Monkey Man in Bed

Among the Chinese zodiac signs, the Monkey stands out with its cleverness and cunning. The Monkey man is always cheerful and carefree, easily finds a common language with all women without exception. At the same time, he is quite ambitious and self-confident, he will never pay attention to a boring person. He considers himself worthy of the best, not burdened with complexes, rarely thinks about what is happening. She strives to know all the joys of life, loves women, enjoys every second of intimacy.

The Monkey man is not used to limiting himself in pleasures, he wants to achieve complete enjoyment. Even if you are not in love with your partner, this is not an excuse to give up a passionate novel. He can dream of another woman, but at the same time it’s nice to spend time. Life is too short to be overshadowed by unnecessary emotions. Especially the intimate relationship gives him confidence, the Monkey man feels like a real connoisseur, an inquisitive researcher of such an important science — love.

Behavior of Monkey Man in Bed

An intimate relationship with a male Monkey is a fascinating and exciting process. This is an emotional lover, capable of embarrassing a shy woman with his bold actions. The closeness with him can leave any impression, except indifference and apathy. The love horoscope represents the Monkey as an addict, endlessly experimenting, fearless and inquisitive. In bed, a Monkey man behaves very relaxed, generously shares his rich experience with his mistress.

No matter how affectionate the man and his mistress are, this is not proof of his devotion. Unfortunately, Monkeys do not differ in fidelity, all the blame for their need for diversity. If the proximity does not bring pleasure or caresses mistresses have become boring, immediately will go in search of new adventures. The Monkey in the bed is a typhoon and a hurricane, only a sophisticated, passionate woman can cope with this element. Such a partner, he will be endlessly devoted, prefer to learn with her secrets and secrets of love science.

The Monkey man is too active and mobile to delay the process, casting himself into the whirlpool of passions without looking back. It can take a long time, win the heart of a chosen one, but the bed is not a place for romantic sighs. The partner has to take part in an exciting love game and only on her depends on how long the relationship with the Monkey will be. He can not be called an egoist, demanding increased attention to himself, but the coldness of the mistress of a temperamental man will certainly not please. He expects from the partner not less passion, which he himself has.

Relationship to a Partner

A cheerful Monkey man likes to spend time cheerfully, with benefit for the body and soul. He tries to bring joy to his mistress, intimate intimacy is a holiday, and not boring duty. He likes bright, albeit too proud women, he is interested in awakening passion in them. Despite its light character, some frivolity, this romantic partner, strives to impress the imagination of his mistress. From it you can wait for the most sophisticated caresses and extravagant deeds.

A Monkey man looks for a passionate relationship in a love relationship, an exciting variety, of course, he is not indifferent to the spiritual world of the beloved, but most importantly — her sexuality. He needs a mistress, causing a storm of emotions, who knows how to own his body, experienced in caresses. Such a woman will never get bored, will always be loved and desired. In bed, the Monkey man does not seek to dominate, awaits the active participation of the partner, is willing to obey her wishes.

What is Your Role?

No matter how your life has developed, no doubt: the love relationship with the Monkey-man is an extraordinary event. They do not have room for dull routine, you have to be a bright, interesting woman, who has a lot of ideas in store, how best to spend joint leisure. It is necessary to constantly improve in the art of love, in order to meet the high demands of the man of this sign. It is not necessary to obey his desires, to indulge the monkey in everything, you can be anything: assertive, demanding, but not passive and indifferent partner.

A Monkey is a smart, shrewd, slightly cunning man, but in a love relationship he loses his ability to think wisely. He is waiting for a miracle, he wants to plunge into the magical world of pleasure. Acts intuitively, and does not follow the arguments of reason. Therefore, you must support the fire of his passion, and not be, a boring, tedious partner. You may not like his fantasies, but do not cut off the Monkey man in mid-sentence, especially expressing his displeasure and contempt. He will not argue, convince himself, just one day will disappear from your life.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Monkey Man?

For all its ease, the desire to avoid difficulties and problems by any means, the Monkey man does not like too superficial people. Passion, love play is not a hindrance to spiritual conversations. The man of this sign will not have a long relationship with a stupid, vulgar special, even the most excellent mistress. You must be a worthy partner for this delicate connoisseur of women. It is not necessary to have brilliant knowledge in the exact sciences, but you must be able to support the conversation, at least, show your interest.

The Monkey man is a generous man, he likes to pamper his mistress with unexpected surprises. It can be a luxurious underwear, jewelry or an intimate gift. A Monkey may suggest suddenly to break into a romantic trip: what could be better than proximity by the sea? You must support all his madness, even better — offer yourself. He will certainly appreciate your originality, readiness for adventure. With such a mistress, he certainly will not get bored, but for a Monkey man there is nothing worse than a fresh relationship.

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