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People in Chinese zodiac Snake sign seem to be nonchalant and indifferent in love, and that even drives pursuers away. However, when getting familiar with them, people will find them usually passionate and enthusiastic. They have high standard for their life partners, even a bit picky. They are eager to get echo on the common interests. They want a spiritual marriage but not a material life, so people having a crush on them need to keep with their pace in psychological growth.

You are basically a private person and enjoy your own company more than that of other people. You can easily lose yourself in your thoughts and derive great pleasure from so doing. Thus, although you are capable of thoroughly enjoying relationships, they are not a high priority for you in and of themselves. You tend to be a live and let live type person. If people treat you right and earn your respect, you will return the favor and add immeasurably to their quality of life.

People should not be surprised when it appears you are taking a personal interest in them. You are happy to meet new people and learn new things. They should, however, be careful not to become too attached to you. With your almost insatiable appetite for new experiences it’s likely you tire of other people long before they tire of you. In a marriage relationship, nevertheless, you will be faithful as long as your partner has ambition and makes an honest attempt to grow and to keep up with your ever-expanding interests.

More than any other sign, the Snake believes in revenge. You don’t get mad, but you usually like to get even. Crossing you can be a dangerous move. Though you may not demonstrate any anger upon learning about a wrong done to you, that doesn’t mean it has been forgotten or forgiven. You are not a flirt but you probably have more than a little capability when it comes to the art of seduction. You may use this power sparingly, but when you do it is almost always effective.

Snake Love

Snakes are a weird lot; there is always something absent; Snakes usually give the impression that they’re misplaced, in time, in space, in relationship… in love. Maybe they miss warmth and passion, and if they express that, then they’re not quite there and if they are there, they aren’t really involved and if they are involved, they not really committed… Always something!

So it is that a Snakes love life is seldom simple and usually a mess. Most of the problem is that you don’t like to open and talk what’s going on inside – because you are too busy fixing it yourself and don’t think they will notice your inner turmoil. How wrong you are…

Oh, they are super in bed; wonderful seducers; smooth operators who have plenty of potential lovers all around them – and yet… they are really a strange lot. They seem to crave and need love but their idea of love is different from their hot blooded friends (prey). They do seem to be happy but few humans ever really find out what a Snake really wants from relationship.

In fact, Snakes like to avoid deep involvement – and so marriage – at all costs. So, don’t marry a Snake, unless you find the key to their heart and can handle their infuriatingly hot/cold behaviour. If you do find a wise, positive Snake – be very watchful – it’s possibly deceiving you… and itself!

So, for them, marriage is a ceremony for mere mortals, so if they do get married they’ll select the most inappropriate partner, plan to be away from home in any moment – play around as much as possible, and strategize to their best to get a divorce sometime after the confetti has fallen off their wedding clothes – or even before they walk up the aisle!

Snakes ooze passion and romance; you like to be the one and only in your lover’s life – which you may well be, because you are out to prove you are – the one and only. You radiate sexual energy and are very attractive to others, even if they don’t really know why.

Unfortunately, if people get involved with you, they may feel a little short-changed; the chase and seduction is your strong point – all the romance and courtship you love – but when it comes down to the final step towards commitment and faithfulness, you really unclear – or rather, unfair!

You expect total faithfulness and adoration; however, you find it hard to fully give it. This is a double standard that at times comes out and your partner will have to accept or reject. Better they accept, or you will feel hard done bye and more prone to look elsewhere.

You are happiest in bed and in love… in teasing, flirting, and you are an everlasting, inventive, hearty lover, who likes to seduce, and enjoys sex almost more than any other animal sign. Snakes simply like the naughty whispers, the excitement of the possibility of forbidden fruit, the chance of seduction, the chase.

Snakes also like to enjoy their lack of decency in bed and will feel free to operate within its own unique sensual nature and try many things that others might find a bit too much. Oh and bye the way, if a Snake wants you, you might as well give up immediately, because every “NO” will sound like a yes to them…

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