Dog Man

The Dog male is well known for his sensual and passionate lovemaking. He is tender and meaningful and enjoys sharing his passions with the mate of his choosing. The Dog man will find that he is in constant need of approval from his mate and therefore will often go out of this way to make them happy.

Like his animal counterpart, the male Dog is exceptionally loyal to those he loves and trusts. He enjoys being part of a family and is a capable father and husband. The Dog man is not quick at making new friends, but once he does, they are often allies until death. This is especially true if you are working with a member of the Dog sign, as they view business partners as unparalleled companions.

Overall the Dog is a symbol of respect, loyalty and unselfish conviction. They are a perfect family member, lover or friend.

Dog Man – Personality and Characteristics

One may not like the Dog male for one reason or another; but one would find no reason not to respect him, for he is a man of lofty ideals and his dedication to them forces the admiration of all. Always engaged in more than one crusade, he follows his convictions through to their complete realization, whatever the sacrifices involved. His actions are magnanimous, unselfish, and always in line with the noble causes he fights for.

This subject’s primary concern in life is to establish the reign of justice among men. Nobody would have a more acute sense of equity than the Dog man. He appoints himself the champion of the wronged, the oppressed, the underprivileged: He is always the first to speak out – and to act – against injustice, and will not rest until wrong has been righted. His field of action encompasses all levels and sectors – his family, his community, his professional circle, his nation, and the world at large. Tirelessly, he participates in such diverse struggles as those for the rights of consumers, the rights of workers, the rights of man, etc.

A firm believer in human dignity, the Dog male unflaggingly wages a relentless war against whatever may directly or indirectly threaten or infringe upon it. No wonder why we can find him take an active part in any and all campaigns against hunger, ignorance, and illness, wherever these scourges may hold sway. He considers it an imperative moral obligation, for him as well as for all, to try to make this world a better place to live in.

A fervent advocate of the universal brotherhood of man, he feels the compulsive need to be of service to others. His interest in the physical and moral well-being of his fellow men is not only absolutely sincere and unselfish but also quite personal. He always shows himself full of concern and compassion for those he thinks need them. He often goes out of his way to lend a helping hand to his friends, acquaintances, and all those to whom he can be useful in a way or another.

Because he is anxious to change the world, to make it more “decent,” this man is generally viewed by those around him as a revolutionary. But he is a revolutionary in his own way and could be called a “bourgeois revolutionary” because he never calls for a drastic, immediate, or violent change in the existing state of things but only for a gradual, peaceful mutation of human societies. It should be remembered that, apart from the noticeable conservative streak in his character, he never wants to bring about revolution merely for the sake of revolution, at the expense of certain human values. In other words, he is made of a more humanitarian than revolutionary fabric.

Not only is the Dog male a person of high ideals, he also possesses many of the finest traits of the human soul. It would take too long to enumerate all the qualities associated with this sign; let us speak briefly about the main ones.

The native’s honesty and integrity, everybody would readily concede, are above all possible reproach. He will remain intransigent even when these virtues of his are likely to make him appear unrealistic or, worse still, feeble-minded. He hates dishonesty and hypocrisy with every fibre of his being. He never agrees to compromise with his conscience, whatever the cost. It would be impossible to corrupt him or induce him to behave contrary to his reputation as a law-abiding citizen.

His friends and adversaries alike cannot but appreciate his absolute frankness, sincerity, and dependability. He is totally incapable of make-believe, malice, or deviousness – he says what he does and does what he says, come what may, and one can always trust his given word. Owing to his sternest moral fibre people often make him a depository of their confidences. In addition, his friendship is highly valued because of his exemplary loyalty and fidelity.

With his deep, acute sense of duty, he can always be relied upon to honour to the last detail what is expected of him. There would be no need to exhort him. He likes assuming responsibilities and deliberately looks for as many of them as possible, partly out of his desire to be useful to others and partly because being responsible is one of his ways to ward off rejection and indifference, which he abhors.

The Dog man’s patience is well known to those around him. He has nothing to envy his Buffalo counterpart on this score. What he has to do, he will take all his time to do it to complete satisfaction, regardless of the difficulties involved. People hardly ever see him in a hurry: It is as if he had no notion of time or as if time belonged entirely to him. If he fails in one of his undertakings, it will be due to some factor which is definitely not haste.

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