, to grant himself a loophole or fallback.

Spontaneous, whole-souled, thirsty for the absolute, this character vigorously rejects mediocrity under all form and half-measures of all description. He likes to wrestle. He loves difficulties. Whatever the odds, his powerful dynamism makes him an overwhelming zealot as well as an aggressive pioneer in all fields of endeavor. But despite his motivation and enthusiasm, success is not always his due as he is somewhat narrow-minded and totally ignorant of his limitations. He never wants to acknowledge that no one could triumph on all fronts all the time with only blind faith and raw courage.

He needs a grand and noble ideal to fight for - an ideal that would permit him to have his name written in the book of History, so to speak - since it would be difficult for him to function properly without a target in life. Although his lofty dedication may bring him honors and celebrity, these are the very last things he is concerned about; only victory interests him. His favorite battlefields are politics, trade unions, and the cause of widows and orphans. Because of his nonconformism and iconoclasm, he is always at odds with the established order or higher authority. A champion of change and innovations, he uses all his forces to carry out a revolution in every possible field. His motivation is so forceful and his devotement so contagious that he can convert quite a number of indifferent people to his crusades.

This man is an adventurer in every good sense of the word. Contemptuous of those who play it safe, he likes gambling with his life, rushing headlong into every conceivable undertaking, oblivious of dangers and flirting with death. He detests beaten tracks, abhors routine, and never does a thing in the same manner the second time. Should he fail in any of his enterprises, he would immediately stand up and make a fresh start with unshaken faith. He believes existence is a tremendous challenge, a fascinating venture, and means to live it to the full, even if he has to burn the candle at both ends. His zest for living is unequaled. His destiny is generally exceptional, stormy, full of upsets and reversals, and sometimes ends with sudden and violent death.

Although high-strung and provocatively obstinate, the Tiger man is likeable in many ways. His best qualities are undoubtedly his absolute sincerity and honesty. He is incapable of double talk, mental reservation, cheating, injustice or the like. These very qualities, however, are his Achilles’ heel since they render him naive, unsuspecting and therefore vulnerable - it is indeed quite easy to deceive him, dupe him, betray him. He is defenseless before other people’s bad faith. But when he realizes having been fooled, he may react violently, dangerously, devastatingly, going as far as to commit criminal acts. One would be well inspired never to trifle with his confidence.

Despite his boundless ambition, he commands the respect of all who know him well, even though they happen to be his bitterest adversaries. There is not a single streak of egoism or meanness in his nature. His generosity and chivalrousness are unparalleled. He is capable of great sympathy for and devotion to those whom he loves. His friends are all to him, and he is always willing to go to any length on their behalf. One can count on his loyalty under any and all circumstances.

Tiger Woman Love Match

Some people ironically - but perhaps aptly - call the Tiger female "a phallic woman". Indeed she appears more masculine than feminine, having relatively few of the traits normally imputed to her own sex and sharing many characteristics commonly attributed to members of the stronger sex.

The most notorious component of her personality is her extreme, uncompromising independence. In no case does she lean on someone with a view to getting through life or attaining success. She only trusts her own forces. She scorns the old feminine dream of security and categorically refuses to shield herself behind a man or patriarchal institutions.

Tough, courageous, active, passionate, aggressive, she means to shape her destiny with her own hands - to be the architect of her happiness - come hell or high water, and in defiance of "bourgeois" biases, lack of understanding and mockery. Never afraid to fight for what she wants in life, this woman always insists on having the last word when it comes to pursuing the objectives she has set for herself. She will stand up vigorously to anyone who may attempt to thwart her in her undertakings - be it her father, her husband, her boss, or even the Pope. Gifted with exceptional strength of character, she works very hard, never doing anything half-heartedly or indulging in wishful thinking, and despises all those who are lazy or unambitious. Naturally, the door to success is more often open to her than to subjects born with less vaulting desires.

The Tiger woman firmly believes herself to be perfectly equal to men in all respects - although in her rare weaker moments she may have private doubts about her feminity. Nothing infuriates her more than male chauvinism. An ardent feminist to her fingertips, she is not in the least domestic and fiercely struggles for her rights, whether within the Women’s Liberation Movement or all by herself. This militant is unafraid of ridicule or excesses, and shrinks back from no danger or sacrifice. Her dedication forces the respect of many, including some who subscribe to the most misogynous views.

A hundred percent nonconformist, This woman sets herself up as a revolutionary constantly at odds with the established order and all "reactionary" minds. Wherever she is, she can find someone or something to fight. On the other hand, with her underdeveloped sense of humor, she tends to take everything too seriously, attacking with all her claws even when no one is criticizing her or attempting to stand in her way. And, like Don Quixote, she will never be at peace with herself until she has knocked down all the windmills in sight.

Her brilliant victories on various fronts, however, have their prices which she has to pay. Her excessive impetuosity and aggressiveness make her commit regrettable errors at times, especially in the field of human relations, and prevent her from being an agreeable and easily approachable person. Her obsession with success and great sense of adventure induce her to view existence as a business or, more exactly, a battle, not as an enjoyable party, thus missing many of the pleasures life has to offer.

Harboring hostility toward the opposite sex as a whole, she often has difficulty in getting along with men, whether in her own family or in society - and this will inevitably result in frustration and further tension. If she is capable of accepting a piece of advice, she should learn to be less ambitious, more easygoing, and to develop her sense of humor. She should also convince herself that what is important is not life itself, but the full enjoyment of life. Finally, since nobody can ever expect to win all the time, it is in her interest to learn to accept failure with good grace and resignation, considering it an integral part of the game of living.

Few women would be endowed with more and finer moral qualities than the native of the Tiger sign. Her loyalty is equal to anything; under no circumstances does she betray those to whom she has given her word. Her straightforwardness and sincerity are beyond reproach. Despising hypocrisy with all her might, she behaves with honesty, rectitude and strictness, refusing to deceive or cheat even if this would be at the cost of her health or comfort; if someone ever throws doubt on her integrity, she may react with extreme violence and hold murderous feelings against him.

Tiger Best Love Match

For a person who is born in the year of the tiger, living with a person born in the year of the pig is a happy choice because those born in the year of the pig are honest, gentle and can help the tiger with his shortcoming of acting rashly. Such persons also bring the tiger a sense of security. People born in the year of the tiger can furthermore get along well with those practical people born in the year of the dog.

Tiger/Rat Love Match - Have few common interests. Will not care for each other’s company to any large extent. Cool to moderate relationship.

Tiger/Ox Love Match - Serious clashes and rivalry. Mutual conflict and misunderstandings. Cannot settle their difference peacefully. Highly incompatible.

Tiger/Tiger Love Match - Compatible to a certain degree only. Have small animosities and reservations about each other. Will work together for a common goal only.

Tiger/Rabbit Love Match - Will tolerate each other’s company. No large clashes but not very communicative or sympathetic to one another either.

Tiger/Dragon Love Match - Mutual respect and cooperation. Some clashes and struggle for dominance, but will be able to resolve their differences. Moderate success.

Tiger/Snake Love Match - Mutually suspicious of each other, indifferent or unsympathetic to each other. Cannot relate to one another. Conflicts and strong animosities.

Tiger/Horse Love Match - Excellent match for marriage or business relations. No difficulty trusting or understanding one another. Very successful team.

Tiger/Goat Love Match - No outright confrontations or rivalry. Workable only to certain extents. Will not have deep ties or be able to make lasting or permanent relations.

Tiger/Monkey Love Match - Rivalry and personality clashes. No areas of common interest. Cannot see eye to eye or endeavour to settle their differences.

Tiger/Rooster Love Match - Slight reservations and communication gaps. Irritating or indifferent at best. Moderate to cool relationship.

Tiger/Dog Love Match - Excellent union. Find no difficulties in communicating with each other. Can achieve much success and prosperity together.

Tiger/Pig Love Match - Secure and successful match. Will find love and happiness together, Very cooperative relationships in love and business.

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