Ox Man in Bed

The Ox is a thorough man, he thinks in practice, he does not waste time and energy on useless things from his point of view, for example, on beautiful courtship. Slightly, his attitude proves his actions. Sometimes it seems too boring and predictable person, but this is not so. Just calm and reserved, will not immediately ardently explain himself in love, long looks at the woman, studying it. A man goes on to a more intimate relationship, only fully convinced of his feelings.

Beloved of Ox man can be sure that he will not leave her even under the most unfavorable circumstances, will adequately pass all the tests. On the Chinese horoscope is a touching, caring husband and faithful companion. But do not expect from the Ox of romantic actions, extravaganza of feelings. Attaches great importance to intimate life, but does not differ in variety. In a loving relationship, he values stability, does not aspire to experiments.

Behavior of Ox Man in Bed

In bed, the Ox man behaves passionately, but not subtle, retains a characteristic thoroughness in this matter. The beloved should not doubt his own attractiveness, he can be sure that at this point in time she is the only one in his life. The Ox is completely given to the feeling, does not start a few parallel novels. Just does not immediately open up in bed, he needs to get used to his mistress a little, trust her, only then he can relax and become liberated.

The Ox is usually liked by outwardly calm, modest women, but the bed is not a place for demonstrating beautiful spiritual qualities. The man of this sign needs a passionate, emotional lover, able to respond to his call. An inexperienced, cold partner quickly bores the Ox, despite all the virtues. Of course, we are not talking about complete debauchery, too relaxed the behavior of his mistress will be on guard. For all its equanimity, subject to doubt, it is important for him to be a good lover, capable of surprising a woman, and not the other way around.

The independent nature of the Ox is clearly manifested in intimate relationships. He is confident enough in his abilities, so he resists the persistent attempts of the chosen one to diversify the love game. A new experience is given with difficulty, it needs time, the lover must act gently and tactfully. Ox man in bed tries to please not only himself but also his mistress. He is energetic and tireless, shows himself as an owner: he is the only ruler, therefore he will try to displace the slightest thoughts about other men.

Relationship to a Partner

Looking for one partner for life, recognizes only a stable, harmonious relationship. Otherwise, he does not see the point in continuing his acquaintance. She will not meet with a woman if she does not perceive her as a future spouse. Although, like any normal man, I can not resist the spectacular beauty. But even a rabid passion will not push the Ox man to a serious step, for him a short-lived, bright novel and a strong marriage are two different things.

If the Ox has decided on his beloved, he will fall upon her with all the passion that he is capable of. Do not expect from him bold experiments, special sophisticated techniques. In bed, the Ox man does not change himself: solidity, stability, diligence. If desired, you can make an experienced, sophisticated lover from him, the main thing — tact, patience. She treats her beloved, tries to match her ideas about an ardent partner. Counts on long-term relationships, so it is considered with the desires of a woman.

What is Your Role?

The role of a woman in relations with a man of this sign is quite simple and understandable — a faithful, reliable companion, at the same time a passionate lover. If you are seriously carried away by the Ox, it is worthy to throw out of your head any thoughts about other men, and most importantly: no comparison with former lovers. It is capable of falling into a rage only at one mention of the name of the former lover. A woman is his property, past relationships must be forgotten once and for all. If you can not live a day without flirting with other men, it is better to stop communicating with the Ox at the stage of acquaintance.

An intimate horoscope represents Ox as a man of passionate, temperamental, but serious. Even the most skillful caresses are not capable of misleading him, he always feels the true attitude of the mistress. Therefore, if something does not suit you, it is better to hint to the Ox about it, of course, start with compliments and praise to him. Despite his masculinity, he eagerly responds to flirting, one can be an easy, windy coquette, but only alone with him. Outsiders do not need to know how passionate they relate to the Ox man and his lover.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Ox Man?

Conquer the heart of a Ox man — it’s quite a feasible task. His beloved should look like perfection himself: an impeccable hairstyle, a stylish outfit. It is necessary to demonstrate sufficient intellectual level, to behave politely and tactfully. At the same time be a passionate nature, ready for madness, but only with one man — the man of this sign. Perhaps there are too many requirements, but the Ox is a worthy partner who knows his own worth. Relations with him will not bring grief, life will be filled with care and love, but without fervent confessions and a million roses.

Do not rush a Ox male, demand from him confessions, bright deeds. He is too serious, slow, so he prefers to study the woman properly. If you really admit to love, then you are completely confident in your feelings. She does not like unnecessary conversations, gossip, fuss, she will not continue to deal with a brutal, vulgar, loving noisy company. True boring, correct person too quickly tired, it is necessary to surprise, arrange surprises, be mischievous and laughable, but in moderation. The main thing is naturalness, benevolence, interest and no falsehood.

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