Dog Man in Bed

Love relationships with a Dog man — a great joy for any woman. She will get everything she dreams about: care, attention, faithfulness, tenderness. And she herself can make the Dog man happy, he needs a loyal partner. Usually he is attracted to bright women, love of which is quite natural and understandable: one can not remain indifferent to the beauty of a spectacular person. However, this choice usually turns into problems. According to the Chinese horoscope, the Dog man needs a calm, harmonious relationship.

The Dog is often anxious, afraid of betrayal and betrayal. He is slightly unconvinced, although there is no reason to experience: this is a gentle, sensual lover. In addition, she pays much attention to the mental state of the chosen one, it is important for him to create comfortable conditions for her. He is very devoted to his beloved, he wants to live with her all his life. Of course, there are fleeting novels, but every time, starting a new relationship, the Dog hopes to find true love.

Behavior of Dog Man in Bed

A Dog on a love horoscope is a sensitive partner, first of all it thinks about the wishes of a mistress, and does not seek to assert itself, to prove its importance. He should admire his beloved, faithfully serve her. In bed, a Dog man is a faithful knight, ready for any feats for the sake of a woman’s favorable attitude. Feels really happy, if he sees the interest of the mistress, feels her desire. The partner does not have to pretend: The Dog is a temperamental man, a skilled lover.

A Dog man enjoys the process of courtship: the more unreachable a woman, the more desirable it is. But, even being in bed with the object of his passion, a Dog man can not get rid of anxiety: will it be possible to deliver a mistress to a mistress? His fears are completely vain, he not only brings the partner to utter exhaustion, but also pleasantly surprises with his erotic fantasies. The beloved only has to accept his generous gifts, but still it is worth encouraging the Dog, he is sensitive to the reaction of the partner.

For the Dog, the quality of events, rather than quantity, is important. The man of this sign does not tolerate uncertainty, tries to control all his actions. He tries to avoid frivolous situations. But the Dog man in bed recoils from the usual principles, reveals himself as a sensual lover, ready for experiments. And so temperamental partner, which is often groundlessly jealous of his partner. Therefore, she tries to please her beloved, so that she has neither the strength nor the desire to look at someone else.

Relationship to a Partner

Dog man can not be called an experienced heartthrob, he can fully reveal himself only with his beloved. He likes to court, seduce a woman, but does it always tactfully, without haste. But his readiness for a close relationship testifies to a real feeling. Not too confident in their abilities, but very attentive and affectionate. It is not disposed to intrigues, therefore it is completely laid out in romantic relations, expects to spend with the chosen one all life. And it is very upset if the novel suddenly stops, very quickly becomes attached to its partner.

Rectilinear Dog man in bed will not cheat and pretend if a woman does not like him, will not bring the matter to the closeness. In a romantic relationship, she behaves sincerely, does not hide her desires. But I’m ready to neglect them to please the partner. He is so devoted to his mistress that he gladly fulfills all her whims, forgetting about her own pleasure. And she delicately feels the needs of a woman, tries with all her might to please her.

What is Your Role?

Above all the man-Dog values fidelity, seeks to build strong relationships. You do not have to deceive a gullible person, better tell him the truth, no matter how bitter she was. If the intimate relationship does not suit you, try to find a way out or part with the man of this sign. He will greatly experience the gap, but it is much more honest with respect to him than constant deception. Lying painfully hurts Dog man, but he is not so sure of himself.

Do not expect from him fervent confessions and romantic surprises. This is a realist, prefers to set for himself the immediate tasks, and not to hang in the clouds. A Dog man will try to please you, will readily fulfill any whim, with it is easy and simple. But do not demand from him the impossible, take the initiative in your own hands, the Dog willingly obey you. Operate tactfully and accurately, otherwise this jealous man can suspect the influence of another man. Constantly praise him, exalt the skillful ability to please you. You can become a leader in relationships, it is only necessary to show female wisdom.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Dog Man?

To seduce a Dog man is very simple, the main secret is your sincere attitude. Although he is attracted to beautiful women, but above all appreciates honesty and loyalty. If you are deprived of hypocrisy, prefer to behave openly, be sure to win his sympathy, and then love. You can contact the Dog man with any question, he will help with pleasure. He likes to feel defender and patron, serving a woman delivers a gallant gentleman only joy.

Perhaps the first time a Dog male will be pleased with the effective appearance of the companion. He is not indifferent to beauty, but still the most important is the internal component. Therefore, try to behave with dignity, do not irritate him with stupid, vulgar antics. It is worth carefully demonstrating your skills in the art of love, he can suspect you of excessive love. Dog man is not to the liking of too accessible women. Therefore, you should look attractive, but at the same time demonstrate an excellent upbringing. You can make him a couple of pleasant compliments, arrange a romantic surprise. This is a very grateful person, highly appreciates people who know how to take care of others.

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