Rat Man in Bed

Rat man in bed has a huge energy reserve, his activity can only be envied. At the same time it acts wisely, is very cautious and prudent in relation to the partner. It gives the impression of a serious man, focused on his own interests. But his external calm is deceptive, this is a very emotional person. Although he tries to restrain his sensuality, he tries to listen to the arguments of reason.

With close acquaintance, women will not be able to resist the natural charm of the Rat man. He does not behave aggressively or provocatively, just boldly carries him to the world of feelings and passions. Authority, selfishness are the distinctive features of the character of the Rat. He leads a subtle love game, in which only he sets the rules and dictates the conditions. Of course, waiting for the active participation of a beloved woman, she must follow him, share sensual pleasure. Passive partner quickly get tired of this energetic man.

Behavior of Rat Man in Bed

Do not expect him to be modest in such a sensitive issue, according to the Chinese horoscope, the Rat man is a passionate partner who knows a lot about intimate relationships. If the partner does not share his desire to diversify the love game, most likely, there will be a quick separation. This attentive, sensitive lover, but primarily thinking about their interests. Do not consider it necessary to deny yourself the pleasures, constantly experimenting, coming up with new ways to get pleasure.

In bed, the Rat man is active, has an irrepressible sexual energy. Waiting for the mistress of admiration, painfully reacting to refusal, even worse for criticism. If a woman is not able to match his temperament, it is better to express his suggestions in a correct form, gently hint, interest the Rat man. Willingly responds to everything new, is ready to fulfill any whim, the main thing: to create the appearance that the initiative comes from him.

Rat man does not consider it necessary to hide from his partner their true desires, openly declares that he loves diversity. Lassitude, passivity, inappropriate shyness — all this causes him boredom and disgust. This is a shrewd enough man to understand the mood of a mistress, does not need her favors. There is no point in pretending, it’s better to respond to his appeal and willingly plunge into a love game.

Relationship to a Partner

In love horoscope the Rat man is not too romantic, but full of mysteries man. He has a rich imagination, likes to fantasize, absolutely not shy of his desires. A Rat man in bed is ready to endlessly surprise his beloved, this is an interesting partner, he will definitely not be bored with him. Quite selfish, but in a fit of passion manifests itself as a generous nature. I agree to perform any, even strange, requests of the chosen one, at least, I am ready to take them into consideration. It is important for him to see the woman’s interest, for the Rat there is nothing worse than indifference, coldness, indifference.

A man of this sign considers himself entitled to dictate terms, therefore, the role of a leader in all spheres of life, including intimate relations, is natural for him. But behaves politely and delicately, never offends her beloved, tries to convey information to her in a soft form. The truth quickly gets out of oneself if it does not receive a response or is confronted with complete misunderstanding. Will not maintain a relationship with a complex woman, rejecting all his proposals. I am willing to be a wise teacher if I see in my mistress the desire to discover the world of true pleasures.

What is Your Role?

The mistress of a man Rat should not only be a sensual, passionate nature, but a tactful woman. You will have to accept the rules of his game, even if something does not suit, then the changes will not happen as quickly as we would like. This is a sensitive person, he will certainly listen to your desires, or rather he is interested in it, just everything has its time. He must himself come to a certain decision, not to feel weak, dependent man.

You must remember that the Rat man will never be left alone. It is quite capable of capturing a woman from the first minutes of acquaintance, outwardly calmness in combination with emotionality is a sign of an extraordinary personality. At first, it causes only curiosity, with close communication, easy interest quickly develops into passion. Therefore, it is better not to argue with Rat, not to complain to him, but simply to be his faithful ally, capable of romantic frenzy.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Rat Man?

It is clear that the Rat man is a terrific partner, an intimate life with which can bring a lot of pleasures. In addition, he is a man deeply devoted to his chosen one, if, of course, he made the final choice. It remains only to decide how to attract his attention. The rich imagination inherent of Rat man allows him to easily think out the missing details. Therefore, it is not necessary to demonstrate your luxurious forms in tight outfits. It is worth giving preference to stylish, elegant clothes with a slight hint of sexuality. He does not accept vulgarity and vulgarity, your strict image, which contains some mystery, will cause in him a frenzied interest.

A clever, reserved man is not inclined to long conversations, it is impossible to wait for romantic surprises from him. But he is very supportive of the signs of attention to himself. You can give him an elegant trinket containing a certain meaning, understandable only to two. It is not superfluous to organize a romantic dinner: the dishes should be exquisite, and the conversation is easy and pleasant. It is not necessary to express your desires directly, it is necessary to conduct a game subtly, limited to a couple of meaningful phrases. Rat man loves puzzles, he is interested to get to the truth and find the answer. You can be easy and playful, but in moderation, the main thing is to show respect for a man, to recognize his superiority.

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