Dragon Man in Bed

The Chinese horoscope represents a Dragon man as a narcissistic, proud person. He feels himself to be a perfect being, he never doubts his own worth. He needs to see in the eyes of women admiration and adoration. By its nature, the Dragon is a conqueror, acts boldly and decisively, rarely feels shy and embarrassed. This behavior, he demonstrates and in intimate relations: a mistress should gratefully perceive his signs of attention.

The Dragon man is not used to denying himself pleasure, he always gets what he wants. If he is madly in love with a woman, then he will have it. He can beautifully look after himself, he shows himself as a temperamental partner. There is no guarantee that his passion will not abate soon. It is not constant, can not resist temptations, very quickly enters into a new relationship. In the intimate proximity sees the satisfaction of their own desires, and not the merger of two equal partners, the mistress must obey him in everything.

Behavior of Dragon Man in Bed

For the Dragon there are no barriers, he considers himself an ideal lover, so he will persevere in seeking recognition of his superiority from every woman with whom he was tied up by fate. An intimate horoscope characterizes the man of this sign as an inventive partner, capable of bringing the beloved to complete exhaustion. So passionate that, it seems, does not give a report to what is happening around. But the Dragon male in bed keeps sobriety of reason, he exaggerates the degree of his excitement. In fact, confusing him is very difficult, almost impossible.

Feels quite comfortable, being all alone. Solitude and tranquility are an excellent opportunity to understand your own feelings. Therefore, the mistress should show understanding, humility, and capricious, absurd behavior can only lead to the fact that the Dragon will cool to it. And it will not turn out any caresses, refined tricks again to entice the proud man into his arms. In bed, he seeks self-affirmation, once again feel like the best of men, and not listen to the complaint of a dissatisfied lover.

You can not consider a male Dragon an indifferent, selfish partner. It is important for him to see the admiration in the eyes of his mistress, so she will try to please her. But his caresses will not be timid and gentle, he will fall upon the beloved with all the power of his temperament. In bed, the Dragon man demonstrates enviable endurance, he seems to not feel tired, able to indulge in love all night long. There is no doubt that the memories of being close to him for a long time will remain in the memory of the woman.

Relationship to a Partner

The Dragon man is a true knight in shining armor, who sees his calling in bringing happiness to the beloved. He will not give up trying to win the heart of an inflexible beauty, even if all efforts seem futile. The dragon will necessarily achieve his, because he is the winner. But too cold, disdainful behavior of the chosen one will not be forgotten, besides the man of this sign does not differ constancy. Rather, seeks it, but not always it succeeds. Therefore, no matter how passionate the intimacy is, the lover can be soon abandoned.

The beloved must remember that although the Dragon demonstrates an unbridled passion, in fact, he is a very sober-minded person. Always sees the true attitude of a mistress. Therefore, it is better to be a humble, submissive woman, completely subordinate to his desires, and not to appear as such. But a temperamental man quickly bored in the arms of a passive partner, he likes to lead a mistress, and not completely take the initiative. He expects from his beloved no less passionate attitude, is ready to support her love game. But he will never be a faithful slave who unquestioningly fulfills all the vagaries of a woman.

What is Your Role?

If you are in a relationship with an irresistible Dragon man, you should remember one immutable truth: he is always right. You should greet him with enthusiasm, even the most absurd ideas. He can suddenly offer to diversify the intimate life and choose for intimacy a completely unexpected place or inappropriate time. You will either have to agree with him, or be an impossible bore. But the impression of a bright novel will remain for many years, although, perhaps, you will be lucky, and you will enjoy the company of the passionate and radiant Dragon all his life.

Vain Dragon is not indifferent to compliments, so emphasize its exclusivity. He should feel like the best, unique and beautiful lover on earth. This is a generous, noble person, he will try to satisfy all your whims and desires. The Dragon man in bed should feel like a leader, but it’s important for him to please the partner, so he will make every effort to make you feel like a real goddess of love.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Dragon Man?

The Dragon is a self-assured man, his unattractive appearance can not interest him. He needs a bright companion, causing admiration of all people around. Therefore, safely step into the beauty salon, look for the most breathtaking outfits and only, then go on a hunt. At the same time, keep yourself with dignity, do not immediately rush the Dragon around your neck. Of course, he will not be able to resist the fatal beauty demonstrating his sexuality, but it is unlikely that the romance with her will be long.

In intimate proximity, the Dragon is ready for experiments, gladly supports the bold proposals of the mistress, but never recognizes her superiority. Therefore, your virtuoso technique, sophistication in love should not be so obvious that a man has thoughts of his own failure. He is not jealous and will not reproach you for indiscriminate, but his own uncertainty can develop into complexes. Therefore, he would prefer to part with a relaxed mistress.

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