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Most people with Chinese zodiac Rat sign are very optimistic, nothing can fear them down. This nature attracts a lot of pursuers following behind. When they settle for a stable relationship, the other may think them careless and lack of courage. In fact, their inner side is tender and delicate, and they usually show mercy and understanding as well as tolerance to the people they love. Be patient and faithful, they will find true love of a lifetime.

In a word, the Rat is clannish. Although the Rat is frequently a star performer in social gatherings, the fact is they much rather prefer spending time with those few people they allow into their inner circle. The Rat prefers a partner who enjoys the company of their own family and very small group of close friends. Don’t expect the Rat to be thrilled about taking you to many large, social gatherings.

The opportunistic Rat is great at turning on the charm and manipulating people. Because of their charm, Rats seldom have trouble attracting members of the opposite sex. Although they are romantic and fall in love easily, they size up potential mates with the same vigor as business deals and don’t usually rush into a committed relationship. Why even bother finding your way through the maze when you can get others to go fetch the cheese?

Speaking of charm, my do you have and use it. You are adept at gaining our confidence and learning our secrets while holding on to your own. Furthermore, you are not beyond using the information to your advantage. Your charm serves you well as you are probably sociable and usually enjoy parties. You likely have a wide circle of friends, especially since you are probably attractive to members of the opposite sex.

Nevertheless you are really a private person and, despite appearances, only allow a few people into your inner circle. You cherish those dearly and will do almost anything for them. Getting along with people is no problem for you, but make no mistake about it, you don’t tolerate incompetence.

Rat Love

You seem to require a stable relationship to motivate you and a family to support. Unfortunately your bossy nature and subjectivity means that you don’t consider other people very much, unless you are forced into it, usually against your own will.

If you are with a Rat, then just be as fascinating, enigmatic, and electrifying as possible – unless you’ve had enough, then just act as tedious, predictable and dull as possible, and the Rat will be out of the door before you can say “Good b..”.

If you are considering being with a Rat, remember that James Cagney gangster movie of old – “you dirty, yellow-bellied rat!” … tread cautiously. Rats have in more recent times become pets, and a truly domesticated Rat can be very friendly, but remember, it is still a Rat. If you take one as your lover or partner, you might end up licking your emotional wounds and feeling your empty pockets have eternal holes, after they have gone.

As far as sex goes, prepare yourself for the Rat’s natural, open, and frequent sexual activity that must always be on the edge of excitement and never the same twice. Rats are sporty in bed, passionate, sexy, full of energy and verve.

They can be dependable and faithful and although they love the thrill of a new liaison… new conquests, new challenges, if they do cheat on you, they’ll chastise themselves, so don’t worry! Just don’t let them become bored. On the other hand, if others are unfaithful to the rat, you don’t need revenge – you just go off and do the same thing yourself.

Rats in a marriage feel happy and safe and like the role of being the breadwinner. Sometimes they are so into making money, which does seem to be their main inclination in life, they marry early – and sometimes unwisely – just so they can settle down and get it over with. In fact, they consider marriage part of their duty; they like to do all the old-fashioned stuff and enjoy the relaxation that a marriage permits them, especially since they don’t tend to relax enough generally.

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