Rabbit Man in Bed

Rabbit is a man, pleasant in all respects, radiates warmth, goodwill. Among the Chinese signs of the zodiac, he stands out with his calm, gentle temper. He never argues with anyone, does not swear, his weapon is charm, fascinates people from the first minutes of acquaintance, especially women. In a romantic relationship, he shows himself as a gentle, romantic partner. He tries to prevent the wishes of his mistress, painfully endures her discontent and criticism.

In the chosen one he seeks understanding, respect, she must be soft, sensual, not capable of rudeness and aggression. Such behavior on the part of a fragile creature, which he considers a woman, discourages him, disgusts him. The Rabbit man is noble and generous even in bed, he behaves like a lover, an enthusiastic boy, and not an egoist who thinks only of his desires. It is important for him to please his mistress, to give her pleasure.

Behavior of Rabbit Man in Bed

Rabbit — a real aesthete, a fan of everything beautiful. It is not the process itself that matters, but the preparation for it. It is a dreamy nature, subtly feels what is happening around, it needs a long prelude. A quick intimate affinity will not bring pleasure, but rather cause disappointment. The love horoscope testifies to the vulnerability, even the slight suspicion of a male rabbit. He must be confident in his irresistibility, sexual attractiveness. If the mistress of a careless word or action has raised doubts in him, he will hasten to leave it.

The Rabbit man in bed behaves like a real gentleman: gentle, polite, considerate. It may seem that he is somewhat cold and suspended. Simply Rabbit is full of nobility even in moments of frenzied passion. He will not throw himself at his mistress like a wild, unbridled beast. Every moment of intimacy should be bright and memorable. The man of this sign loves to indulge in thoughts about sensual pleasures, tries to translate his fantasies into practice. All his movements and gestures are carefully thought out, he wants to achieve perfection in the love game.

Rabbit does not seek to know all women, one partner is enough for him. He is not inclined to start intrigues on the side, although some of the representatives of this sign are famous for their adventures. Most likely, they are motivated by a desire to gain a rich experience in order to become an ideal partner for their only companion of life. In bed, the male Rabbit tries to satisfy the mistress, it is her desire that worries him in the first place. He likes sexually active partners, with pleasure, he discovers a world of new sensual pleasures. Rabbit is ready to follow his mistress, obeys the natural course of intimacy.

Relationship to a Partner

Beloved Rabbit can be pleased with herself: she got an interesting man, riveting the looks of all women. His gentleness, courtesy cause admiration, but at the same time he is sexually attractive. Ready to delight the partner in all possible ways, do not hesitate to show their sensuality. But in his actions it is impossible to see vulgarity and vulgarity. This is a passionate but tactful partner. In addition, a great conversationalist, he likes to lead long conversations with his mistress on a variety of topics.

Do not expect from the male Rabbit ardent confessions in the early days of dating, he is too raised for a violent manifestation of emotions. This man is full of secrets and mysteries, reveals itself gradually. In intimate relations, he tries to know the mistress’s preferences, tries to fully meet her expectations. Therefore, do not count on too much during the first intimacy, but eventually Rabbit can become a better lover even for the most sophisticated woman. Strives to achieve complete harmony, not only in the physical, but also in the soul.

What is Your Role?

The Rabbit man is rather cautious, trying to avoid any embarrassing situations. Therefore, you should behave sensibly, in no case do not make a fuss or call him to account. Carefully protects his peace of mind, even a long relationship will not keep him from parting with the scandalous person. Of course, he will suffer, but he will remain with his decision. If something does not suit you in an intimate life, it’s better to tell Rabbit about it tactfully, you can give an interesting story or a case from life. Any conversation on elevated tones will end with nothing, or rather you may be rejected.

In an intimate relationship with a male rabbit, you can calmly take the initiative, not being afraid to hurt your partner’s pride. He will willingly support any of your proposal, he likes active women. But it is necessary to observe the rules of decency, a sensitive partner with difficulty perceives too coarse, harsh actions. He loves the tender strokes, the passionate whisper of his beloved. You must be a fairy, a nymph, but not an evil Valkyrie. In addition, it is important to establish emotional contact with a man of this sign, one, even the most sophisticated, caresses of Rabbit can not be kept.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Rabbit Man?

Seducing a Rabbit man is quite easy, after all he is a gentleman, initially friendly to any woman. It remains to be able to hold his attention to himself. It is important not only to look like a spectacular beauty, but also to be an interesting person. Rabbit will not build a relationship with a stupid, close-minded woman, although it may be and bite on her sexuality, but the romance will be short-lived. So, carefully watch what and when you say.

An intimate horoscope represents Rabbit as a gentle, sensual partner. The closeness between a man and a woman is not just a sexual act, but a sacred act. Therefore, a mistress should encourage his desire for beauty and perfection, even in small things. Going on the first date, carefully think over your outfit, not forgetting the stylish underwear. The perfume is stupefying, but not too intrusive. You should behave confidently, but a little detached, you can not be rude and vulgar, persistently offer yourself. Rabbit will certainly want to unravel all your secrets.

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