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People born in the Year of the Monkey have several common attitudes and characteristics when it comes to love relationships. The active and optimistic personality always enhances their glamour. Chinese zodiac compatibility can be regarded as an important symbol and reference in Chinese people’s love and marriage life. Generally they are compatible with people born in the Year of the Ox or the Rabbit, while not compatible with Tiger or Pig signs. Here is a detailed love analysis for reference.

Of all the signs the Monkey is most adept at bringing joy into our lives. You thrive in social settings and are not beyond playing little games with the rest of us. It’s so much fun we line up to be done in again. You also are often witty and a good conversationalist, the person we truly want to be around at any party or social function.

Although Monkeys create a lot of joy in the world, they are unfortunately not as good at making themselves happy. Your partner may find that it takes a lot of work to do it for you, and that it takes only a little something to ruin it. You thus need a patient partner and one who is willing to work for your happiness. Finally it must be said the Monkey has a reputation for being a flirt and the most promiscuous of the 12 Chinese signs. Can’t let all that charm go to waste! Nevertheless, once you settle down and truly make a lifelong commitment, you are likely to be more faithful than most people are.

Monkey Love

The Monkey is not exactly in for the long haul, when it comes to relationship. They are in for one moment – and then gone the next. If you like that sort of thing, great; if you don’t then it’s heart-breaking. So, if you want a long-term relationship, or some tranquillity, order or stability – don’t get involved with a Monkey.

If you want fun, laughs, mingling and great sex and in short, a short-term affair, jump in the love boat with the cheeky Monkey! They won’t give you deep conversation, be concerned about your emotional health… or respect you when you wake up in the morning… but the Monkey is always seductive, charming, amusing, and ready to sweep you off your feet.

So it is with love and sex. You fall in love quickly, and fall out of love again just as quick. You love to move on to the next lover/ partner/ conquest as soon as possible and are known for your charm and enthusiasm.

Thus, just like in every other area of your life, you get bored very quickly even though you begin enthusiastically, so it’s important for you your sex is passionate, varied and plentiful; new places, new things, with plenty of experimentation and exploration.

If you want to marry a Monkey – forget it. “I do” Is not in their repertoire and anyway, they will be gone before they can answer. They hate being hitched and restricted; the only way it can work is if they have someone as loose and fluid in life as they are.

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