Tiger in Love - Chinese Zodiac

People in Chinese zodiac Tiger sign enjoy the feeling in love. They are clumsy in flirting but practical in action. They possess a special charm which makes people admire them. In fact, they are a bit sensitive in relationship, and tend to be over enthusiastic, which may scare people away. They are usually very lucky in love, for they can get the real love through easy attempt, and they always have a lot of pursuers around.

Above all the Tiger is passionate and romantic. You let people know where they stand with you as you readily display your feelings. In your younger years you are likely to have some intense crushes and love affairs. It is not surprising for the Tiger to be married more than once.

The best thing for you to do is give your passions free reign during your youth and experience all that you want out of life. When you’re older, you will find that you will be happy to settle down and will most likely be a faithful and devoted spouse. As a Tiger sign person you will tend to want to dominate your relationships. Yet, you are not happy unless you are with someone you can respect. Basically, you need a strong person who is not intimidated by your strength and one who with the self-confidence to let you be in charge when you want.

You pride yourself in being able to take care of yourself and want someone who will support but not be paternal towards you. Your passion and romanticism make you an active and sensuous lover. This is especially heightened by your sense of adventure. Your romantic interests are best stimulated when you are visiting an exotic location, for example a vacation in Tahiti.

Tiger Love

Tigers are born for romance – natural born lovers; you are the world’s greatest lovers and passion is your middle name. You are at your best when you’re in love – and you’re a great romantic indeed. So, you can be easily hurt if you are let down because you give everything in love and you make faithful lovers… up to a point. That point is when you get bored, which happens regularly, and then you like to move on to a new challenge!

You seek out love and affection and love to give it in return, in fact, your passion, energy and imagination for love is unlimited and only a few can match this and many will simply become exhausted trying. However, as Elvis said:

“I don’t wanna be a tiger, Cause tigers play too rough”!

and so, you love sex because if you can be in charge and passionate, that suits your character – but in truth a bit of tenderness from time to time would be useful… like a Teddy bear!

Emotionally the Tiger is like a small child; they see and want something and once they get it they play with it non-stop – until they have either destroyed it or gotten bored with it, then they finish with it… and then they forget about it immediately.

So, in bed you are fun loving, audacious, original, inexhaustible, potent, and creative; the bed is your home and where you take other creatures to feast on. Luckily, even though you can be a little overexcited and demanding you are able to be sensitive and considerate lovers. But you are very greedy, and others should beware – they might not last long!

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