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People in Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign are mysterious and sensitive in love. They are good at rational thinking, and fond of dating in romantic and decent places. They are well educated with good temper, and seldom get angry in relationship. Sometimes, facing enthusiastic pursuers, they may hesitate, but proper encouragement can win their heart. When they adapt themselves well to a relationship, they are inclined to rely on the other. Therefore, they may get deeply broken when out of love.

Above all Rabbits love peace and their creature comforts. You need a gentle person to make you happy. And, it would help if they have a fair amount of money. You crave company and treasure your relationships. You are not only a social animal, but you like the security that comes with being in a relationship. In spite of this, you still like to keep your personal life personal. It’s not unusual for you to keep secrets from even those in close relationships. It’s not so much that you have anything to hide, it’s just you don’t want people knowing all those details - perhaps you feel vulnerable when people know too much about your private life.

Speaking of vulnerability, it is not easy to pick yourself up off the floor when a relationship goes bad. It takes a long time for those wounds to heal. You are comfortable letting your partner take the lead in most matters; however, you do have a strong passive-aggressive side as well. In other words, you have your ways, and can even be quite cunning, in getting your partner to do your bidding using indirect approaches. A night at the theater and dinner at a fine restaurant will indeed bring out your romantic side.

Rabbit Love

As a very reserved person, your partner may protest that they never really know what’s going on with you – and them; why not risk opening up a bit more from time to time and tell them how you feel. Inside, you are a true romantic who loves classical music, lavish surroundings, soft lighting, clean sheets, flowers, candlelight dinners and your conventional view of romance and love could be called old-fashioned when it comes to courtship and seduction. But you seldom show it openly and definitely don’t like to stay in a relationship if it doesn’t match your high expectations. Thus, ending a relationship could be pretty easy for you, once you tested the waters.

So, all in all, if you need security, don’t necessarily get hitched with a Rabbit; whatever you do, they will treat you like a diplomat treats everyone who they meet – with a polite and genteel manner that belies their inner guile. You can think they are passionless, but it’s brewing deep inside, and even though they never get angry or shout (much) it’s just they don’t like to show their feelings – particularly if it’s someone close, such as a lover.

Nevertheless, once Rabbits make up their mind that commitment is a normal human activity, Rabbits can make exceedingly dedicated lovers. If you are looking for a wild time in bed, then better over-look the Rabbit. They like romance and cuddling and pillow talk.

They can try this and that – if you insist, but unless it is tasteful and involves peaceful activities, better don’t try. Rabbits are thoughtful, caring, unoriginal lovers. They do like gentle lovemaking – and can indulge quite a lot – if it involves roses and pastel coloured sheets; just don’t keep the lights on, forget anything risque and you will both have a lovely time.

Rabbits like the sanctuary and warmth of marriage, but will often decline to make a marriage proposal or reject one if they are unsure because they are dreadfully picky. They are rather introverted and like their solitude so placing their heart on their sleeves in front of a bunch of onlookers isn’t their cup of tea!

And unless you are marrying a Rabbit and you are also one, you might very well end up regretting it. They just want peace, so if you can handle their eccentricities and sometimes bizarre behaviour, then you might just have to force the issue – and they might just say yes – if only to keep the peace!

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