Rooster in Love - Chinese Zodiac

People born in the Year of Rooster always try the best to pursue everlasting love relationships in the whole life. Romantic characteristics add their charms a lot. Most of them will gain happy and sweet marriages finally because they pay attention to the methods of communicating with soul mates. Hereunder is the detailed love compatibility analysis according to Chinese zodiac.

The Rooster occasionally has trouble with relationships due to their inclination to argue and nag. You will have your best results if you can control this tendency. Your attention to personal dress and grooming is a plus, and it would not be surprising if members of the opposite sex are attracted to you because of your appearance. Intimacy may not be easy for you, especially since you tend to have strong feelings about people. You tend to either like or dislike them intensely.

You also can be quite demanding. The best partner for you is someone you can truly respect, both for their looks and their abilities. You can be remarkably particular and drive family members crazy with your attention to detail. However, your attention to detail can be a positive trait if you use it to carter to the needs and wants of your romantic partner. Your keen eye should be able to discern your lover’s needs before then are able to know them for themselves.

Rooster Love

Love is important to Roosters, and whilst they can be flirtatious they will only start a relationship with real potential with a lot of hesitancy; thus, if you want a Rooster, it will be a challenge to catch it, but once trapped it’s yours for life!

However, they often try and organise everything – including love – and because love – and indeed life -is never perfect, they can become disappointed with life itself.

Whilst loyal and faithful – you work hard on relationships and care about your partner – in bed you can be an impatient dictator – you demand the satisfaction and know what you like. Although egocentric you are energetic and enthusiastic… but you always come first.

Rooster Compatibility

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