Horse Man in Bed

According to the Chinese horoscope, the Horse man is a passionate nature. He is distinguished by a positive attitude, a greedy desire to get a lot of pleasures from life, including in intimate relationships. Easily falls in love, immediately begins to deify his chosen one, considers her unique and unrepeatable. Of course, trying to hit his mistress with his sophistication, with pleasure fulfills all her desires.

The ardent man is not able to restrain his feelings, so he is very active in bed. Temperamentally expresses his desires, does not consider it necessary to limit himself, enjoys every moment of intimacy. Horse man is approached by a woman who lovingly accepts his courtship, not restraining the pressure of his passion. Even if she shows herself sufficiently calmly, the man in love is enough for her presence next to him, the rest he will do himself.

Behavior of Horse Man in Bed

Temperamental Horse man in bed is active and energetic. It is like an indomitable element of fire that sweeps everything in its path. It easily loses self-control, is completely given to the power of feelings. An intimate horoscope represents him as a loving man, he can meet with several women at the same time, and each of them will be his own way. This is the nature of the Horse: he can not resist the temptation, he lives with feelings and emotions. As a lover, he is simply beautiful, so infidelity can be forgiven.

You can not blame the man of this sign in selfishness, he tries to achieve pleasure simultaneously with the partner. He must feel complete harmony, physical and spiritual union with his mistress. Only in this case he will be able to experience unearthly rapture. In bed, a Horse man forgets everything in the world, the closeness of a beloved woman excites, causes trembling, an unprecedented burst of energy. He is ready for any experiments, he is pleased to fulfill the wishes of his mistress. Usually the Horse does not feel tired, hot and tireless.

A Horse man must admire his mistress, so he can not be interested in a woman who does not get pleasure from intimacy. His passion is enough for two, but still awaits the active participation of the partner. Do not force her, but she will not tolerate a passive attitude. He is fairly confident in his irresistibility, affectionate and patient, so he sees no reason for the refusal of the mistress. Perhaps, the Horse will try to kindle in the partner passion and desire, if he is very much in love. But most likely this intimate relationship will not last long. In bed, a Horse man should have fun, and not fight with other people’s complexes.

Relationship to a Partner

A man in love with a Horse does not see any obstacles in front of him. He seeks to win the heart of the chosen one by all possible means, and does not hesitate to use his natural sexuality. It is so trembling, gentle partner, that before the force of its pressure it is impossible to resist. A romantic man tries to create a special atmosphere, carefully prepares for intimacy. It is important for him to impress the imagination of his mistress, she must feel like a queen, a master of her partner’s heart. Only in this case he will be completely satisfied.

A Horse man does not need rest, is ready to indulge in love all night long. He is so immersed in the sensual world of pleasure that he does not want to part with his mistress. He is a devoted partner, tirelessly admiring his lover. His crazy passion, unfortunately, is not a guarantee of loyalty. But still trying to restrain himself, does not set himself the goal to bring pain to a woman. This is a kind, sensitive lover, the closeness with which always brings joy.

What is Your Role?

It may seem that the Horse man is so open, sincere, that the relationship does not require any effort from the woman. Everything is fine and without much effort on her part. But the man of this sign painfully perceives the indifference of his mistress, it is important for him to feel himself a winner, the sole owner of her heart. He must see the trembling attitude of the beloved, her desire to please him. Therefore, as much activity as possible, and the main secret is endless compliments, affectionate words.

The man of this sign is straightforward enough in his statements, so calmly react to his comments. He tries not for himself, it is important to please his mistress. His remarks and instructions can help achieve harmony. A Horse man will never leave a sensitive, affectionate, but at the same time passionate woman, ready to obey him. You can take courses of erotic massage, he will be glad to completely relax in your gentle hands. The Horse male gratefully perceives any signs of attention and will necessarily thank the beloved for the care.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Horse Man?

The benevolent Horse man initially treats all people well, especially he likes to give signs of attention to women. It is not so difficult to seduce him, the main thing is to be able to keep attention. Passionate man instantly falls in love, extols the dignity of his chosen one, worships her. But betrayal, selfish behavior or an indifferent attitude to his feelings can disappoint the Horse. Therefore, be always sweet and welcoming, just like a loving man sees you.

A Horse man loves everything beautiful, he must admire his mistress. You should look like an unattainable ideal for all men except him. By this perfect creature, he certainly will not be able to pass. The Horse pays much attention to the appearance of the beloved, for him there are no trifles. With special care choose underwear, he likes to touch the delicate, silky surface. And it does not matter that you will not have to enjoy the beauty for too long. A temperamental man instantly tears off his mistress’s clothes, but always appreciates her efforts. He will not be able to abandon the society of an exquisite woman, a real lady, beautiful in her perfection.

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