Tiger Man in Bed

According to the Chinese horoscope Tiger — proud, self-confident person, endowed with a passionate temperament. He is a charming man, invariably provoking interest among people around him. Women like it not only attractive appearance, but also inner strength, sexuality. In Tiger character there is a certain danger, a risk appetite. Really able to instantly turn from an affectionate kitten into a predatory beast. Relations with such a man just will not be boring and insipid, including intimate ones.

The temperamental Tiger is very persistent in courtship: he is ready to put all the treasures of the world at the feet of his beloved. He tries to diversify boring everyday life, often arranges surprises for his mistress, presents gifts, can suddenly take her to a holiday in an exotic country. Acts decisively, the pressure of a passionate man can not be resisted. There is no doubt that no woman can resist him, rather, she will willingly surrender to the power of emotions.

Behavior of Tiger Man in Bed

In bed, a Tiger man does not restrain himself, is sexually active and tireless. Strives to demonstrate his sensuality, it is too vigorous and assertive. The mistress must match his temperament, you should not even try to cool his ardor. The tiger will be disappointed by such behavior, even if not immediately, but will cease to have a relationship with an insufficiently emotional lover.

Throughout his life a man-Tiger experiences many stormy novels. They can last a very short time, but always remain in the memory of each of his lover. He feels a woman, tries to fully satisfy her desires. The intimate horoscope of the Tiger testifies to his readiness for love experiments. And it is very favorable to the proposals of the mistress, with pleasure trying everything new. But the leading role should belong to the man-Tiger.

The tiger enjoys every minute of intimacy. He knows a lot in caresses, he is ready to infinitely delight the beloved. But he needs to feel a reciprocal desire. A Tiger man in bed behaves relaxed, so he will never understand the shyness and tightness of his mistress. He wants to recognize his own merits, he is not indifferent to compliments. Feeling of superiority gives even more strength and energy, it is an ideal partner, perfectly mastering the art of love.

Relationship to a Partner

The Tiger man in the soul is a real hunter: the refusal of a woman will never stop him, rather he will spray it. In the companion of life he chooses spectacular women, passionate and bright. He likes to take care of, will be able to achieve the location of the most impregnable beauty. He is proud of his choice, likes to be with her in public. But he is very jealous, therefore her sensuality she should show only alone with the Tiger. He likes to give not only jewelry, but also beautiful underwear.

He can not be called a romantic, caring for his beloved. Tiger is more attracted by passionate attitudes, he needs a sense of risk and excitement. Therefore, he will not read sentimental poems, almost immediately begin caresses, but acts leisurely, stretches pleasure. A temperamental man willingly leads on a provocation partner who skillfully involved in a love game, readily responds to her appeal. But with ease will refuse the mistress if she starts to bother him with her claims. He rigidly suppresses any attempts by a woman to become a sovereign mistress in a love relationship.

What is Your Role?

Completely take possession of the heart of a Tiger man can a beautiful, confident woman. Important is the appearance of the mistress, and the manner of behavior. The tiger admires the surrounding people, so you must enchant all his friends and relatives. At the same time very jealous, therefore you are not just a spectacular beauty, but a fairly cold woman for all but him. It is necessary to be very inventive in bed, a man-Tiger likes when a mistress behaves unpredictably, sophisticated caresses can lift him to the peak of bliss.

A bright Tiger man is always surrounded by crowds of fans, you will have to try hard to keep his attention. Do not endure suffocating care and too close attention. Under no circumstances should you monitor him, monitor calls and personal correspondence, all the more so constantly remind you of yourself. Such obsession will cause in him only irritation. But a small scandal does not hurt, because usually the man-Tiger in bed is reconciled. The more violent the quarrel, the more intense the passions. You will have to come up with new ways to attract his attention if you are in a long-term relationship.

Most Important: How to Seduce a Tiger Man?

The Tiger man is of interest to many women. This is a passionate, temperamental partner in bed, who knows a lot about intimate relationships. Do not think that a couple of phrases, a friendly smile can immediately subdue his heart. It will take a lot of effort to seduce the Tiger man. It is necessary to be, or at least seem unreachable, a mysterious person. Tiger will like your fine game, it’s a gambling man, in it instantly there will be a desire to unravel all secrets and secrets. He likes unexpected surprises, you can organize an extreme date or arrange a romantic dinner on the roof of the house, most importantly — no routine.

Externally attractive man will never pay attention to an ordinary, neglected woman. You must appear to be an unearthly being, the very perfection. Particular attention should be paid to underwear. The tiger stimulates a thin lace fabric, which practically does not conceal the delights of the mistress. He longs to possess all the best, enjoys contemplation of beautiful forms in a worthy frame. Tiger man does not tolerate boredom and diversity, so it is worth changing as often as possible not only the outfits, but also the hairstyle. It is necessary to surprise Tiger, constantly inventing new, vivid images, appearing before him in the role of fateful seduction, then submissive slave.

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