Rooster Man in Bed

The contradictory personality of the Rooster is of great interest to lovers of complex relationships. The man of this sign is active, energetic and very confident in himself. Likes to be in sight, adores compliments and signs of attention. But his real thoughts prefer to hide carefully, it’s hard for women to understand what’s on his mind. It is a deeper person than it seems at the first acquaintance. In an intimate life, a bright man, a lover of flirting, can turn out to be a strict conservative.

According to the Chinese horoscope, Rooster is a leader who skillfully achieves his goals. In intimate relationships will not tolerate the activity, obsession of a woman. He seeks to appear a tempted lover, positions himself as an experienced heartthrob. But in bed can show average abilities, very modest erotic fantasies. Truth never recognizes defeat, very proud and proud. Although the other extreme is possible, when the Rooster man becomes a slave of voluptuousness.

Behavior of Rooster Man in Bed

An intimate horoscope characterizes the Rooster man as a lover of beautiful courtship. It is important for him to impress his mistress with his manners, luxurious gifts. He should freely show off and only, then proceeds to a more intimate relationship. Of course, if the lover appreciates his efforts. In bed, the Rooster man is active, he likes fast paced and passionate caresses. But it does not go beyond the permissible, even in the moment of sensual pleasure does not lose its head.

Bragging Rooster man often exaggerates his abilities, although he tries very hard to surprise a partner. It is important for him not only to appear, but also to be an excellent lover. He is jealous of his reputation, painfully perceives the comparison with other men. The mistress should be ready to that she should listen to impartial words in the address. The Rooster will not hide his discontent with the criticism of his beloved. The Rooster-man in bed is a king and a god, so it’s better not to argue with him. Any comments and wishes should sound in the correct form, he perceives only praise, especially it is pleased with exquisite compliments.

A male Rooster in bed can be different, sometimes excessively tough and demanding. Mistress will have to fix his desires or offer his own, no less interesting, love game. Only in this case will the Rooster be satisfied, and disobedience, stubborn resistance will cause only irritation and anger. He does not differ in fidelity, so an uninitiated partner can not keep his attention for a long time. There will be many willing to taste the joy of love with the Rooster man.

Relationship to a Partner

The Rooster-man is a gallant chevalier, the process of courtship is a great pleasure for him. It shows fantasy and delicate taste, tries to impress its chosen one. But waiting in return for at least a few pleasant words, can not live without compliments. The mistress should know that not all of what has been said and promised by Rooster is true, he has a tendency to exaggerate his possibilities. But he is very sincere in his manifestations, he behaves naturally in bed, emotionally reacts to the caresses of his beloved. You can not doubt: at the time of intimacy, he does not play and does not pretend.

Even the most effective and passionate woman can not be completely sure of him. A truly in love Rooster is a true partner, but where is the guarantee that it is in these relationships that he feels a deep sense? This is a very addicting nature, loves women, with each new heart beat feels more confident. He tries to find unearthly love, find his happiness. Until then, he quietly enjoys his freedom, but very closely follows the behavior of the partner. He is the owner and will not tolerate the presence of a third person in intimate relations.

What is Your Role?

A bright, unpredictable Rooster man may not be the person you represented him. He likes to invent stories, often plays the audience, but in fact it is a deep, vulnerable person. In your power to make this hopeless dreamer and chatterbox happy, tell him as many affectionate words as possible. Always admire his exploits in bed, provoke to more daring actions, but in every possible way avoid embarrassing moments. Even if something does not suit you, it’s better to remain silent or very hint at the circumstances that are embarrassing you.

The hot-tempered man is deaf and blind to criticism, and very emotional. So follow him, welcome all his love experiments. The rooster is able to achieve in an intimate relationship of unprecedented heights, if he feels the support of a mistress. The passion and desire of a woman is the best incentive, he will try to justify your expectations. This is a grateful partner, he will be glad to take you to the peak of bliss. But whims, criticism, ridicule — the right way to parting. In no case do not mention his former beloved, jealous Rooster will suspect you of infidelity and a desire to return to previous relationships.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Rooster Man?

The Rooster man cares about his appearance, follows the fashion, always dressed in taste. He will never appear in public with a companion completely indifferent to his appearance. You will have to reconsider your wardrobe, get rid of all the unfashionable things. Always watch your hair, make-up should be fresh: no stains of mascara and smeared lipstick. The squeamish Rooster may remember you, but he will not want to continue the relationship at all. But your impeccable appearance, rounded forms in luxurious linen will have a stunning effect on it.

Never provoke the Rooster, try not to flirt in his presence with outsiders. By such behavior you will undoubtedly attract attention, but it will not be long. It should be unique and inimitable, so constantly emphasize your interest in his exceptional persona. Never argue with a male Rooster, there are many other ways to influence his decision: flattery, a delicate love game, a demonstration of one’s own weakness. He will necessarily want to patronize a fragile, tender, vulnerable person.

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